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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Happy Super New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo! This Super New Moon became exact at 5:57 AM EDT (9:57 GMT) on Saturday, August 11. This is the third of three consecutive Eclipses (wow!) this summer.

Eclipses serve as consciousness upgrades, and this one is no different! The Eclipse combined with a SUPER New Moon (as a reminder, a Super Moon occurs when the moon is physically closer to the Earth than usual, thus amplifying its energetic effects) is bringing forth a huge wave of brand new upgrades. It is yet another energetic re-set point (woohoo!).

If you can't tell already by my tone, I have gone from in the past literally dreading eclipses for the transformational energy that they bring forth--out of fear of change--to now totally EMBRACING the potential for change that they bring. My life has shifted in a lot of ways since the past two Eclipses struck, and I am very grateful for it! I look forward to this Eclipse once again annihilating all within me that is no longer serving me, only to make room for the new.

Can you get on board with this? Can you embrace these energy shifts? Even when it gets uncomfortable in your body, could you just say, Well here we go!, take your shoes off, ground to the Earth, clutch your crystals, drink extra water with some pink salt, and hold on?!


Leo is a sign of outward expression of Joy, play, creativity, and fun. It is the perfect time to take a look at your relationship with Joy, play, creativity, and fun. Has life become too serious for you? Too monotonous? Too stagnant? Too obligatory? Are you finding ways to be creative every day? Are you willing to be silly? Are you willing to look silly? Are you willing to risk telling a joke that someone might not get? Do you play?

If you have ever watched a video of some of the world's most prominent spiritual teachers, like the Dalai Lama, Mooji, Sadghuru, Matt Kahn, or Eckhart Tolle, you will notice one thread that weaves through all of their teachings: humor. They are always laughing, telling jokes. If you've ever watched one of my videos you will see the same. Life doesn't need to be so serious. Laughter is incredibly healing, and it absolutely must be an every day part of life.

What might change in this moment if you could relax, just for a moment, and take all of your 'problems' 25% less seriously?

How are you expressing creativity in your life? Do you have a creative expression that is a part of your daily practice? I am constantly creating. I am writing, working on my website, making videos, cooking, singing silly sings, etc. How creative are you being? What creative endeavors might you have lost touch with? Could you bring back one of those things as a new ritual?

When you are not taking the time to be creative, your energy stagnates. That passion that wishes to be expressed into creative endeavors can often ferment into frustration, anger, or rage.

It is an absolute need of the Inner Child to be creative. Think back to when you were a kid. Didn't you need to be creative? You may hold memories of wanting to be creative, and being told your creations were not OK, not accepted, or not good enough. Now is the time to access these wounds and to heal them. (Note: I do a lot of Inner Child work in my Intuitive Healing & Coaching sessions. Click here for more info and to book.)

According to my favorite Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis, creativity thrives on Love and permission, but is stifled by fear and judgment. Are you willing to give yourself permission to try new things and fail? To create things that feel good to you but might not be understood by others?

We are creators by nature. Our entire life is a creation. So when you consciously create, you align with life! This is an especially auspicious time to start brand new projects or to re-start old projects that you didn't finish. The energy is ripe for creation!


Leo the Lion has a big, beautiful mane and loves being the center of attention. He proudly places himself on top of a high rock for all the creatures to see.

Is there an inner calling deep within you that wants to share your gifts with the world? Maybe you have been developing your psychic gifts, or you have been counseling others for free in casual situations, or you have been refining some sort of artistic expression in your spare time. Maybe you have always wanted to share this with the world, but it's always “later, when I get better, when I have more time...”

NOW is the time to step forward and take risks. If you know you're a healer and want to make a shift toward making healing a part-time or full-time occupation, NOW is the time to get started! The energy is ripe NOW. As you know, this planet is undergoing an absolutely unprecedented process of Ascension. All pain, trauma, discordance, and disconnection from Source MUST be transmuted. All of it. By all Human Beings on this Earth. So YES!, the world needs more healers, coaches, therapists, speakers, writers, artists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.! If there is some sort of healing art or artistic expression that you have been wanting to bring forth in a professional manner, or even for free but on a wider scale, allow this article to be the confirmation you've been waiting for. (If you would like my assistance in transitioning from practicing using spiritual gifts to bringing them forth into the world as a tangible professional service, please consider signing up for Spiritual Mentoring with me. Click here for more info and to sign up!)

Stepping forward into a more tangible Service role using your spiritual or artistic gifts takes Courage. You might not believe that you are ready, or that anyone will actually want to take part in--let alone pay for--your services. But once you just take the leap, jump in, and start doing it, you will find that you can do it! It just takes a little pioneering spirit ;)


We have a natural tendency to want to compare our journey to others. We might see someone else's Facebook or Instagram posts and think that this person is so far ahead of us because of the quotes they share or the cool pictures they post. But it is in fact, always an illusion.

It is not actually possible to accurately compare our journey to someone else's, because there is no linear measuring stick when it comes to Awakening. Every one of us has a different Life Plan laid out for us (if you'd like to know the details about YOUR specific Life Plan, sign up for a Soul Plan Reading here). No two paths are alike. It's not like there is a big scoreboard in Heaven and all 8+ billion of us are on this scoreboard competing with one another. It's just you against you, or more accurately, you on the same team as you.

When you find yourself ruminating about how ahead of or behind you another being is on the Spiritual Journey, remind yourself that you don't know their pain. You don't know the abuse they've endured. You don't know what their life is like when they're not on Facebook or not hanging out with you.

Your journey is yours alone. It's a lonely thought, I know, but it's true. Your Soul has laid out a path for you to miraculously Awaken and Ascend and the only measuring stick that is actually accurate is how much you have changed, shifted, let go of, and grown as compared to a month ago, six months ago, a year ago, or 10 years ago.

If you have shifted, changed, awoken, matured, and grown over the past month, six months, a year, or 10 years—which all of you reading this have—then give yourself credit. Celebrate! You are Ascending. You are Awakening! My deepest Love and support to you during this Eclipse season and always,

Matthew John <3


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