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Updated: May 10

Happy Super New Moon in Taurus! This New Moon at approximately 18 degrees of Taurus became exact yesterday, on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, at 11:22 PM New York time (03:22 GMT time on May 8). As a reminder, a Super Moon occurs when the moon is physically closer to the earth than usual, thus amplifying its effects.

We breathe a sigh of relief with this fortunate Super New Moon—as recently we’ve been through the ringer astrologically!

After one of the most intense Eclipse Seasons of our lifetimes occurring on the Ascendant-Descendant (Aries-Libra) axis, an intense Mercury Retrograde in Aries, a difficult and dark Scorpio Full Moon with a Pluto T-Square, and an emotional and heavy Pluto Station, we are finally starting to feel some of the heavy energy lift as we celebrate this fortunate New Moon in Taurus.

We have all been through an intense transformational period over the past six weeks, and many of us have been rocked to the core. Life will never be the same as it was in mid-March (and this goes for the world at large, too).

This Super New Moon in Taurus represents a rebirth. As it sextiles Saturn in creative, artistic and spiritually awakening Pisces, we are feeling inspired—and supported—in recrafting and recreating ourselves now that we are starting to get to the other end of the intense transformational portal we have just been moving through.

I would suggest getting clear on your goals and aspirations over the next week or two. Any intentions you set over the next two weeks will have some powerful, good-fortune energy behind them.

Journal on questions like these:

  • Who do I ultimately want to become in this life? How close (or far) from that am I now?

  • Which of my passion projects am I going to be focusing most of my energy on over the next few years?

  • What kind of home would I ultimately like to live in?

  • What kind of environment would I ultimately like to live in?

  • What kind of circle of friends would I ultimately like to have?

  • What kind of relationship with a partner would I ultimately like to have?

  • What would my day-to-day look like in my ideal life?

  • What other possessions or luxuries would I ultimately like to have?

  • What kind of health and vitality would I ultimately like to have?

  • How much money would I ultimately like to earn (or a better word: create) per year?

A good exercise for this Super New Moon would be to write a pretend journal entry dated five years in the future. What is your life like? How do you feel? What are you grateful for?

This is a form of scripting; if you do this exercise, keep this pretend journal entry somewhere special so you can read it every once in awhile. Every time you re-read it, it will assist you in re-orienting yourself back in the direction of where you’ve been planning to go!

Taurus is a fixed earth sign that is represented by the glyph of a bull’s head. Fixed signs fall in the middle of a season and are immovable, reliable and stubborn. Earth signs rule over nature, material things and money. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is concerned with romance, aesthetics and all things material. Taurus is the ruler of the 2nd House in astrology, the House of Possessions. This house is concerned with money and all things material.

Taurus is the ruler of the physical world, while its polar opposite Scorpio is the ruler of the spiritual world. This is a great time to get out in nature, to travel, to experience different foods, to go for a massage or any type of bodywork, to meditate, and to really take care of the physical body in every way possible.

The reason nature it is called nature in the English language is because it is your nature. Get it? Nature is your nature. So when you connect with nature, you reconnect with yourself.

Even if you don't live near the woods or the beach, there are always options to connect. You could build a garden in your yard or even create an indoor jungle of houseplants. Even in the densest cities like New York or London or Tokyo there are ample parks to be embraced.

A wonderful meditation that you can do when you visit the woods or the beach is to imagine opening your Heart fully to nature. Imagine the energy of nature in its naked state filling your Heart with your own innate essence. Just as your iPhone needs to be charged every few hours, your soul needs to be recharged often by plugging into nature.

Another fantastic meditation you can do is to go on a walk in nature, or even around your neighborhood or city, and turn your phone off or to Airplane Mode. Set your intention to be very aware of what is going on around you. Tune in to the sounds of the birds chirping; notice the shapes of the clouds; take note of the small animals you see; tune into the smells. Try to notice everything. This is a powerful meditation that serves to pull you out of your inner landscape and plug you totally into reality.

The present moment is the entrance to true, actual reality. The rest is just mental noise.


Pluto is now (slowly) exiting its Retrograde Station Phase. We are starting to feel some relief after the emotional heaviness (especially grief) that the Pluto Station Phase was bringing.

We are now starting to move with Pluto backward through Aquarius, allowing us the opportunity as individuals to get a better handle on what our individual Service missions are in life—as well as figuring out who our Soul Tribe is for the next stage of our individual journeys.

During this Pluto Retrograde this summer, we are invited to ask ourselves the big, deep questions—like where am I going? And what is the point of all this?

During Pluto’s Retrograde journey through Aquarius, we are also nudged to find our true Soul Tribe. Who are the people that you really feel at home with? They might not be your family nor even your current friends.

One of the uncomfortable inevitabilities of the Spiritual Awakening process is that friends fall by the wayside—but as that happens, the good news is that space opens up for you energetically to cultivate new friendships. During this Pluto Retrograde time, it’s out-with-the-old-and-in-with-the-new when it comes to social connections.

