Paid Services FAQ/Policies 

+ How do I choose which session is best for me?

Each type of session is definitely different and it could be hard to choose. What I would suggest is to read the description and the testimonials for each type of session and to tune into your intuition. Which type of session feels most like a 'YES!' to you? You can always start with one type of session and then do another type next. If you really can't decide, I highly suggest starting with the 2 hour Soul Plan Reading + Angel Energy Healing/Aura Cleansing Combo Session.


You can also send me a message using the chat feature (or use the "Contact Me" form) and I'll help choose the best type of session for you! If you are looking for the deepest level of transformation that I offer, I highly suggest signing up for a Spiritual Mentoring Package, as you get all of the sessions in one package!

+ What is the difference between the Spiritual Mentoring Package and the Monthly Mentoring Retainer option? 

The Spiritual Mentoring Packages are more affordable and have a set number of sessions (plus the bonus webinars). You have up to 1 year from the date of your first session to use up all of the sessions in the package. The Spiritual Mentoring Packages are paid in one chunk or in two payments.


The Monthly Mentoring Retainer option is billed monthly, with no minimum term. You will have much more access to me than in the Spiritual Mentoring Packages, including unlimited texting and daily 'check-in' calls. You can have up to (10) 1-hour sessions per month, and you will receive priority scheduling. The Monthly Mentoring Retainer is for someone who wants daily support; this is ideal for high-performing business entrepreneurs, executive, athletes, actors, music artists and more. The price of the monthly retainer is significantly higher than other options listed on my website. If you are interested in the Monthly Mentoring Retainer, you can schedule a free 20-minute consultation with me here

+ Why do you charge more for video sessions? 

I have been doing reading, life coaching and energy healing since 2012, and I have done the majority of my work over the phone. I am a great listener, and using audio only allows me to really tune in without the distraction of looking at visual cues. However, I understand that some people prefer to connect via video, which is why I offer the option at a premium. The quality of the work does not change whether we are using audio only or video; it is simply a matter of your preference. 

+ Do you do in-person sessions?

No, I do not offer in-person sessions.

+ Are sessions recorded?

Sessions may be recorded at no extra charge. The files will be sent to you via Google Drive. If you would like your session recorded, please choose that option at checkout if you are booking from my website, or use the "Contact Me" tab to let me know you'd like your session recorded in advance. Please note that the Soul Retrieval, Angel Energy Healing and Aura Cleansings may not be recorded. 

+ How do you accept payment?

I accept all major credit and debit cards, and PayPal.

+ Do I need to pay in advance? Do you offer any payment plans?

Yes, payment is required in full at time of booking. I do not offer payment plans on individual sessions, but I do offer two-payment plans on Spiritual Mentoring Packages. I do not offer any payment plans other than the two-payment plans on the Spiritual Mentoring Packages

+ What is your policy on cancellations, rescheduling, and refunds?

You have up until 22 hours in advance of the scheduled start of the session to cancel or reschedule. You may do so by using the link to the online scheduling system in the appointment confirmation e-mail or by e-mailing me directly at Cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance are entitled to a 90% refund. The 10% that I keep is so I get compensated for the time I spent scheduling your session. Cancellations or rescheduling requests made less than 22 hours in advance are not entitled to any refund and will not be rescheduled. 

All Spiritual Mentoring Package sessions must be used within 1 year of your first scheduled appointment. 

If for any reason I need to reschedule a session (note: this is extremely rare), I will endeavor to give you at least 48 hours advance notice. If for any reason I need to reschedule a session with less than 24 hours notice, you will have the option of receiving a 100% refund, minus any fees I incur in processing the refund, in lieu of rescheduling the session. I will always work with you to find a day/time that works for both of us. 

No-Show/Missed Appointment Policy: I will make reasonable attempts to reach you at the scheduled time of your session. If you are not reachable within 15 minutes after the scheduled time of your session or the first attempt I made to call you, whichever is later, it will go down as a no-show/missed appointment. No refunds are given except in the case of a documented emergency situation. If you are ill, please let me know of your circumstances BEFORE the scheduled session time via e-mail, text, or phone, and we can discuss options. If this session is a part of a Spiritual Mentoring Package, the missed/no-show session will not be made up. 

No refunds are given after a session is conducted, no exceptions. 

No refunds are given for Spiritual Mentoring Packages, no exceptions. 

No refund is given after a monthly payment is made for the Monthly Mentoring Retainer. There is no minimum term and you may cancel the retainer at any time. 

No refunds are given for purchased webinars, no exceptions. 


+ What happens during the Angel Energy Healing & Soul Retrieval Session?

In the full 1 hour 50 minute session, we start with an Inner Child Healing using deep visualization. We then do a process to cut negative cords with others and release negative beliefs and subconscious patterns that are holding you back. Then, we do a shamanic Soul Retrieval process to call back any soul fragments that have been lost through trauma. And finally, my team of energy healer angels, under the watchful guidance of the Ascended Masters, work on your chakras and aura to create a permanent shift in your energetic anatomy. Included in this is a complete cleansing of your aura -- including holographic implants, entities, etheric parasites, psychic hooks, and other negatively-oriented consciousnesses. 

+ What can I expect to feel after an Angel Energy Healing session?

You can expect to feel lighter, clearer, more confident, and at peace, though everyone's experience is different. Instant healing of deep-seated emotional issues is common. Permanent healing of physical ailments is certainly possible, though results are based on a lot of different factors, and it might take some time to fully integrate the shifts you experience during a session. You will always heal  exactly what is in your Highest Good to heal during the session, and you will always receive the exact insights and wisdom that it is in your Highest Good to receive during the session.


For some people, just one session is exactly what you need. For others, I will recommend scheduling additional session(s) to deepen the work. I won't know until after the session is finished whether I would recommend an additional session or not.

Note: There are no guarantees of results, whatsoever. All testimonials are real and verifiable, but everyone's experience and results are different. Private sessions are not intended to treat any disease, medical issue, or psychiatric issue. Readings are for entertainment purposes only, in compliance with the laws of the State of New York (USA). 

+ How do you read my Life Plan during the Soul Plan Reading

I connect with my Guides and I receive impressions of your Life Plan. I may receive visions, or just feelings. I will ask you to discuss certain events and relationships, which allows me to further read the Soul Lessons involved. While I sometimes predict exact future events, I always get impressions of where you are headed and the relationships and careers that are in your future. Sometimes I may see multiple timelines based on your Free Will choices. I often get impressions of the Soul Contracts involved between souls and of what occurred between souls in other lifetimes. In accordance with the laws of the State of New York (United States of America), all readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

+ How do you do the Future Self Progression, Past Life Progression, and Starseed Discovery Session journey? What if it doesn't work for me?

I first guide you into a state of deep relaxation, and then I guide you through a meditation to travel into the future, to other lifetimes, or to another planet. It has worked very well for about 96% of the clients I have served over the year. If you are at least relatively OK at visualizing, then you will do just fine. If you are not able to visualize at all, it may be difficult, so please Contact Me first prior to booking a session. Even if you've never done anything like this before, just trust that it will work!

+ What is the best way to get in touch with you?

The best way to get in touch with me is to click the "Chat" tab in the bottom right corner of your screen. It says "Have questions? Ask Matthew John." Enter your message and e-mail address and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. If the chat 'tab isn't working for any reason, you can scroll your mouse over the 'More' tab at the top of the website, click 'Contact Me', and fill out the form there. 

+ Do you accept donations for your work? How can I send a donation?

Yes, I accept donations with much gratitude. Please use this button to send a donation. You don't need to log in to a PayPal account in order to send a donation here: