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Updated: Apr 26

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio! This Full Moon at approximately 4 degrees of Scorpio became exact at 7:50 PM New York Time today, on Tuesday, April 23, 2024. This Full Moon marks the end of Eclipse Season.

During the past six weeks, codes have been being downloaded into the Earth Grid—and into our individual energy fields—that will serve to direct us forward onto the Highest Path, as intended by our individual souls, over the next five months and beyond.

The sign of Scorpio holds a special place in my Heart. As someone with a Scorpio sun and a predominantly Scorpio chart, it is my favorite sign. I love the depth, the passion, and the life-or-death feeling of intensity that Scorpio represents.

Scorpio is the shaman's sign; it is the negotiation between the darkest darks and the brightest lights. It is an oscillation between hell and Heaven. This of course has tremendous spiritual value, as every time you plunge into the depths of pain and suffering, you bring back with you invaluable wisdom for the journey ahead.

I didn't come into this position as a healer and a spiritual teacher just by reading some books; it's been this hell-to-Heaven and back again shaman's journey for me, which still continues.

Scorpio is the sign of death and transformation (picture the Death card in the tarot). It is a fixed water sign, the eighth sign of the Zodiac, and the ruler of the Eighth House—the House of Sex. This house rules over sex, taboos, death, taxes, the Spirit World, and wills/legacies. It is ruled by Pluto, the planet of death, destruction and transformation. As a fixed sign, it is stubborn and loyal. As a water sign, it is deeply emotional.

Scorpio suns (like myself) are known for having an air of mystery and intrigue about them (this can also apply to Scorpio Risings). Scorpio suns, moons, and Risings are generally naturally psychic and intuitive.

If you are close with any Scorpio suns in your life, you probably already know that they don’t let many people get very close to them. Scorpios can often be secretive, and sometimes even paranoid about letting others know too much about them.

Scorpio is of course associated with the scorpion. Its glyph is an ‘M’ with the tail pointed outward, like a scorpion’s stinger. The ‘M’s tail is also a phallic symbol. Scorpio rules over the genitals and sex in general--but especially the aspects of sex that have to do with power exchanges, taboos, and deeply-rooted psychological aspects (aka Freudian psychology). Scorpio suns, Risings, Venuses, and Mars’s tend to be very sexual people.

As the most deeply emotional of all the Zodiac signs, Scorpio invites us to really honor the depth of all our emotions--especially the uncomfortable ones, like rage, fear, and grief. It asks for us to acknowledge the presence of shame and guilt within. It encourages us to honor the depth of the 'man' part of the HU-man—as in the physical, emotional, dense self.

Many have been having this feeling this week—as we’ve been approaching this powerful, shadow-revealing Scorpio Full Moon--that there's something deeper that has yet to be fully explored-- like there's a totally new level of rawness beneath the surface that has yet to come up. Scorpio, being the sign of death, rebirth, and transformation, is bringing this up.

Now and over the next few weeks, you could find yourself going through intense emotions, like fear, anger, jealousy, grief or loneliness in the days and weeks around and following the New Moon.

The depth and intensity of the Scorpio energy scares many away, because it can be very uncomfortable. However, for those brave enough to explore the depths of one's own consciousness and emotional body, the reward is karmic transmutation, which is one of the very reasons you came to this planet and one of the most important facets of the Ascension journey.

Now that the sun has entered the fixed earth sign of Taurus--marking the middle third of the spring season—we have the opportunity, over the next two weeks and beyond, to balance our physical and material desires and aspirations (represented by Taurus)--with our interests and explorations in the spiritual world (represented by Scorpio). The essence of the journey in navigating the Taurus-Scorpio axis is balancing the material and the spiritual.


One of the main features of this powerful Scorpio Full Moon is that the sun and moon are forming a tense T-square with Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto. T-squares are the most tense aspects in astrology, and Pluto and Scorpio are the most intense planets and signs in astrology, respectively.

We are already in a violent and volatile time astrologically, with the North Node being in Mars-ruled Aries-- and Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, a placement that historically has increased hypernationalism and fanaticism.

This Plutonian T-square will cause shadows, lies, and truths to be revealed over the next four weeks. Tensions will be boiling over in many different ways. Be very careful over the next few weeks about the types of situations you get yourself into. People can be angry, irrational, volatile, and even violent.

On the world stage, I am very concerned that with this intense T-square, tensions could boil over in the Middle East shortly. Recently this past week, Iran and its allies launched an air attack aimed at Israel’s defense installations; with United States-backed defense technology, Israel was able to effectively defend against all of the missiles.

Earlier today, Hezbollah claimed to launch its largest attack at Israel with air missiles since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas War on October 7.

U.S. President Joe Biden made a strong statement condemning the recent Iran missile attacks, while Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi vowed to continue to support the Palestinian resistance—and threatened to annihilate Israel should Israel launch a major attack on Iran.

