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Angel Energy Healing & Soul Retrieval

Matthew John connects with the Ascended Masters and a group of healing angels to assist you in making powerful transformational shifts. You will release deeply-held cellular memories of trauma. You will be able to move forward into your destiny with greater confidence and clarity. You will likely feel light and refreshed afterwards. 

Matthew and the helper spirits will do clearings for ancestral patterns and trauma and cellular memories; healing work on each of the seven main chakras; a cutting of negative cords with others; reprogramming of the subconscious with new supportive beliefs; as well as a comprehensive clearing of the aura on all levels, including clearing attachments, implants, etheric parasites and more. Includes psychic healing of physical health issues as appropriate. 

You will be a brand new YOU after just one session!

The 2 hour FULL session also includes an Inner Child Healing, a Soul Retrieval and an 'Unhealthy Attachments Purging Ceremony'.

+ COMBO SESSION: 1 hour Soul Plan Reading + 1 hour Angel Energy Healing/Aura Cleansing (2 hours total) $433 USD* 


+ 2 hour FULL SESSION (includes Inner Child Healing, Soul Retrieval, 'Unhealthy Attachments Purging Ceremony' & Angel Energy Healing/Aura Cleansing)  $377 USD* 


+ 1 hour Mini-Session: Angel Energy Healing/Aura Cleansing ONLY $269 USD* 


+ 3-HEALING SESSION COMBO PACK: 2 hour FULL SESSION (includes Inner Child Healing, Soul Retrieval, 'Unhealthy Attachments Purging Ceremony' & Angel Energy Healing/Aura Cleansing) + (2) 1 hour follow-up Angel Energy Healing/Aura Cleansing Sessions $755 USD


*Save 25% with Ascending as One VIP

Save 10% with Ascending as One Tier II

Save 35% in New Zealand

Save 30% in Australia

Save 20% in Canada

"I had a healing...from Mathew John and I would recommend his healing services. He has a unique approach to his healing method and I felt at ease immediately. He has a soothing, healing voice that puts you at ease and you can feel him holding space for you. I felt lighter and more at peace by the end of my session, had a great night sleep and woke up feeling more refreshed then I have felt in far too long. It was a great experience and I look forward to working with him in the future." -- Allie M., Minnesota, USA


"Thank you so much for the amazing session...I just went out and walked about 3 miles at twice my normal waking speed...I feel good and my knee isn’t very sore at all. I haven’t walked that far in almost a year." -- Ann, Washington, U.S.A. 

When I first came to Matthew I had pain in my lower back that had me unable to even walk down the street. With his wicked spidey senses, he could pin-point that this lower back issue was due to an imbalance in my lower chakras, centered around money/career. It just so happened that this pain started when I was beginning the pain of creating my own career. He was bang on. Wih his team of angels and his icey blue light, Matthew worked on my body and by the end of the first energy healing session, I felt 80% better. With additional sessions, my back has become so much better and I am able to resume life again! I am so grateful to Matthew, he is truly gifted!!!” – Katie, Ontario, canada

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