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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

This Taurus New Moon could spell trouble.

Happy New Moon in Taurus! This Taurus New Moon becomes exact at 10:26 PM New York Time on April 22 (02:26 GMT on April 23).

We have a precarious alignment of planets for this New Moon that could spell further trouble in the world. The sun, moon and Uranus align in economic-minded Taurus, squaring Saturn and Pluto. Saturn and Pluto are driving the breakdown of the old systems that has come about as a result of the release of this man-made virus.

We have already been seeing the unrest of the people coming up here in the United States as peaceful protests of the Draconian lockdowns have erupted in several states. The pressure from the people is forcing governors to open up little aspects of society here and there.

In my personal opinion, though the protesters themselves have been putting society at risk by encouraging the spread of the virus, the fact that their pushback is causing governors to slowly open things up is a good sign for society in general. It shows that the people really do have power when they band together.

We are by no means out of the woods yet with this virus. As this is a man-made entity we are dealing with and not from nature, it doesn't play by the rules of a normal virus. We could be dealing with this for up to 2 years before it has really faded into the background. And what's for sure is that life will never, ever be the same after this.

This intense square that we are experiencing with this New Moon is going to create tension all over society. With the mainstream news now reporting that the virus likely escaped from the Wuhan lab—something that myself and many alternative news outlets were reporting months ago—the unpredictable, firecracker U.S. President Donald Trump will likely be having more and more harsh words for China.

The table is set astrologically for an increase in tensions between the U.S. and China to occur, which will further strain a world economy that has begun what will likely go down as its worse downturn since the Great Depression. The puppet masters may be giddy to see a trade war happen between the U.S. and China, and perhaps even military actions.

Although Trump and the governors have been happily announcing that we are “on the other side of the curve,” I wouldn't be surprised to see the virus start to grow again at an alarming rate in areas where lockdowns have been eased. Let's hope not.

The New Moon also aligns with three fixed stars and one asteroid that all may have ominous implications for difficult news, pain, sickness, and tragedy. I am not a professional astrologer and I have not studied the implications of asteroids and fixed stars, however for more information on this aspect of the New Moon chart, I would advise checking out Astrology King's really informative New Moon article.

Although this New Moon chart looks like a lot of doom and gloom is imminent, it's really not all bad. We all knew coming into 2020 that this was going to be a doozy and that we would have a lot of distressing astrological aspects to deal with. However, the troubling aspects are in reality massive invitations for us to step courageously into the new world that is unfolding in front of us.


As many of you already know, we are in the midst of arguably the most crucial timeline split in the history of our great planet. On one hand, we have the path that the Dark Ones have been planning for millennia (check out the Revelations section of the Bible and read about 'the beast'), and on the other hand we have the path that our benevolent extraterrestrial support teams, the Higher Councils, and the Galactic Federation of Light are hoping that we go down—aka 5G vs. 5D.

The 5G path involves mass devastation of the planet (even more than has already occurred), mass Orwellian surveillance (already here but planned to be even worse), the end of the two sexes and natural births, and the phasing out of the biological human in favor of the cyborg human.

The 5D path prophesies the end of the ruling cabal, the distribution of wealth to all humans on the planet, the construction of self-sustaining New Earth communities and a whole new system of sustainable, truly democratic self-governance across the planet.

We truly are at a fork in the road right now. This pandemic is intended by the Dark Ones to be a timeline hack (like 9/11) that creates enough fear in the collective to push us permanently onto the 5G timeline. We can't let that happen!

Don't be fooled by channelings or so called 'intel reports' telling you that everything has already been done for you—that all the bad guys have already been arrested and we will soon be handed our money and experience first contact. If it was meant to be that easy, what would we as the human race have learned other than when we find ourselves with our backs up against the wall, the best course of action is to do nothing and wait for help?

I'm not denying that there is some sort of political resistance going on behind the scenes against the ruling elite, because I believe there is. I just don't think that it's anywhere close to being complete, nor will it be any time soon. We haven't done enough of our collective spiritual work as a planet yet.

The way you see the world is a direct reflection of your inner beliefs. If you are someone who believes that we don't have to do anything to win the Earth back other than read intel reports and listen to channeled messages telling us we've already been saved, then it's likely that you have a pattern of avoiding feeling or confronting the darkness and trauma held within you.

