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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Happy Super Full Moon in Libra! This Full Moon in 18 degrees of Libra becomes exact at 10:35 PM New York time on Tuesday, April 7 (02:35 GMT on April 8). A SuperMoon occurs when the moon is physically closer to the Earth, thus amplifying its effects. This is the closest SuperMoon in 2020.

We have reached new heights in the current crisis as we feel the intensity of this current chart causing havoc in the collective. With this Libra Full Moon imprint now the active template for the next 28 days, governments will be seeking to mitigate this international disaster while at the same time opportunistically increasing surveillance and Draconian measures on the population.

Libra seeks to bring balance and to create solutions, especially through the air (like surveillance). Here in the United States, government officials have already revealed that they are planning to test tens of millions of people in May to determine who can go back to work and who can't. There are already health checkpoints between states, something we've never seen before. This sort of 'Totalitarian Tiptoe', as David Icke calls it, is likely to continue over the next 28 days and beyond.

We are under the spell of a fascinating Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. As many of you know, this conjunction became exact on the evening of April 4, and that moment, literally millions of Lightworkers joined together to meditate together to shift our collective timeline into a more positive path forward. Following the meditation, on cue the Schumann Resonance hit a whopping Power 76. The whiteout lasted all night. Myself and many others I heard from did not sleep well that night because the energies were so intense!

It was the largest and most important collective meditation in the history of our planet, no doubt. I do believe that we were victorious in shifting our collective timeline slightly but significantly in a more positive direction. What's just as significant is the unity we showed as a collective. That unity will only grow stronger and we will see more global meditations taking place this year when Jupiter and Pluto come together twice more, and of course for the 'Grand Conjunction' of Jupiter and Saturn on the December Solstice.

Jupiter is the great amplifier and although it is the planet of good fortune, it also can be a bit of a wild card. I think that on a different timeline we could have seen more weird and upsetting global events happen last weekend, but instead we found ourselves on a slightly smoother timeline. I do believe that as bad as the numbers look here in the U.S.A we will still see less deaths in the end than what could have possibly occurred on the rockiest timeline. And of course there is the question as to the accuracy of the statistics in the first place, as those dear souls who passed over while dealing with other underlying or even acute health issues are being counted as COVID-19 deaths.

We need to continue to stay strong as Lightworkers. Zen is the operative word here. Stay in your center. If watching the news and trying to figure out the whole global game like a mad scientist throws you off your center, then give it a break and go back to meditation or walking in the woods. If you are able to pay attention to what's going on without getting thrown off, then by all means do so and spread the word of whatever you think people need to know in order to wake up (because by all means, we need people to wake up now more than ever before!)

Mars and Saturn are currently loosely conjunct one another in Aquarius, potentially fueling the fire for the continued rapid spread of this virus. Let's hope not. They are squaring Uranus in Taurus, setting up the possibility of more troubles in the stock market coming, as well as the potential brewing of discontent amongst the world's citizens who can't afford food.

Yes, despite the fabulous meditation the other night, I do see the world getting weirder first before it gets less weird. The astrological setups are fairly ominous still. But let's continue to meditate and pray for the best outcome for everyone.


It's crucial that at this time we have seen Lightworkers come together like never before in unity and steadfastness. However, we shan't forget that Ascension is simultaneously both an individual and a collective process. This worldwide crisis is also giving us an opportunity to experience rapid growth as individuals.

Libra is all about balance, so it's apropos to ask yourself in what ways you are out of balance in your current life. One of the positive side effects of this pandemic is that on a mass scale people have become more interested in taking care of their health holistically. Distrust in Big Pharma and Western Medicine is at an all-time high. Immune-boosting supplements like Vitamin C, zinc and colloidal silver have been flying off the brick-and-mortar and virtual shelves so that they've been out of stock in many places for long periods of time.

Health is just one aspect of the pie graph that represents our life. How are your relationships? How are your finances? Are you happy? Do you feel a strong sense of purpose?

I realize that for so many people this is a difficult time financially. Personally, I am bracing for the possibility of making significantly less income myself this year. If you are someone that has been significantly affected financially by this crisis, cutting unnecessary expenses can be just as important as finding new sources of income, like selling products online or even making wise short-term investments.

True healing occurs wholeistically—that means physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Take stock here and now on this Full Moon and ask yourself, which aspects of my life am I really excelling at right now? What's working? Which aspects of my life need more of my attention and tender-loving-care now? What isn't working?

Imbalances on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—are easier to become aware of on the Full Moon. What needs to be addressed within you? Where are you not fully honoring yourself? Where are you in disharmony? What feelings really need to be felt?