As a planet, this Pluto Retrograde is creating an opportunity for strife to turn into peace. As I write this, Israel has been considering a ceasefire agreement, and the United States is really trying to diplomatically push Israel into laying down arms—even going so far as delaying a shipment of arms to Israel for the first time since October 7.

Over the next five months during this Pluto Retrograde, diplomacy will likely become much more prevalent than it has been amidst the current violent firestorm—however, a further escalation between the various feuding factions in the Middle East is still more likely than not.

During this Mercury in Aries time we have seen anti-Israel protests erupt across the U.S. With Mercury now conjunct Chiron the Wounded Healer in Aries, there is an energy of authentic, fiery self-expression about. The protests are likely to continue into the near future.


Nourishing and honoring the needs of your physical body helps your nervous system to relax, which allows you to better stay grounded and present in this reality. Now that we have passed Beltane and we are experiencing bouts of summer weather in most of the U.S., Canada, and Europe, now is a time to reconnect with the sun!

Most (yes, I said most) people in the northern parts of the U.S., Canada, and Europe are deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can be an underlying factor in a whole number of serious illnesses, including cancer (and interestingly enough, low Vitamin D levels have been associated with worse COVID-19 outcomes).

Sunlight is also crucial for mental health, as pretty much all mental illnesses are associated with low serotonin levels. Sunlight naturally raises serotonin!

I recommend that everyone get 10-20 minutes of direct sunlight exposure without wearing any sunscreen or sunglasses at least five times a week, exposing as much of your skin as possible. This may need to be done in the morning or evening if you are living in a hot area or near the equator where the sun's rays burn the skin more easily.

The sunlight also cleanses, heals, and activates your chakras, cleanses your aura, and decalcifies your pineal gland. We need sunlight as much as plants do to grow and thrive.

Now's the time to recommit to honoring the needs of your body. A common issue that I find with some Lightworkers is that some can become over-oriented toward the spiritual while ignoring the calls of the physical.

Diet cannot be ignored. Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? If that were true, wouldn't you want to eat the most nutrient-dense organic produce?

If you do consume animal products, wouldn't you want those animals to have lived a natural life where they can see the sun daily, and wouldn't you want to bless the animals and thank them for their lives and their nutrition before you ingested their muscle tissue, organs, eggs, or breast milk?

Our bodies are approximately 60% water. Are you staying hydrated enough? Are you drinking good, high-quality, clean water? I recommend drinking hydrogen and alkaline water, and avoiding fluoride.

One of the three simultaneous Ascension processes that all of us on this path are undergoing is the physical Ascension. The physical body must be purified in order to support the 5th Dimensional crystalline light body that will eventually be the standard for the new human.

As you consciously commit to assist in your inevitable physical purification process, you are sending the signal to your soul that you are READY to truly inhabit that 5th-Dimensional crystalline light body that is waiting for you here on Earth.

And of course, if you are struggling with some sort of long-term chronic illness or even just want more energy or to lose weight, it is absolutely necessary to utilize your consciousness to make real shifts in your physiology.

Visualize yourself being totally healed, feeling light and energized daily. Speak to your organs and cells and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Intend to experience physical miracles. Love, honor, appreciate, and nourish your physical body: it is your temple.

Make a list now of all the ways in which your body needs assistance, and ideas on how you can give your body that much-needed assistance.

If you’d like to experience a masterclass called Nutrition for Ascension, please e-mail me at for the recording. It’s just $33 USD.


Taurus—ruled by Venus—rules over fashion, aesthetics, music, culture and food. With Venus and Jupiter also being in Taurus, now is a great time to revisit your wardrobe, pay more attention to your aesthetics, and appreciate culture in all ways.

With the warm weather, music and cultural festivals abound—perfect for Taurus season!


With this stellium of the sun, moon, Venus and Jupiter all in fortunate, Venus-ruled Taurus, this is by far the most fortunate lunation of the year!

Now would be a great time to set intentions and to do magickal rituals geared towards money and abundance. You can harness these current energies to easily bring good fortune into any area of your life that you desire to over the next two weeks.


Taurus--ruled by Venus--governs money, finances, and all things material. Now is a good time to contemplate your relationship with money and temporal things.

Taurus is associated with the earthly and the material, including money, clothing, beauty, music and sports.

Money can be a taboo topic in the spiritual community, but it doesn't need to be. Some people still are hanging on to the idea that in order to be enlightened one must let go of all material possessions—or at the very least be poor. This is an outdated idea left over from the dying Age of Pisces, when the extremely dualistic economic system has thrived.

In the Age of Aquarius, it will be all about equality--including economic equality. It is inevitable, due to the astrological and astronomical influences on this planet, that the current economic system will at some point undergo a great shift and the canyon of wealth between the rich minority and the poor majority will be transmuted into a system that supports everyone having more than enough.

