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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

As we collectively begin to spend more and more time fully anchored into the 5th Dimension, one of the challenges to be had is learning to transition into more conscious relationships. We have all grown up in 3D families, and the imprintings of how those family members, especially parents, handled relationships lies in the subconscious as a program until it is replaced by a more conscious program.

To assist in imprinting NEW programs for more enlightened relationships, consider if the following three pillars feel good to you. These apply to romantic, friendship, business, and family relationships, though the last one can be the most difficult to shift.

1) Desire

You only need to participate in relationships in which you desire to be in. If you don't desire to be in the relationship—whatever type it is—you are under no obligation to. Staying in relationships that you don't want to be in simply because you're getting something material out of it is not ideal and perhaps these types of relationships will disappear eventually.

In 5D, there is no such thing as “I did this for you and now I expect you to return the favor”. If you desire to return the favor, then you do. If you don't, you are under no obligation to. Just because you have a history with someone does not mean you are contracted to continue with them into your future.

2) Communication

In harmonious 5D relationships, communication is clear between both sides. If one person feels like they need something from the other and they aren't getting it, they communicate that. It's then up to the other person to decide if they desire to give that or not. If they do, great. If not, then the one who feels his or her needs are unmet can choose to let go of any expectations of receiving that, or to leave the relationship.

In 3D relationships, people often have expectations of the other person that the other may not be even aware of. When expectations are unmet, it leads to disappointment, victimhood, and finger-pointing.

In 5D relationships, instead of holding expectations and expecting the other to fulfill those whether he or she is aware of them or not, we communicate what we want in the relationship. We communicate what makes us feel comfortable, and what makes us feel uncomfortable. And in this way, you can have healthy negotiation and compromise.

In 5D relationships, we don't get angry at one another. When anger arises, it is a signal that a wounding is getting triggered, and instead of expressing anger at the other beloved, you remove yourself from the conversation until the charge of the emotion has passed. Anger expressed outward always harms. Anger felt and honored inward is very healing.

3) Boundaries

In 5D relationships, we become very clear about what our boundaries are. What you feel comfortable with and desire in a relationship will be different for each person in your life. So it's important to set clear boundaries with everyone. You don't need to type up a contract and e-mail it to them, but when someone crosses your boundaries in any way, you need to be direct.

Being direct is different than being mean or insulting or angry. Being direct is an expression of your highest values. For example, if you live with someone and they are borrowing or taking food from you without asking, that might be something that crosses the line with you. It may be dishonoring a value of yours if the roommate or family member doesn't ask for your permission. For other people, it would be no big deal. But if it is to you, then you need to communicate that. When you honor your boundaries, it feels good. It feels empowering. It's a way of honoring your own divinity.

Your boundaries with others may change over time. You may find you're not comfortable doing the same things with someone from the past anymore. Or, you may meet someone new and you may allow that person deeper access to you over time.

Conscious relationships are something that I will be writing and speaking about more in the future, because it is a very deep topic. But consider these 'three pillars' to be a good launching point for transitioning into conscious 5D relationships. With Love,

Matthew John <3

Article also featured on In5d, abzu2 & Higher Self Portal.

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