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Past Life Regression

Matthew John leads you on a journey into some of your past lives which are having an impact on your present lifetime! 

You will have the opportunity to vividly explore these relevant lives from the perspective of the character you played during that lifetime, as well as the space in-between lives. You will be able to see the connections between experiences in these past lifetimes and your Soul Lessons in this lifetime, and to understand your karmic relationships on a deeper level. Matthew will assist you in integrating the wisdom gained from this experience into your day-to-day reality. 

The Past-Life Regression Session is a perfect complement to a Soul Plan Reading (not on the same day, though). 

The session may be recorded at your request.

+ 2 1/2-hour FULL SESSION $369 USD*


*Save 25% with Ascending as One VIP

Save 10% with Ascending as One Tier II

Save 35% in New Zealand

Save 30% in Australia

Save 20% in Canada

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