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Quantum Conversations - July 14, 2020 -- Starseeds! Find Out Where You're From and What Your Destiny is On Earth

The term “Starseed” is one that is thrown out in many different contexts around the spiritual community. But what actually is a Starseed? Does it really mean you are an extraterrestrial? Does it mean your soul comes from another realm? How does being a Starseed differ from not being a Starseed? How do you know if you are a Starseed? And what does it really mean for your life here on Earth?

In this 90-minute show, Matthew discussed:  

  • The typical signs that you are a Starseed

  • A little bit about some of the most common extraterrestrial races that Starseeds come from

  • How to figure out which Starseed race(s) are yours

  • How it is possible to be from more than one place in the Universe

  • Does being a Starseed mean you haven’t had any past lives on Earth?

  • Why Starseeds come to Earth

  • What is the difference between an “Old Soul” and a “New Soul”

  • How to find out your Starseed mission

  • How to overcome the most typical obstacles that Starseeds face

  • How to connect with your Galactic Guides

  • …and MUCH MORE

Matthew will did live readings on the call to tell people where in the world they came from!

Quantum Conversations - October 13, 2020 -- Why Past Lives Are a Big Deal and How to Discover Yours!

Almost everyone on Earth has lived hundreds, if not thousands of different lifetimes on this fascinating planet! You’ve been a man and a woman, a large variety of races and creeds, and lived in a diverse array of different climates and environments.


It can be a huge help for you to be able to navigate your current lifetime if you have an understanding of your past lives and what they mean for you.

In this Episode of Quantum Conversations, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Psychic & Starseed Guide Matthew John will teach you:

  • How the soul designs lifetimes

  • How the soul decides what your lessons will be in each lifetime

  • How karma carries over from past lives

  • How to clear karma from past lives

  • Why and how souls incarnate together in different lifetimes

  • How to know whether a fear comes from a past life

  • How to know if your partner, family member, friend or pet is from a past life

  • How to know where your past lives were

  • How to re-experience past lives

  • Do you have past lives on Earth if you are a Starseed?

  • …and MUCH MORE!

Mastery Empowerment Course: Navigating the Pandemic With Wisdom

I don’t have to tell you that our world is in crisis. Fear and confusion have consumed the collective. In times of confusion, receiving clarity on what’s going on can really help us to become more at peace. In this FREE 1-hour+ webinar, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer and International Speaker Matthew John will answer the following questions:

  • What are the origins of the virus?

  • How dangerous is the virus?

  • Do new technologies have anything to do with the virus?

  • What is going on astrologically that may be influencing this pandemic?

  • What is the timeline split that is occurring now and what does it mean?

  • What is happening right now on a spiritual level with the virus?

  • How do we protect ourselves from this virus?

  • Should we put our lives on hold or move forward with our dreams?

  • Is there a financial collapse imminent? How do we prepare?

  • …and MUCH MORE!


Matthew John led a group guided meditation to help cleanse your body, home, community and world from this virus. 

Quantum Conversations - February 25, 2020 -- How to Pass Your Soul Lessons & Ascend

Regardless of what is going on in politics, or behind the scenes; regardless of who said what at the Golden Globes or whether going vegan is actually the answer or not; regardless of whether 5G makes its way across the planet and causes widespread cancers--there is an underlying spiritual game that is going on on this planet.

Whether you believe it or not, the truth is that you are here for a purpose and no one is here by accident! The truth is that your life is also a spiritual game, just as the planet is one big spiritual game (and the multiverse is one BIGGER spiritual game!)

If you've ever asked yourself the question 'why am I here?' (and who hasn't!) then you're going to want to tune into this show. Internationally-acclaimed Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Intuitive Healer and Speaker Matthew John is going to tell you how to figure out your specific 'Soul Lessons' and how to pass them with flying colors and Ascend!

In this discussion, you will learn:

  • What are the rules of the Game of Earth and the lessons that everyone must go through?

  • How to know your specific soul lessons

  • - How karma is accumulated, and the difference between individual karma, karma between souls, and collective karma

  • How to free yourself from and heal from all types of karma

  • How to Ascend, in a nutshell

  • How we can win the collective Ascension game on Earth

-...and much more!

Cosmically Crisp with Steph Prism - How Do You Know When it's Time for a Change? - February 16, 2020

Matthew joined Astrologer Steph Prism on her Cosmically Crisp podcast! We discussed:

  • What are the signs that it is time for changes in your life

  • What are the astrological placements that signal it's time for a change

  • Astrological compatibility in romantic relationships

  • How to survive (and thrive) in Mercury Retrograde

  • ...and MUCH MORE!

In5D Live - January 3, 2020

Matthew shares his 2020 outlook with Gregg Prescott of In5D, as well as discussing the meaning of being a Starseed. Topics discussed include:

- How to best utilize the energies of 2020 and of the decade of the 2020s

- How to know if you're a Starseed

- What your role is as a Starseed

- How to figure out where you're from in the stars

-...and MUCH MORE!