I would argue that we are already in World War III—one that history will look back and see as so drastically different in its execution as compared to the first two. World War III will (and arguably already is) a proxy war fought on multiple fronts between the Western (U.S. and allies) and Eastern (Russia, China, Iran, and allies) blocs—not dissimilar to the general sentiment during the Cold War.

So, things are not looking good right now on the world stage. I am hoping for the best, for a rapid de-escalation on all fronts, however the astrology is quite precarious at this time. Things could get rough over the next month. With Jupiter conjunct Uranus, we should expect the unexpected on all fronts.

Interestingly, we can look at the empty leg of the T-square for guidance on how to resolve the tension that the T-square is causing. In this case, the empty leg of the T-square falls in the sign of Leo.

Leo is about leadership. It will take solid, sane, grounded leadership to see improvements and healing on the tense world stage. The U.S. is always tasked with playing the role of peacekeeper on the world stage—at least publicly--however unfortunately there are private corporations, secret governments, and secret societies that have more of an interest in perpetuating war than peace.

Yesterday, I interviewed DisclosureFest Foundation Founder Adrian Vallera about the power of mass meditation. In the interview, Adrian shared data-backed hard evidence of past mass meditation gatherings reducing violent crime and having potentially other societal benefits. You can check out the full interview here.

Over the next month, doing your own visualizations and prayers for world peace—or even better, joining in (or leading) group meditations, would be more important (and potentially impactful) than ever.

Major scandals are going to rock your news feeds over the next two weeks. Scorpio and Pluto rule over scandals, and with this T-square, lies and truths will be revealed on many fronts. With the empty leg of this T-square being in Leo, as I mentioned, these scandals will likely be centered around political figures.

Sex scandals could also be a theme, as Scorpio and Pluto rule over the misuse of power in sex.

This is also a time where we may need to have difficult, honest conversations with partners, relatives, friends, co-workers, or clients. The past few weeks have been really, really difficult on most relationships, with the super-potent Aries-Libra Eclipse Season, and this frustratingly powerful Mercury Retrograde in Aries (more on that later).

Honesty is key at this time. And sometimes honesty can hurt, as sometimes relationships are meant to pivot and head in a different direction (that has definitely been a theme of this past Eclipse Season).

It’s also crucial that we are honest with ourselves around this shadow-revealing Scorpio Full Moon.


During this time, you won’t be able to help but to be totally honest with yourself about what really matters. If the job/career you’re in is draining you, it’s really going to weigh on you at this time. If the romantic relationship you’re in just isn’t working anymore, you’re going to feel that intensely now. If the living situation you’re in is not tenable, you will feel an intense call to move away from it at this time.

Honesty with the self is key at this time. You should be feeling free to be you.

Here are some journaling prompts to help you get really honest with yourself during this important time:

  • What is working for me right now? Which parts of my life feel like they are flowing in harmony right now?

  • What isn’t working for me right now? Which parts of my life feel like I am constantly frustrated, or hitting a wall?

  • Which real desires of mine am I regularly experiencing?

  • Which real desires of mine am I denying or avoiding?

  • For the desires of mine that I am denying or avoiding, is there fear there?

  • What fears of mine still linger?

  • If there was one fear that I could bust through now that I know would allow me to really take a leap forward, what would that be?

  • Are the people that I spend the most time with encouraging my evolution, or dragging it down? Are there changes that I need to make in my relationships? Are there difficult conversations I might need to have with others?

  • Is my living environment giving me life, or weighing me down? Are there changes that I need to make in my living situation?

  • Which emotions or traumas within me do I habitually push down? What are some practices or healing modalities that could assist me in alchemizing or processing these?


Jupiter and Uranus make a rare conjunction in Taurus on this Full Moon, marking a new 13-year cycle of innovation (as they won’t meet up again until 2037).

This magical meeting of these two heavyweight planets really is a magnificent occurrence. Uranus—the ruler of Aquarius—is the planet of innovation and freedom, and Jupiter is the planet of growth. Jupiter expands and amplifies anything it comes into contact with; as it meets Jupiter now, it is massively amplifying Uranus’s innovative spirit!

We are going to see some very interesting new inventions make there way to the public eye over the next month; because this conjunction is occurring in Taurus, these inventions will be geared toward solving the planet’s most pressing environmental issues (Global Warming, plastics, etc.)

Also, new cultural innovations--like new fashion and music trends--will reshape the zeitgeist now and for the rest of the year.

Also, so many people around the world—including the Lightworkers—will be receiving codes and downloads now and over the next month that will be directing them to create and innovate new spiritual and material technologies that will be necessary pieces of the puzzle for the planetary Ascension.

Pay attention to what downloads come to you now and over the next month. Even if you get a download or instructions for something that isn’t plausible for you to create at this time, keep it in the back of your mind, as it may be something that is meant for you to bring forth years from now…

Mars, the planet of action, currently resides in mutable water Pisces—the most creative sign. We are really feeling called to be creative in all ways at this time. Mars in Pisces actually sextiles Jupiter and Uranus, adding such a wonderful creative energy to this already creative and innovative aspect. It is an absolutely wonderful time right now to make art of any kind.

