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You have probably heard the saying "We are what we repeatedly do."

Well it's true! Every action has an energetic imprint (a vibration). When you add in more of these high-vibrational rituals each day, you can't help but to raise your average vibrational frequency. Your vibration has nothing to do with feeling good all the time or being in perfect health; rather it is an indication of how often you are living from your highest integrity. Supportive rituals are an outward expression of living from your highest integrity.

How many high-vibrational rituals do you have daily? Here's some ideas for new rituals to add or to restart:

-- Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning to clean the liver, jumpstart your metabolism and hydrate your cells deeply (1/2 of a lemon in a tall glass of water with honey if you'd like)

-- Saying "I Love You" to yourself in the mirror 10x in the morning and 10x before bed

-- Self-massage

-- Deep breathing into the abdomen each morning and several times throughout the day (even if these are only 30 second breaks)

-- A yoga, tai chi, or qi gong routine

-- A gratitude journal

-- Reading a spiritual or supportive book (maybe instead of watching TV?)

-- Daily prayers (could be to your Guides, Angels, to Ascended Masters, to God/Source/Universe)

-- Cooking healthy meals for yourself and/or others

-- Gardening or getting out in nature

-- Walking your dog

-- Visualizing white light or other colors in your aura

-- Sending light or different colors out to the world

-- Journaling

-- Mirror affirmations

-- Aerobic exercise

-- Self-Reiki

-- Praying over your food or doing Reiki on your food

-- Listening to classical music or other relaxing music

-- Listening to healing binaural beats or frequencies

Anything you can do with your partner, a roommate, or a friend might make it more supportive (or you might realize that certain rituals you need to do alone).

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