The Psychic Soul Winter Solstice Summit: 2020 Preview & Activation - December 31, 2019

In this video especially made for The Psychic Soul's 2019-20 Winter Solstice Summit, Matthew John gives his energetic outlook for 2020 and also the entire decade of the 2020s, as well as leading you through a powerful activation to make this the best decade of your life!


Learn about:

- The significance of both the astrology and numerology of 2020

- Why getting your finances together this year is crucial

- What to expect on a planetary scale this year and this decade -...and MUCH MORE!

Quantum Conversations - November 12, 2019: How to Finally Heal Family & Relationship Karma 

You've probably already heard that you actually chose your crazy family, but it's likely you haven't yet figured out why. Could you really have chosen your abusive father or your mentally ill mother? Could you really have chosen a brother who backstabbed you or a sister who hasn't spoken to you in a decade?

The reasons why your soul chose your specific family aren't always clear, however if we take a deeper look at the dynamics of family karma, we can make the connections and figure out why your soul planned out things as it did. Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer Matthew John will clearly explain how the soul plans its incarnations and how family dynamics are planned.

In this discussion, Matthew also explains:

- How karma is accumulated, and the difference between individual karma as opposed to karma between souls

- How to free yourself from and heal from both types of karma

- What are Soul Contracts and how to know if yours is ending with a specific person

- What happens to the karma when a loved one passes over to the other side

- Why loved ones on the other side often serve as your Spirit Guides

- The difference between Twin Flames and Karmic Soulmates, and why each of them come into your life

-...and much more!

Quantum Conversations - July 11, 2019: Healing the Shadow Within

Shadow Work is an unavoidable, inevitable, and crucial part of the Ascension journey. During Eclipse season, we have a potent portal in which the shadow is apt to come out to be seen. As conscious Lightworkers we have a precious opportunity now to alchemize this untransmuted cellular density.


Join Matthew John and host Lauren Galey for a deep dive into Shadow Work. Matthew revealed wisdom such as:


- What is the Shadow

- Where the Shadow aspect comes from

- The purpose of the Shadow

- What is ancestral karma and how we heal it

- Why everyone carries different karmic themes in their DNA

- The purpose of self-sabotage and how to eliminate it

- How to heal karma once and for all

- A 5-step process for transcending triggers and healing negative patterns

- The 8 steps required for healing abuse and trauma

- How we heal the Shadow aspects of groups, collectives, oppressed peoples, and humanity

- And much more!


Matthew does a powerful group clearing for everyone on the call.

SoulSpeaks 5D - May 26, 2019

Todd Medina and Matthew discuss:

- The nature of relationships and polarities

- How to transcend triggers

- What it means to heal karma

- How to become more aware of yourself

- The importance of courage

- The paradox of life

- ...and MUCH MORE!

Showing Up for Yourself Authentically with Lizz Franco - May 23, 2019

Life Coach Lizz Franco and Matthew discuss:

- What it means to show up for yourself authentically

- Ways in which we avoid ourselves - How to build charisma

- How to use social media in a healthy way

- Practical ways to love yourself

-...and MUCH MORE!

Samadhi Speaks by Kerry K - May 7, 2019

Kerry K and Matthew dive deep into the topic of Starseeds! They address these questions:

- What does it mean to be a Starseed?

- How can you find out what kind of Starseed you are? 

- Why do Starseeds seem to all come from a select few places?

- Is it important to know if you're a Starseed?

- Why Starseeds tend to feel lonely

- ...and MUCH MORE!

SoulSpeaks 5D - April 28, 2019

Catch Matthew's 2nd appearance with Todd Medina on SoulSpeaks 5D. These two moguls of the spiritual world discuss:

- Dissecting the recent crazy energies 
- Dimensional and timeline jumping
- The astrology and astronomy behind the Ascension
- The extraterrestrial play
- ...and MUCH MORE!

SoulSpeaks 5D - March 24, 2019

Todd Medina and Matthew discuss their views on the big picture of the Ascension process, Awakening experiences, psychedelic experiences, discernment, and much more! 

Quantum Conversations - February 4, 2019: Discovering Your Truest Purpose 

In this Quantum Conversation with Lauren Galey, Matthew discusses the true meaning of purpose and how it relates to your Spiritual Awakening/Ascension process. He brings clarity to such questions as:

  • What is the difference between your Soul’s purpose and your purpose?

  • What your Soul Lessons are

  • What you are meant to learn in this lifetime

  • Why you seem to have the same types of experiences over and over again

  • Why you can feel stuck in certain areas of my life?

  • How your individual purpose relates to the purpose of the Ascension

  • ...and much more!

Nature of Reality Radio - October 12, 2018

In this episode of Nature of Reality Radio with Andrew Fisher, Matthew discusses:

- Mastering your intuition

- Why the Law of Attraction is more complicated than you might think

- How to truly 'Be Yourself' 

- How to move into Nonduality

- What it means to be in Alignment

- How to learn about what's going on in the world without feeling victimized by it

- The three simultaneous Ascension processes

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