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Updated: May 9

Blessed Beltane! Beltane, which marks the beginning of summer in Pagan traditions, occurs beginning at sunset today, on Tuesday, April 30, and continuing into tomorrow, Wednesday, May 1.

Beltane is celebrated at the approximate midway point between the Spring Equinox (Ostara) and the Summer Solstice (Litha) in the Northern Hemisphere. The word Beltane roughly translates to ‘bright fire’ in Gaelic—as ‘Bel-’ originates from a Celtic God known as ‘the bright one’ and ‘-tane’ comes from the Galeic word ‘teine’, meaning fire. As part of the Beltane festivities, a bonfire is traditionally held, and a maypole is traditionally built. Feasts were also traditionally held.

Beltane is the celebration of the beginning of summer in earnest. Everything has begun to bloom, and we get to celebrate being warm for the next few months!

Beltane is also one of the four threshold festivals—where the veils between the physical world and the ‘Otherworld’--or Spirit World—are said to be thinned. These threshold festivals always fall at the midpoint between an Equinox and a Solstice. It is a good time to connect with ancestors that have passed over, and perhaps ask them to help you with abundance in any way that you desire.

A great way to celebrate Beltane is planting some flowers or a tree. Or--you can simply connect with the plants and nature in any way you'd like!


On this Beltane, Pluto is also entering its Retrograde Station Phase. Pluto is stationing Retrograde at just over 2 degrees of Aquarius (technically, the Station day is Thursday, May 2, thought it is practically stationed now).

With Pluto stationing, its influence is extremely exalted--especially in combination with the energy of the Scorpio Full Moon, which we are feeling strongly.

We are apt to be feeling heavy, emotional, reactive, jealous, suspicious, petty, and sexual at this time. Lots of heavy emotions are coming up now--especially those around karmic romantic and family relationships.

This is a really strong throat chakra-type energy; the truth is coming out at all costs. If you find yourself in any difficult conversations with those close to you over the next couple of weeks, you might find the really deep, difficult, uncomfortable stuff coming up--and people may be emotionally erratic.

We are also going to be seeing many scandals come out in the collective environment over the next few weeks. Look for news to drop about the misbehavior of some politicians and celebrities. Also, look for more news to drop around UFO/extraterrestrial Disclosure.

Also, I would expect a rapid escalation of the current conflict in the Middle East to occur sometime over the next one to two weeks due to this Pluto Station. Remember, Hamas attacked Israel to begin the whole thing on October 7, when Pluto was also stationed.

This Pluto Retrograde will last through October 11, when Pluto stations Direct. This Retrograde will take Pluto back into Capricorn for one last jaunt, before it enters Aquarius for good from now through 2043-44.

Wishing you a Blessed Beltane.

With Love,

Matthew John


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