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Happy 8/8! We are in the Lion’s Gate Portal! We could say that the Lion’s Gate begin with the Galactic New Year celebration on July 26, continuing through about August 12. The true Lion’s Gate day was last Thursday, August 3, as that day is in modern times the true heliacal rising of Sirus-A with the sun over the Pyramids of Giza. Traditionally, this day marked the beginning of the flood season down the Nile in Egypt, which would mean crops could be harvested soon after. It was a celebration of abundance.

Today, August 8 is also another important day during the Lion’s Gate portal, as 8-8 represents abundance and infinity in numerology. Today is a great day to meditate on and pray for any abundance that you want to manifest in your life--including financial/material; relationships; peace and joy; or otherwise! JOIN IN ON SUNDAY'S ASCENDING AS ONE CALL: THE REAL LAW OF ATTRACTION! This call will assist you tremendously in understanding how the Law of Attraction really works, putting aside all the New Age bullsh*t. Today also marks approximately midway through Leo Season, which is when the sun is most exalted in its home sign. So, we can say that today's energy really expresses the essence of the Leo energy! It's a great time to laugh, play, have fun, and celebrate!

We have a close connection with the Sirians during this time, as Sirius is very much associated with the sign of Leo. It is a great time to psychically connect with the Pyramids and the Sphinx, as the Sirians helped build the Pyramids.

During the Lion’s Gate portal, it’s also a great time to simply give gratitude to all that you already do have. The energy of gratitude puts us into a state of being open to receiving all of the gifts the Universe has to offer us--plus it just feels GREAT!

Wishing you joy, peace, love and abundance on this 8-8 portal and during this Leo Season/Lion's Gate!

With Love,

Matthew John

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