The quarantines are providing an opportunity for emotional purging. We all carry a reservoir of stored unfelt emotions within. These are emotions we inherited from our parents and/or caregivers when were young and never really gave ourselves permission to feel fully—perhaps because it wasn't totally appropriate in the eyes of our parents and/or caregivers.

If you feel the need or desire to cry and grieve, then by all means please allow yourself to do that! The crying cleanses your body of stored emotional gunk that could otherwise lead to disease. Healthy crying/releasing actually boosts your immune system!

If you feel angry about being stuck or what's going on in the world, don't continuously run away from that feeling! Allow yourself just a moment to feel the anger really, really deeply—without expressing it outwardly—and you will find it transmuting into a feeling of peace.

Libra seeks to bring harmony to all disharmony, so utilize this time to harmonize yourself. Dedicate extra time to meditation, walking in nature, and yoga or tai chi. Be extra mindful of your breath. Speak more slowly. Work on being present in all activities.

Laughter is also a wonderful tool for healing during the Libra moon. The vibration of laughter naturally brings harmony to disharmony. Could you allow yourself to take just a moment to laugh about the absurdity of our current global predicament? I know it's sad that people are leaving the planet and we are losing our civil rights. But it's pretty funny to see people walking around Wal-Mart covered head-to-toe in garbage bags.

Venus in Gemini trines the Mars-Saturn conjunction, creating the opportunity to make new friends online. In the spirit of unity amongst Lightworkers, don't be afraid to reach out to a new follower on Instagram or Facebook and get to know someone! Also, if there's someone new in your life who you've gotten to know casually over the past few weeks while all this has been going on, the energies are auspicious for growing a casual acquaintance into a friendship or even a romance.

It's the time now to put aside our differences and make amends. It is true that some relationships are past the point of being able to mend because they're not energetically right for either person anymore, however what I'm speaking of here is friendships, business partnerships and even romances that have been somewhat rocky lately or have been having communication difficulties.

Please recognize the distinction between the two and don't try to prolong an intimate relationship that is long past its expiration date, even if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being quarantined together. If you do find yourself in that position, then just make the best of it as roommates and be as respectful and helpful toward each other as possible while maintaining your own sovereignty and space.


When we experience conflict in our relationships, we are effecting The Field of consciousness that ties us all together with the vibration of conflict, thus encouraging conflict of all kinds—including interpersonal conflicts, political conflicts, wars, class conflict, etc.--to continue as was the norm during the Age of Pisces.

Libra is asking that we consciously work to create more harmony in our relationships, thus sending the reverberations of that peace out into The Field. You may be asking, well, why am I the one who needs to be the one to end the conflict in my relationships? The answer is, because you are the one who is aware and conscious. That means you are the one who has reached a level of consciousness where you can effect a positive change on your interpersonal relationships and The Field.

Becoming aware of your triggers is a powerful way to effect this change. A trigger in this context is anything that someone else says or does to you that routinely causes you to have an overblown or inappropriate reaction (e.g. anger or retaliation). The first step in shifting any negative or destructive pattern within—such as a trigger--is becoming aware of it. Once you are aware of the pattern, the Universe will then give you opportunities over and over to react differently than you have in the past.

One powerful way to overcome triggers is to breathe deeply and refrain from responding for anywhere between a few seconds and a few minutes after you feel triggered—this space allows the emotion and the associated neurochemicals to come back down to homeostasis, allowing you to choose your reaction, rather than fall back into a programmed response that you likely inherited from your parents (or those who raised you).

Every time you succeed in responding differently than you used to, in a more high-vibrational manner, you are sending the energy of transmutation all the way back through time, contributing to the permanent dissolution of those negative karmic patterns that have been passed down through your ancestral lineage.

Here are some other tips for smoothing over relationships in your life, in honor of this Libra Moon:

- Complement others, even if you are not used to doing this!

- Offer to help someone or to listen to them- Give someone space if you intuitively feel they are in a reactive or emotionally charged space

- Communicate via text or e-mail to diffuse an emotionally charged situation, rather than phone or in person (it is a less combative medium)

- Offer to collaborate on a project with a family member or roommate (e.g. a puzzle or gardening)

- Apologize for something from the past if you feel it is necessary

- Be OK letting little things go to keep harmony. NOTE: this doesn't mean letting go of egregious inflictions on your boundaries, verbal abuse, or anything like that. This just means little things, like if someone makes a little error or mistake, for example and instead of getting into a whole discussion about why they made the mistake, you just let it go. Consider letting go of grievances you're holding onto from the past

Wishing you a safe, happy, and peaceful Super Full Moon in Libra.

With Love,

Matthew John

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