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St. Germain's Purple Flame

Archangel Michael's 21-Day Cleanse

Sapien Medicine (audio energy medicine)

Dream Seeds (audio energy medicine)

DrVirtual7 (audio energy medicine)

Reiki Doc Healing Codes

Cortices Technique

Anrita Melchedizek Implant & Entity Clearing

Pulling Down Exercise

Healing Code Cards

Artistic Orgonite Pendants & Pyramids -- USE THIS LINK FOR 10% OFF 


The absolute BEST protection from 5G - the Qi Shield or Qi Home. Use this link for 10% off (coupon automatically applied at checkout)

The Qi Shield products are revolutionary futuristic products that create a taurus field of negative ions around the product that completely disables the harmful effects of the positive ions produced by EMFs and RFs, including 5G frequencies. Backed by double-blind scientific studies. The Qi Shield creates a protective field of 225 sq ft; the Qi Home is 2250 sq ft. The product will last for 8 years before it deteriorates. Needs no maintenance whatsoever. I love mine!

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