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2021 Comprehensive Tarot Course (EXTENDED 2 MORE WEEKS FOR FREE!)

The tarot is an ancient divination technique that has been used by psychics, intuitives and spiritual seekers for centuries. Learning how to use the tarot deck can give you invaluable insights into your past, present, and future. It can serve as a bridge between yourself and your Spirit Guides and Higher Self. It can help you to make wise decisions, plan your life, understand your Soul Lessons, and solve difficult riddles in your life. You can also, of course, use it to read for others and assist them with all of this!


Learning the tarot also helps you to understand the themes and the polarities of life itself. For example, the cards of the Major Arcana progress in a linear fashion, illustrating the human journey through life in the physical world. Learning the tarot helps you to gain a deeper understanding of the 'Game of Life'.


The tarot is complex and carries a much steeper learning curve than oracle cards, making it a valuable and relatively rare skill to have. The tarot can be practically applied to assist in clarifying and giving advice on any situation, making it more versatile than many oracle card decks. The tarot can be a lifelong companion for you, like having a Spirit Guide on your desk.


Internationally-recognized Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer Matthew John has been working with the tarot for over a decade. He possesses the knowledge, skill and experience to teach the tarot to others in a comprehensive manner.


Matthew John is offering a comprehensive tarot reading course in 2021! Course includes:

  • (6) Live 3-hour+ group Zoom classes (you will be sent replay of each class if you can't make it live) + 3-hour replays of Classes #1 -6

  • A free 45-minute personal reading with Matthew John

  • Q&A with Matthew John at the end of each call (all topics open)

  • An opportunity to do practice readings for the group

  • Certificate of Completion showing 36+ hours of comprehensive tarot reading study

Dates: October 23, November 6, 13 & 20, December 4 & 11. All 5-8 PM ET/New York

(4-7 PM CT/Chicago; 2-5 PM PT/Los Angeles; 10 PM-1 AM London time, except for Nov. 6 which is 9 PM-midnight; 8-11 AM Sydney time in Oct. & Nov. 6, then 7-10 AM thereafter)


Investment: $555 USD ($100 off for current Spiritual Mentoring Package clients!)

Required Materials: Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot by Liz Dean

Class Size Limit: 15 (Just 3 spots left as of Oct. 17!)


Curriculum: Week 1 -- Tarot Basics, Intro to Major Arcana (Watch the 3-hour replay)

Week 2 -- Major Arcana Part II (Watch the 3-hour replay!)

Week 3 - Sep. 18  -- Major Arcana Part III (Watch the 3-hour replay!)

Week 4 - Sep. 25 -- Major Arcana Part IV (Watch the 3-hour replay!)

Week 5 – Oct. 9 -- Major Arcana Part V & Wands Part I (Watch the 3 1/4-hour replay!)

Week 6 - Oct. 16 -- Wands Part II (Watch the 3+ hour replay!)

Week 7 - Oct. 23 -- Wands Part III & Cups Part I

Week 8 - Nov. 6 -- Cups Part II & Swords Part I

Week 9 - Nov. 13 -- Swords Part II & Pentacles Part I

Week 10 - Nov. 20 -- Pentacles Part II & Spreads

Week 11 -- Dec. 4 -- Refinement & Practice

Week 12 -- Dec. 11 -- Refinement & Practice 

In accordance with the laws of the State of New York (United States of America), tarot reading is for entertainment purposes only. 

                                               REGISTER NOW:

Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey: Topic TBD


Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - 3 PM New York/2 PM Chicago/noon Los Angeles/8 PM London & ON DEMAND​

The Alara Canfield Show: Timelines, Alternate Realities & Creating Your Preferred Timeline 





Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 3 PM New York/2 PM Chicago/noon Los Angeles/8 PM London/5 AM (on 9/15) Sydney & ON DEMAND​

Time is the one constant in life...or is it? Let's dive into all things related to time and timelines! In this live chat with Moncef Afkir, internationally-renowned Spiritual Healer & Intuitive Healer Matthew John will teach you:

  • How timelines, space-time and alternate realities work

  • The difference between individual and collective timelines

  • Could you be operating in more than one reality simultaneously?

  • How the soul chooses which time periods and timelines to incarnate into

  • Does time travel exist? And how it could work.

  • How the modern world stacks the odds against us so we stay stuck

  • How to stop getting derailed by others people's individual timelines

  • How to create the timeline you want to create

  • How we can create the collective timeline where Ascension occurs

  • ...and MUCH MORE!