On a collective scale, the codes are being downloaded with this conjunction that will create the new financial system, when we are ready to begin transitioning from the current U.S. dollar-ruled hypercaptialistic trap (which is essentially the root of all problems in the world, including the current wars) to a more Aquarian-style digital currency that will lead us as one planetary body into future decades. Bitcoin is, and has been, the early stages of this.

But, it will be at least another decade until we as a planet in earnest turn away from the current economic structure.

So many huge leaps forward in technology and culture have taken place around Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions, including:

  • Gulliver’s Travels published (1720-21)

  • Darwin’s Origin of Species published (1844-45)

  • Wright brothers’ first experiments with flight (1899-1901)

  • The world’s first computer (1941)

  • Rock-n’-roll explosion with Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, etc. (1954-55)

  • A number of epic albums from The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, The Who, etc. (1969)

  • The first Woodstock music festival (1969)

  • The first Apollo moon landing (1969)

  • The first Harry Potter book (1996-97)

With Black Moon Lilith, the ruler of the suppressed Divine Feminine, in Virgo, the sign that rules over literature, forming a Minor Grand Trine with the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction and Mars in Pisces, there will be many literary, artistic and cultural innovations and advances centered around the expression of the Divine Feminine that are either released to the public, or simply downloaded to the artist now to be released later, over the next month.

Also with this Minor Grand Trine, we will see more anger and repulsion expressed over current abortion legality fights in the Supreme Court, Florida, Arizona, etc.

With the truth-telling Plutonian T-square activated by this Full Moon combining with this rare Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, extraterrestrial Disclosure will also be in the news over the coming month. We will likely see a bombshell that is in some ways even bigger and more significant than the last bombshell—the Mexican alien body reveal.

Now, let’s talk about sex, baby, let’s talk about you and me.


This is, astrologically one of the most sexual time of the year. Scorpio is the main sign that rules over sex (Aries is the other). If you must know, Aries rules over the physical aspects of sex, while Scorpio rules over the mental side of sex: lust, desires, power dynamics and kinks. Scorpio also rules over the genitals.

Sex is our nature. We are made from sex. All nature is made from sex. The desire to procreate drives us to succeed and actualize. This Scorpio season is about embracing sex as the sacred essence of life.

This is a time to look within and examine whatever blocks, traumas, or reservations you have around sex. Psychotherapy, hypnosis, tantric techniques, and some energy healing techniques can be helpful in healing sexual blocks.

With this very active sexual energy in the air, it’s also a good reminder that your sexual energy is yours to use as you desire (as long as you’re not hurting others), but it is your life force energy. Any time you release it, or exchange it with another, you are giving your energy out. Is the person you’re exchanging it with uplifting your energy or siphoning it? Or is it a neutral exchange?

Also, with Mercury exalted in its Aries Retrograde journey, many of us will be called to interact with exes. Sometimes this can be a wonderful blessing, and sometimes it can lead us down a road to being wrapped up again in something that no longer serves us. Be discerning.

Let’s chat a bit more about Mercury Retrograde.


Mercury is very exalted right now, as it is getting ready to Station Direct in Aries this Thursday. We will be feeling Mercury Retrograde-esque effects very strongly from now through the first weekend of May.

This Mercury Retrograde in Aries is a great opportunity to readdress projects and to-do lists from the past. What are some things that you put on the back burner that you can give some time and attention to now?

As with any Mercury Retrograde phase, communication issues will abound. Travel schedules will likely go awry. Expect a lot of reschedulings in general.

By the way, if you were born under a Mercury Retrograde, it's not going to affect you as strongly--and in fact you might even feel more ‘at home’ during this time.

Here is some general advice for navigating a Mercury Retrograde period:

  • Make sure that all the 'I's are dotted' and 'all the T's are crossed' when signing any contracts. Consider Murphy's Law during Mercury Retrograde: what can go wrong, will go wrong. Consider holding off on signing contracts until May, if it's something that isn't time-sensitive.

  • Be extra clear in your communication with others. Give others more leeway than usual. Inquire to clarify what someone means by something if you're unsure, especially if it's via text message or e-mail.

  • Avoid purchasing big-ticket items (e.g. a new car) until May, if possible

  • Back up all of your computer files and your smartphone!

  • Triple-check travel plans and appointment times. Verify times with others.

  • Release expectations of others, especially when it comes to people responding in a timely fashion. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Expectations of others may go unfulfilled.

  • As always, use Mercury Retrograde as a time to refine your communication--rather than to be afraid of miscommunications, or electronics breaking down, or travel plans getting interrupted. 

Wishing you a fun, enjoyable and transformative Full Moon in Scorpio!

With Love,

Matthew John


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