Money is not the root of all evil. Money is simply numbers on a computer screen, pieces of paper and pieces of metal. The evil part of the current economic system is the power structure behind it. The money itself is simply a tool to enforce and perpetuate that power structure, but is not the root of the problem.

Money is neutral. It is a tool for consciousnesses to interact with one another and inherently has neither a positive nor negative charge.

Money is unlimited, which is clearly proven by the fact that the Federal Reserve in the U.S. prints exorbitant amount of paper bills at will, which are backed by nothing. Yes, I know this can cause inflation. But can you still use the pieces of paper in your wallet and the numbers in your bank account to buy stuff?

Money is inherently unlimited, because Abundance is inherently unlimited.

What is your relationship with money? Do you have enough to support yourself and your family in spite of everything that has been going on in the world?

It's crucial to examine your beliefs around money, especially if it's been a struggle for you. There is a whole spectrum on which people can fall into different categories based on the nature of their dysfunctional relationships with money.

Some people are stuck in poverty consciousness and believe that money is evil and because of the system they will never have enough to thrive.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who are in reality very wealthy and yet they are everlastingly on an obsessive, harried chase to acquire more money based on a subconscious (or even conscious) fear that they still don't have enough yet to feel safe.

In between these two extremes we find a middle road of a healthy relationship with money. On this middle road, money is neither a source of stress nor greed.

As a Lightworker, your Service Work may be tied into your financial health. As you step more fully and committedly into your Service Work—whether that is tied in with your career or not—you will energetically align yourself with the vibration of Abundance.

The essence of Service Work is giving back. You are giving back to yourself, to your family, to others, and to the world. Giving back puts you into the vibration of Abundance, because when you are giving back, you are affirming that you have enough to allow yourself to give back (whether it be your time, money, effort, or all three).

So as you activate your Service Work, you will naturally activate your Maximum Abundance--and you get to choose what your Maximum Abundance looks like.

One person may desire to earn $5 million per year, own several mansions around the world, have a large group of wealthy and active friends, and work 6 days a week for 12 hours a day with a few months off per year.

Another may prefer to earn $15,000 a year, live in a tiny home off-grid, grow his or her own food, have abundant free time, and have few friends and few possessions.

The truth is is that neither lifestyle is more or less spiritual than the other. There are no absolutes in this game. You can Ascend as a solitary monk with few possessions or as a wealthy businessperson. It is a matter of personal choice and which type of lifestyle would be more aligned with your Life Plan.

The soul situates your life circumstances based on what it knows would be the ideal set of conditions that will be most likely to give you the greatest opportunity to negotiate the lessons you need to move through in this lifetime, in order to balance your energy field and move into the next stage of your evolution.

And if you’re interested in knowing more about your Life Plan, make sure you sign up as a VIP member of my signature group mentorship program Ascending as One—it includes a 20-minute 1:1 private reading with me! All the info and registration here.

So, if growing up in poverty is going to give you the best opportunity to move through your specific lessons, that's exactly what will happen; if growing up wealthy will give you the best opportunity to move through your specific lessons, then that will be what happens.

Neither situation is more or less spiritual than the other, and regardless of how you were raised, once you access the teachings of the Law of Attraction you are able to shift into wealth, if you so desire.

You do have Free Will. Once you're here and in a body, you get to choose the life you want to live. Perhaps you intuitively feel that a life of excessive riches would be a distraction from the lessons you came here to work on; or likewise, perhaps you feel deep down that building a life of financial wealth will help you to accomplish what you came here to accomplish.

Every person is different, and there are absolutely no rights or wrongs here. Anyone that tells you that a rich life is less spiritual than a poor life or vice versa is missing the point of life.

Perhaps reading these words feels freeing to you. You have the Free Will to choose what your Maximum Abundance looks and feels like. Below I have listed some beliefs that will support you having a healthy relationship with money. Feel free to use some or all of these as daily affirmations:

  • Money is not evil; it's just a mechanism we use to interact with one other.

  • Money is unlimited

  • I deserve to have enough money in order to thrive

  • I do not apologize or feel guilty for having enough to thrive--because money is unlimited.

  • I can choose to give as much or as little away to others who are in need of more money

  • I get to decide how much money is enough for me

  • Money will never make me feel truly safe. I get to decide whether I am truly safe or not.

  • I hereby activate my 100% Maximum Abundance for this lifetime. I deserve this!

  • I AM financially free!

If you’d like further assistance with overcoming your energetic money/abundance blocks, please e-mail me at to purchase either my Clearing Your Inner Blocks to Activate Your Maximum Financial Abundance or The REAL Law of Attraction masterclasses.

Wishing you a Wonderful, Blessed, Lucky and Healthy Super New Moon in Taurus!

With Love,

Matthew John

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