Matthew will do live past-life readings for people at the end of the call. 


Ascension Update, Q&A & Live Readings on Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey

Thursday, September 2, 2021 - 3 PM New York/2 PM Chicago/noon Los Angeles/8 PM London/5 AM (on 9/3) Sydney & ON DEMAND​


There's no doubt that it's a crazy and uncertain time on this planet! Internationally-recognized Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Healer Matthew John joins Lauren Galey on Quantum Conversations for a much-needed update on how Earth's Ascension is going. He will answer crucial questions like:


  • Is the Ascension going as planned or have we entered an alternative timeline?

  • What might the next few years be like? 

  • Are we being helped by benevolent extraterrestrials?

  • What is the role for Starseeds in the current segment of the Ascension process?

  • How are we meant to actually create the New Earth in the real world? 

  • Are we starting to see any real-world evidence of the New Earth unfolding?


Matthew John opened it up for a Q&A with the audience and he did a few live readings to assist audience members in understanding their life plan, future, past lives, or relationships. He also led the group in a meditation to tap into Unity Consciousness and the Heart Grid. 

MatthewJohnTACSMay2021 (1).png

 Webinars & Courses

16-Course Webinar Pack! Just $199 USD (62% off!)

The download links will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours after purchase (but likely quicker).

Matthew John Candle Moon SQ.jpg

Intro to Candle & Moon Magick Mastery Empowerment Course 

Saturday, June 12, 2021 - 2 PM New York/1 PM Chicago/11 AM Los Angeles/7 PM London/5 AM (on 6/13) Sydney & ON DEMAND​


Want to learn how to ‘hack’ into the underlying template of reality to direct life as you wish? Becoming a practitioner of magick is an extremely rewarding way to establish a deeper connection with the Universe and to enhance your life in all ways.

In this 90-minute Mastery Empowerment Course, Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Healer Matthew John will teach you:

  • The basics of practicing magick (perfect for beginners)

  • The basics of candle magick, including how to use every color

  • How to use moon cycles, planetary days, and planetary hours to enhance your magickal practice

  • An introduction to other types of magick


Healing With Colors Mastery Empowerment Course

Saturday, May 8, 2021 - 2 PM New York/1 PM Chicago/11 AM Los Angeles/7 PM London/5 AM Sydney on 5/9 & ON DEMAND



We live in a reality full of vibrant colors, but did you know that colors can be used to heal? In this LIVE Mastery Empowerment Course, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Matthew John will teach you:

  • The properties of each of the colors and how they relate to the chakras, organs, emotions, Archangels, and more!

  • Techniques to use colors in your energy healing practice

  • Techniques to use colors for self-healing

  • Live practice on the call

  • Q&A about energy healing 

  • ...and MUCH MORE!


Emotional Freedom Technique to Heal the Seven Main Chakras 

Saturday, February 6, 2021 - 2 PM New York/1 PM Chicago/11 AM Los Angeles/7 PM London/6 AM Sydney & ON DEMAND


The Emotional Freedom Technique (otherwise known as ‘Tapping’) is a super effective and easy-to-learn method for creating emotional healing, relieving anxiety and depression, manifesting money, relieving pain, and much more! In this 90-minute LIVE Mastery Empowerment Course, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer Matthew John will lead you through a Tapping journey from the root chakra on up to the crown chakra!

The Emotional Freedom Technique is simple enough to learn that after this Mastery Empowerment Course, you’ll have the ability to craft your own EFT/Tapping sequences to use on yourself or with family and friends!

In this course, you will learn:

  • The current and past-live themes involved with the seven main chakras

  • Why EFT/Tapping is so effective

  • The basic structure to create effective EFT/Tapping sequences on your own


As we tap through the 7 main chakras, we are intending to create the following positive effects:

  • Clearing of current and past life energetic blockages

  • Clearing of stuck emotions

  • Improved mood

  • Moving to a Higher Timeline

  • Increased ability to manifest what you want

  • Pain relief

All About Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters & Spirit Guides











Whether you know it or not, you are constantly being looked after by your Spirit Team of Guides and Angels. Not only that, but you have thousands of benevolent entities available to you to assist you in whatever you need in life. By learning about your guides and other benevolent Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels that are available to everyone, you can have more of a direct connection to guidance and Divine Assistance when you need it!

