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Starseed Discovery Session

As a Sirian & Andromedan Starseed himself, Matthew John is uniquely aware of the plight of Starseeds on this planet. We came here on a mission. Sometimes we lose track of the mission, or at least we think we've lost track. 

This session will serve to deepen your connection with your Starseeded origins and to clarify your mission on this planet. When you remember why you came here and what you came here to accomplish, all that you have gone through in this lifetime begins to make a lot more sense.

Includes a guided astral journey back to your home planet to meet with your Galactic Team and receive an activation! It is an absolutely unforgettable experience to be reunited with your true extraterrestrial family! Matthew will also describe for you your galactic history--your 'family tree' so to speak of where your soul comes from and where it's been--whether it be in this galaxy, outside the galaxy, or both! 

The session may be recorded at your request. 

Includes a free copy of my An Overview of ET Races + Sirian Channeling class ($33 USD value!)

In accordance with the laws of the State of New York (United States of America), all readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

+ 1 hour 30 minute Session $333 USD* 


*Save 25% with Ascending as One VIP

Save 10% with Ascending as One Tier II

Save 35% in New Zealand

Save 30% in Australia

Save 20% in Canada

"Thank you with all my heart Matthew for your open hearted way of sharing such a plethora of information with such wisdom behind it! You were very intuitive, patient in your manner and extremely thorough with all your questions and your answers. Very grateful for all your help and very concrete, practical practices I can use going forward. I thank you for doing what you love!" -- Colleen, Arizona, U.S.A. 


"We are all on the right path and journey for our soul's experience. Sometimes we get lost or confused about our path or its direction. There are various markers or luminaries that remind us that we are still on point with our journey; Matthew John is one of those luminaries along the path. He helped remind me of my life purpose and mission and because of this, I cannot possibly thank him enough."  – Thom, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

"What a fun and surprising journey to discovering my galactic origins! Matthew’s guided visualization work (helped) take me places I never thought possible."  -- Ann, Washington State, U.S.A.

"It was a vivid journey I couldn’t have expected. Matthew knew how to guide me to focus on the little details, which caused me to notice the whole picture I was standing in. I saw details and my galactic family very clearly with Matthew’s guidance. It’s an experience that charged my whole being and gave me clarity on why I’m here." -- Anthony, New Jersey, U.S.A.

My starseed experience was something I would do again and again for discovery and understanding of my spiritual course and purpose. Matthew John is so gracious guiding you into and awesome experience, but moreover the fact that he assist you on the journey home embracing your truth showed me how blessed he is. The blessing of his gift bestowed upon me my awareness to assist others with healing not to mention crystal chambers in the galaxy and I am Pleiadean and Sirian! This experience gave me something to take to work assist my own clients, peers and family.

I totally encourage anyone searching to discover their true star seed origin  to work with Matthew John!

Blessings!  -- Kim, Las Vegas, U.S.A.

"It was such a pleasure to receive starseed coaching with Matthew John! I was in absolute amazement with how committed he was in clearly explaining everything I needed to hear to stay emotionally balanced. The trip to my home planet awed me more than I ever could have imagined! It was something magical!! Matthew is also extremely gifted with (foresight) and possess a unique ability to navigate the psyche to hone in our unconscious thoughts, allowing us to see clearly on who we really are! A Mind Blowing experience to say the least!" -- Michelle, Wisconsin, U.S.A. 

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