If you are someone who believes that we are completely fucked and there's no way out, then you probably never really healed the trauma inflicted from your parents not honoring your interests and dreams. You have probably let your fears take you over (and probably some entity attachments too).

If you are someone who believes that we are in a spiritual battle here for the future of the Earth and we need to grow up and wake up real quick as a collective human race if we want to live that 5D future, then you're probably pretty grounded in reality and you probably have few fears about confronting your own inner darkness and trauma.

Just as spiritual bypassing (avoiding addressing your inner darkness and traumas) holds you back in your individual spiritual journey and ability to become the best and most healed version of yourself, reality bypassing (aka ignoring the reality of what's going on and believing we are just being saved and everything's fine) holds us back as a collective. It's not that much different than being a sleeping zombie with a fluoridated pineal gland.

We need to approach our predicament with a healthy sense of reality. We need to continue to speak out against 5G, mandatory vaccines, and unreasonable overreaches of government! We need to let them know that we are awake! And we need to continue to heal ourselves as ascending individuals.

I have been blown away by the number of awake people I have been encountering lately, both online and in real life. My hard-drinking, cigarette smoking, construction worker ex-roommate was even telling me the other night that he knows about the microchips and mandatory vaccines!

The Age of Aquarius is the age of truth. The Dark Ones are going to continue to suppress truth through censorship, bullying and pushing carefully preselected narratives, but the sheer number of awakening beings is going to prove too much for their control structures to hold back for much longer. The Tide of Awakening is too strong.


This New Moon chart is really a pretty wild one, especially with the big square that I mentioned. Uranus is one of the bigger wild cards in astrology. I don't really know what is going to happen over the next 28 days, however I will predict that oil futures dropping to -$40 a gallon and a horrible massacre happening in Canada probably won't be the weirdest news this spring. The next month is going to be super weird.

Not only the square, but we have Pluto going Retrograde in Capricorn starting April 25. Pluto's five-month journey backward is going to be a wild ride, and there's no doubt the world will look very different when it stations again direct on October 4.

As I said, we are not even close to being done with this virus. There's no doubt that it is going to come in waves and there is going to be a constant line to be walked by governments between allowing a certain amount of freedom for the citizens and mitigating the spread.

There is also going to be the continued line to walk between the protests of the masses and the inevitable poverty that is going to spread even more quickly than it is now. No country is safe from this economic collapse.


This unprecedented time and all of the uncertainty surrounding this New Moon chart makes it the absolute best time possible to dedicate to self-healing. Many of you have been unfortunately laid off or furloughed from work and the lack of planned social activities might mean you have more free time. Have you been using that free time to face your darkest wounds, absorb knowledge, learn new skills and become a better version of yourself? Or have you been using the time to escape yourself?

It's totally natural to go through ups and downs emotionally during this historic time. I myself have cycled through all of the following emotions over the past month: panic, fear, acceptance, anger, courage, excitement, appreciation, gratitude, and bliss. I talk to other high-level healers and sages often and they have been going through the same experience. It's totally natural and understandable to at times feel frustrated, drained, or hopeless. However, what we want to do as ascending beings is to truly accept the predicament we are in and spend more time in the lighter emotions like acceptance, appreciation, courage, gratitude and bliss.

The mind is the tool in which we navigate the Ascension. The way that you see something shapes the emotions you feel about it. Although there is a place for scrounging up past traumas and feeling the pains of those traumas to their fullest possible extent (this is Shadow Work), when we are faced with a difficult present reality it's crucial that we learn to see our predicament from the more ascended levels of perception and actually become the master of our emotions.

When you are operating with higher-vibrational perceptions, naturally your emotions are going to be of a higher vibration, too (think of David Hawkins' mathematical hierarchy of emotions).

It takes a high-vibrational perception to see that the Earth is one big spiritual game (and that in fact all of creation is one even bigger spiritual game). The Earth itself is somewhat of a cosmic laboratory experiment to see what would happen if beings seeded from all over the Milky Way Galaxy, the Andromenda Galaxy, and in fact many other galaxies throughout creation would all occupy the same third-dimensional planet with complete Free Will allowed! This is not something that is necessarily common throughout creation.