In this 2-hour LIVE Mastery Empowerment Course, Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Healer Matthew John will teach you:

  • How to connect with your Spirit Guides

  • Why you have certain Spirit Guides in your life

  • How to connect with your Higher Self

  • How your Spirit Guides contact you

  • An understanding of a selection of different Ascended Masters

  • An understanding of a selection of different Archangels

  • An understanding of a selection of different Hindu entities

  • An understanding of the hierarchies of angels

  • ...and MUCH MORE!

Matthew led the group through a guided meditation to meet your Guides!


 Change Your Reality by Changing Your Words Mastery Empowerment Course 

ME Matthew John Change Words Square.jpg

Sunday, September 20, 2020 - 3 PM New York/2 PM Chicago/noon Los Angeles/8 PM London/5 AM Sydney on 9/21 & ON DEMAND 

Did you know that the words we use and think can have a powerful effect on our physical body and the world that we create around us? A necessary part of the Ascension process is learning to speak and think in a manner that serves your highest evolution rather than takes away from it.


In this 90-minute Mastery Empowerment Course, internationally-acclaimed Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer Matthew John will teach you:


  • How the words you think and say affect your physical body, genetics and life span

  • How the words you think and say affect the reality that you manifest (the Law of Attraction)

  • Practical tools to reframe negative experiences into positive tools for growth

  • How to break the habit of negative thinking and negative self-talk

  • Practical exercises to improve positive self-talk and promote positive thinking

  • Strategies for effective 5D communication with others

  • How to talk to the body in order to heal deep emotional wounds

  • How to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) to enhance health, well-being and prosperity

Powerful Visualization Techniques for Ascension (Learn How to Use Your Third Eye!) Mastery Empowerment Course 

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools we have to heal, grow, transform and create what we want. In the higher dimensions, where life is experienced as more etheric than physical, visualization is essentially the mechanism used to create lives and worlds! We have the power to literally change the world through visualization.

In this 2-hour Mastery Empowerment Course, internationally-recognized Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer Matthew John  will teach you a multitude of powerful visualization techniques that you can use for an entire lifetime to enhance your health, wealth and well-being—as well as to assist in healing others and the world at large.

Matthew will teach techniques that cover the following intentions:

  • Grounding

  • Shielding

  • Purifying

  • Self-energizing

  • Cord-cutting

  • Healing/energizing chakras

  • Cleaning/sealing aura

  • Manifesting

  • Meeting Spirit Guides

  • Receiving direct guidance

  • Seeing Soul Contracts

  • Healing relationship difficulties with another person

  • Forgiveness

  • Moving on from the past

  • Making a decision

  • Healing your body

  • Eliminating viruses, parasites, bad bacteria, etc.

  • Eliminating thoughts that aren’t yours

  • Seeing your Highest Possible Future

  • Cleansing spaces

  • Protecting spaces or your home

  • Sending beings to the Light

  • Healing people, animals or plants

  • Jumping timelines

  • Changing outcomes in the outside world

  • Changing the weather

  • …and MORE!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn a lifetime’s worth of tools for healing, manifesting, awakening and Ascension for just $33 USD!

The Human Energy Field 101 Mastery Empowerment Course

If you want to learn about the human physical anatomy, then the best thing you could do is to take an Anatomy course. If you want to learn about the human energetic anatomy, then this course here is a good start! Join Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Healer Matthew John for this 90-minute Mastery Empowerment Course discussing the human energetic anatomy. In this course, you will learn:

  • The function and structure of the chakras

  • The life themes involved in the 7 main chakras

  • The minor chakra system

  • The 5D Higher chakra system

  • The 7 layers of the aura

  • The meridian system and nadis

  • T-Fields

  • The kundalini energy

  • Ascension activations

  • Energetic cords and how to remove them

  • Negative energetic anomalies

  • Effective self-energy healing techniques you can use at home

...and MUCH MORE!

Recorded May 30, 2020. 

How to Move on Completely From Your Ex Mastery Empowerment Course

Whether you have had a recent breakup or there's an old relationship that is still pulling at your precious heart, this audio course with internationally-acclaimed Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer Matthew John will serve to unravel the pain and trauma from that relationship and free your heart to become either the happiest single person or to attract your true partner.


Matthew knows the pain, trauma and PTSD that a breakup can cause. A traumatic breakup a decade ago is what initiated him on his Awakening journey.


