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Your Negative Thoughts Aren’t Really Yours, And They’re Not Your Fault

The goal of many spiritual practices and studies is the cessation of thinking. While this is certainly desirable and all of these studies and practices are fantastic (as nearly anything that puts you into a state of ‘no-mind’ is also having a fabulous healing effect on your body), I’d like to offer a perspective on thought you might not have, well, thought of.

The average person has between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day (holy ___)! About 95% of these thoughts are unconscious, meaning they are a result of unconscious programming. This programming was mostly developed during early childhood due to the environment you were raised in and your parents’ patterns of unconsciousness. Other sources of this unconscious thinking are television, radio, the speaking patterns of close friends and relatives, and the collective unconsciousness itself.

It is helpful to review this, as it serves as a reminder that your negative thinking isn’t your fault. It really isn’t. It’s no less your fault than to say a potted plant which hasn’t been watered or placed in sunshine for a week and has begun to seriously wilt is to blame for its own lack of vibrancy.

So as negative thoughts arise, instead of trying to squash them, what if you said this:

“These thoughts are not of the Light and thus they are not mine. I am the Light, the Light I am.”

Saying this will take the burden off your shoulders of feeling the need to blame yourself for your negative thinking.

It is also serves as a reminder that your environment has an effect on the vibratory level of thoughts which come through your mind.

Notice, for example if there is a difference in the quality of your thoughts if you are out walking in nature as opposed to conversing with a more unconscious relative or standing in line at the DMV.

This offers proof that your negative thinking is NOT YOUR FAULT.

What’s more important than your thinking is how you speak and act. Speak your Truth. Act on your Truth. Align your (out loud) words and actions with Love, and you squash any supposed power of the negative thoughts.

With Love and In Service,

Matthew John

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