It takes a high-vibrational perception to know for sure that death is not final in any sense. It's only a transition to a different form. And thus, there is really nothing to be afraid of whatsoever. Nothing in this 3D reality can be as bad as death and yet from a more ascended viewpoint, death is just a gateway to more new experiences. We are infinite, eternal beings. All of creation is infinite and eternal. And thus there's absolutely nothing to truly be afraid of.

From a place of fearlessness we are truly able to take our power back as Lightworkers, Starseeds, healers and gridworkers. Many vampirical fourth dimensional entities have been feeding off of the massive increase in the broadcast of fear that has been happening on our planet for the past few months.

To deeply understand and accept that change is the only inevitability in life is to have an ascended perspective that will help carry you through this difficult time. Nothing will ever truly be the same again. That statement is always true, no matter what! Hanging on to the past only keeps us stuck and powerless.

Society has gone through many evolutionary changes. Look at history and think about things like the fall of the Roman Empire, the colonization of North America and the two World Wars. As linear time marches on, technologies change, fashions change, borders change, governments change, and medicine changes. This is an unavoidable aspect of the game of reincarnation that we all signed up for.

Almost all of us (with the rare exception of those beings here on their first jaunt for a special mission) have lived hundreds of vastly diverse lives—speaking different languages, living in different climates, playing different roles, having wealth or poverty, dying old or dying young, etc. Reincarnation is a game of diversity. I like to see life as being an actor in a play that you wrote before you forgot you were an actor in your own script. And the fun part is you get to act in hundreds of different plays, each one lasting up to 100 years or longer!

If you can see what's going on in the world right now just as a new act in the play that is your life, then you can truly feel that rather than it being catastrophic destruction, this new era we have abruptly entered is a wonderful opportunity for magic to unfold, just like it did in the previous acts of the play. There's magic to be found everywhere. If you can't find it, then your standards for deciding what is magic are too high and keeping you from actually experiencing it!

You get to decide how the magic unfolds for you. You get to decide what little gifts from God that you experience daily are magical. From a space of magic, the world no longer needs to be a scary or catastrophic place. Can you be the Buddha in perpetual meditation even as the world crumbles around him?

I have been reminding my clients lately that the Law of Attraction isn't suspended during this time. Just because there is tragedy and bad news all around, it doesn't mean that you can't still attract love, nourishment, wealth and abundance into your life. The outer manifestation of the world is a holographic projection of the amalgamation of the individual inner worlds of all beings on this planet (not just humans). And although your personal world is not simply a reflection of your current inner state (your life plan and your subconscious have a big role to play), the way that you can change how the world around you appears is through your conscious input.

So with the restrictions of this pandemic now affecting each one of us individually it's more important now than ever before to own your right as the co-creator of your reality. You can use your powers as a divine vibrational creator being to create a paradise in what might seem like a prison. Really!

So, use your time as wisely as possible. Study, learn, read, dance, walk, run, play, garden, meditate, make art, have sex, etc. Make sure you're having very little 'blah' time where you're just pretty much passing the time passively. Use your tools, like crystals, magick, self-hypnosis, morphogenic fields, visualization, yoga, etc.


With Venus--the planet of love and romance--in chatty, fun Gemini forming an auspicious trine aspect to Mars--the planet of control and assertion--in teamwork-oriented Aquarius, we have a setup that would be great for music festivals and Burning Man but seemingly very out of place for this era of required social distancing. This aspect in the sky makes us want to find our 'Soul Tribe' and to unite as beings on the same path and mission here on Earth. So, my advice is to be on the lookout for new friends online. Be extra chatty in your work Zoom meetings.

Respond to your DMs on social media and don't be afraid to comment on others' posts! You might just meet a lifelong friend or even your soulmate or Twin Flame.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and happy New Moon in Taurus.

With Love,

Matthew John

Featured in audio form on Higher Self Channel & Higher Self Portal

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Brian Mosior
Brian Mosior
27 de abr. de 2020

Your voice is different-more confident, stronger tone, more intense. You are in a very good place, emotionally, spiritually, mentally. Continue your very excellent work; we benefit so much from it.

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