This course will also be extremely helpful if you are considering a breakup/decoupling, or if you have a friend or loved one who is going through or just recently went through a breakup/decoupling and you'd like to support them.


In this audio course, you will learn:

  • What is happening on a Soul Level when breakups/decouplings occur

  • What are Soul Contracts and how to know when a Soul Contract is complete

  • Why breakups can be so painful and why you can experience Soul Fragmentation

  • Why so many awakening women go through narcissistic-empathic relationships

  • How to be completely at peace with what happened

  • How to attract someone who is a better match for you than your ex

  • How to attract your true partner if you so desire

  • A discussion on Twin Flames, Karmic Twins & Karmic Soulmates

  • ...and MUCH MORE!


Matthew will lead the group through cord-cutting, Soul Contract reviewing, and Soul Retrieval processes to energetically end your relationship for good and allow you to move on with freedom, grace and gratitude.

Recorded March 7, 2020.

Spiritual Hygiene, Cord Cutting & Grounding 101 Mastery Empowerment Course 

We all know that we live in a toxic world, but few people consider the idea of spiritual toxicity. It is crucial to develop rituals and habits that will cleanse your auric field, cut draining spiritual cords between yourself and others, and ground your energy.


In this 2 hour Mastery Empowerment Course, internationally known Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer Matthew John will teach you essential techniques that you can use daily to cleanse, protect and ground yourself. By keeping your aura clean, you are much more likely to become a magnet for health, wealth, love, friendships and success.


In this live audio course, you will learn:

  • Different types of negative energies we can pick up in our energy fields (e.g. entities, demons, etheric parasites, curses, black magic, archons, 'hoppers', 'watchers')

  • Why and how we can pick up negative energies

  • How to clear negative energies on your own

  • Shielding techniques to protect you from picking up negative energies

  • How to know whether you are contracted to be a 'clearer' of darkness

  • Does raising your vibration mean you will attract more darkness?

  • How cords form between people and how to clear them on your own

  • How to know if you are grounded or ungrounded

  • How to ground your energy

  • How to cleanse and protect your home or office from negative energies

  • How to protect yourself from negative energies while you sleep

  • What are 'sexually transmitted demons' and how to avoid them

  • ...and MUCH MORE!


Matthew leads the group in practicing several clearing techniques live on the call. 


This course is intended for anyone who is interested – no prerequisites required.

Recorded November 23, 2019.

Awakening the Divine Masculine Mastery Empowerment Course 
divine masculine.jpeg


We have all heard about the resurrection of the Divine Feminine energies on Planet Earth and how crucial this is to the Ascension process; but we also need to embody the Divine Masculine energies in order to become fully integrated Ascending Beings. In this 110-minute+ webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of courage on the Spiritual Journey and how to find that courage within

  • The role of the Divine Masculine in moving out of the Dark Night of the Soul

  • Why logic and intellect are actually equally as important as intuition and how to use them efficiently and productively

  • Practical exercises for living a more structured and efficient life

  • What is the Shadow Masculine and how to eradicate it

  • What is more important...being or doing? 

  • How to properly use the Law of Attraction (and what is the one huge misconception about the Law of Attraction that trips people up)

  • And MORE!

Matthew John facilitated a group activation to awaken the Divine Masculine within all listeners, regardless of sex or gender. Recorded September 7, 2019.

Creating the 5D You Mastery Empowerment Course

In this 110-minute+ webinar, Matthew John leads you through a step-by-step process to create the 5D you in the quantum field and to anchor that into physical reality. The steps include:

  • Honestly taking stock of your life and identifying your blockages

  • Clearing your blockages

  • Rewriting your subconscious mind to include beliefs that will carry you forward, not keep you held back

  • Experiencing your Future Self on your Highest Possible Timeline

  • Bringing your Future Self's subconscious patterns and prevalent emotions into the NOW

  • Identifying empowered action-steps to move onto your Highest Possible Timeline

  • Developing strategies to make the changes permanent

  • Activating your 100% Maximum Abundance 

We will take take advantage of the amplified field that we will be creating as a group energetic container to make dramatic steps forward in each of our individual lives!

Please have a pen or pencil and a few pieces of paper handy. Recorded July 20, 2019.

