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Soul Plan Reading

Matthew John connects with his and your Spirit Guides to read your Life Plan and channel details about your Soul Lessons and relationships during this incarnation. Why did your Soul plan certain events and relationships for you? What are you meant to learn? How can you best move forward? What are you meant to bring forth onto this planet? What is your mission/life purpose? Which type of Lightworker/Indigo are you? What is the karma that needs to be balanced between you and others (especially family members and romantic partners) in this lifetime? What messages are there for you from 'up there'? 

Matthew will receive specific visions about your future as well as direct guidance for you  from his and your guides. He will also tell you what your specific Soul Lessons are in this lifetime, what your Service Work entails, and much more. He often will also take a look at your natal chart and incorporate astrology into your reading. 


When you see your struggles, triumphs, recurring issues, and relationships through the eyes of your SOUL it allows you to move forward in your life with greater clarity and ease. 

Includes Intuitive Coaching as appropriate. 

In accordance with the laws of the State of New York (United States of America), all readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

+ COMBO SESSION (RECOMMENDED!): 1 hour 10 min Soul Plan Reading + 50 min Angel Energy Healing/Aura Cleansing  (2 hours total) $433 USD* 


+ 1 hour 45 min EXTENDED Session $333 USD*


+ 1 hour 10 min Full Session $277 USD* 


*Save 25% with Ascending as One VIP

Save 10% with Ascending as One Tier II

Save 35% in New Zealand

Save 30% in Australia

Save 20% in Canada

"As a sensitive myself, from the first moment to the last I felt the Universe's energy throughout the call, his energy and soul was full of love, kindness, compassion, authenticity and just humanity really...his responses were Angelic and spot on, everything said my gut agreed upon and felt safe was refreshing to connect to a likehearted Universal soul that enjoys helping others along their spiritual journey...HIGHLY recommended!!" - Samantha H., Florida, U.S.A.

"Thank you so much for all that you shared with me and gave to me (DURING THE READING)! Your insights have given me much to ponder (and) a direction I much needed." – Kim, Michigan, U.S.A.

"I had a great reading today, it was the first time I was able to talk freely and openly and receive direction and conformation that I am being directed and moving...through my process. I appreciated the level of things he knew that I didn’t tell him but have been weighing on my mind that also helped provide clarity that I can trust my intuition and senses. Overall a great reading and experience looking forward to more." -- Qwain, Chicago, U.S.A.

I am so grateful for the wonderful experience I had today, 5-3-20. The spirit guidances you received for me were pretty on point.
I know now without a doubt what I must do to clear my Dharma and karma relations and how to move forward in my awakening journey.
The experience today left me more confident than ever before about my past-current-future plans and giving me a clear perception of my soul destiny, on planet earth. Leaving me with a great sense of peace, balance and healing, which is critical in my ascension process.

To summarize this I consider this day a "day of days". Thank you (Matthew) John for all that you do, and my most sincere gratitude. From one collective to another. We thank you. -Namaste-

"Very on the spot...(matthew) understands totally what needs to be done to move ahead." -- kavita, india

Thank you (MattHEW) you confirmed & validated a lot for me...Thank you again! -- ZONdra, wisconsin, u.s.a.

"Matthew helped me gain clarity on several life challenges I have been going through, and the Soul Plan Reading with him helped build my confidence in navigating ahead. He helped me understand how to better connect to my own intuition, and and I came out of the conversation with a great sense of peace and readiness to move forward. I cannot thank Matthew enough and am grateful for his compassion, authenticity and all of the knowledge he shares. – Rachel, Chicago, U.S.A.

"This was my first session with any kind of intuitively inclined healer and I’m glad it was with Matthew! He went above and beyond in explaining why I fall into certain patterns and what I need to do to break the cycle. He suggested many techniques to help me follow my intuition and grow on this spiritual journey. I can’t wait to book a Starseed Coaching session with him next!" -- Ciera, Philadelphia, U.S.A.

" was nice to get someone to understand me and also clarify and confirm many regards to my purpose and why i'm going through what i'm going through!" -- AWRA, CHINA

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