Creating 5D You.png
Dissolving the Ego Webinar

The ego is one of the most misunderstood topics on a Spiritual Journey. This webinar will serve to clear up all of the confusion and misinformation about the ego and to give you the opportunity to dissolve parts of your ego self that you no longer need to take with you. We will be doing 12 group energetic clearings and activations to dissolve the ego and allow more of your SOUL ESSENCE to shine through than ever before. The intention is for you to feel totally different, lighter, and more present following this webinar

In this 2-hour+ webinar, you will learn:

  • What much of the spiritual community gets wrong about the ego

  • What is the Spiritual Ego and how do we avoid its trap

  • How life breaks down our ego

  • How to truly open your Heart to life

  • How to experience greater Harmony in your relationships

  • How to experience a lack of conflict in your life 

  • How to truly become Aligned with the Present Moment

  • How to truly become humble

  • The 12 Pillars of Dissolving the Ego. Matthew John does a permanent

activation for each of these 12 pillars.

  • ...and MORE!

Recorded April 25, 2019.

This webinar is absolute gold.  Whole downloads came through for me during the replay.  I have to go back and listen again to fully digest it, but I wanted to say that your ability to ground such high concepts into practical everyday life experiences is such a gift.   Not to mention you basically hit every major theme that has been bothering me about the spiritual community this far...Your understanding is sheer gold.  – Chloe, California, U.S.A.

Putting the Past in the Past Webinar

Do you live with regrets? Find it difficult to move on from the past? Stalked by guilt? Can't get over that heartbreak? Haunted by memories of abuse?

In this 90 minute+ webinar, Matthew John helps you to:

  • End the illusion of regret

  • Understand why there truly are no mistakes

  • Dissolve guilt and move to a new vibrational frequency where you no longer feel inclined to feel guilty about anything

  • Understand that there are no mistakes in life

  • Finally move on from heartbreak


Matthew John facilitates three group energetic healing processes on the call! Recorded January 22, 2019.


“I cried the whole time tears of relief and letting go...So glad I found you...your call did more to help me in 1 hour than 4 years of everything else.” – Sharon, Virginia, U.S.A.

Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul Webinar

Do you feel like you're in a Dark Night of the Soul, or have you been in a Dark Night of the Soul? We've all been in at least one and usually more than one. The Dark Night can be an incredibly confusing and frustrating time. It can feel like God or the Universe has turned against you. But is this really true, or is there another side of the story? Regardless of your existing beliefs, Matthew John helps you to navigate through the Dark Night, so you can help yourself or a loved one make it to the other end.


In this 85-minute+ webinar, you will learn:

  • Why the Dark Night of the Soul happens and why it can't be avoided

  • What is the Shadow and why it comes out during a Dark Night

  • Why the Dark Night is NEVER your fault

  • How to get out of the Dark Night

  • And MORE!


Matthew John facilitates a group activation to help you energetically move to a timeline where you can move through the Dark Night with greater ease and perhaps in less time. Recorded August 7, 2018.

Mastering Your Intuition Webinar

Would you like to strengthen and refine your intuition? Interested in channeling, tarot cards, pendulums, muscle testing, and dowsing? Unable to hear your guides? Want to make more intuitive decisions? Seeing lots of numbers and repeating patterns? Want to know what it all means?

Join Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Healer Matthew John for this exploration into intuition, discernment, and better decision making. You will leave the webinar with a ‘backpack’ full of new tools to read your intuition, a greater confidence in your ability to make decisions using your intuitive mechanisms, and a stronger sense of discernment.

  • In this 100-minute+ webinar, you will learn:

  • How to figure out your own unique intuitive mechanisms

  • How to discern between true guidance and false guidance

  • How to use muscle testing, tarot, pendulums, and other tools to your advantage

  • How to channel and automatic write

  • How to communicate with your angels and guides

  • ...And much more!​

Recorded July 23, 2018. 

pendulum jpg.jpg
A Deeper Level of Forgiveness Webinar

In general, what we are taught about forgiveness by the 3D world just scratches the surface of what true forgiveness really means. Would you like to be able to truly, deeply, and permanently forgive those who hurt you, those who didn't give you what you needed, and yourself?


In this 85-minute+ webinar, you will learn:

  • What it means to relinquish your grievances and how to do it

  • How to finally cut energetic chords so that they won't come back

  • How Soul Contracts create circumstance that we don't necessarily like but

give us opportunities to practice forgiveness

  • How to finally, totally, complete forgive yourself!

  • And MORE!


Recorded May 21, 2018.