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Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Happy Super New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer!

The Super New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse became exact at 10:47 PM EDT on Thursday, July 12 (02:47 GMT on Friday, July 13). Just by the sheer number of words required to describe this celestial event, you can probably already guess that it's a biggie! Eclipses carry major consciousness upgrades with them, and this one is no different. We have been in what I like to describe as an 'energetic pressure cooker' for the past couple of days, and we are going to remain there for at least a few more days.

You might be feeling these heightened energies in your body. I certainly have been. Any Ascension Symptoms are likely to be exacerbated at times.

Eclipses have a knack for shaking up your reference points in life. It's as if the God/the Universe/Source shakes up the snow globe of your life during Eclipse season, and after the snowflakes finally all fall back to the ground, your reality looks a lot different.

It's not a guarantee that your life will be drastically different at the conclusion of this Eclipse season come mid-August, but it's possible. Even if your day-to-day reality doesn't change much over the course of this Eclipse season, your perspectives certainly might.

Are you someone who tends to fear change? Or does change excite you? Most of us have a little bit of both sides of that in us, and that's perfectly human. But take a moment to reflect back on all of the changes in your life that have come about during the past 6 months, year, 5 years, and 10 years. Can you recall moments where change came even though you didn't want it to? Can you see now how those changes shaped you into a more refined version of yourself?


Cancer is a sign that is deeply aligned with the Divine Feminine energy. A few of the aspects of the Divine Feminine energy that I want to touch on are nurturing, feeling, and intuitive knowing. NURTURING

How are you nurturing yourself on a daily basis? Are you taking time each and every day to breathe consciously? To exercise—even if just a walk around the block? To be with Nature, even if it's just tending to your garden? Are you drinking enough water? Are you feeding yourself the most nutritious and cleanest organic food? Are you taking the time and spending the money to see practitioners such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, energy healers, intuitive healers, etc. to help your body heal and to bring more clarity to your mind?

*Note: If you'd like assistance in healing your physical body, one of the gifts I offer are Intuitive Nutrition Readings. I connect with your Spirit Guides (and mine) to channel through a healing protocol that includes diet, supplements, exercise, meditations, affirmations, and more. Go to my website for more info or to book.

Do you have a daily self-love practice? This can be as simple as putting your hand over your Heart and saying I love you in the morning and before bed. You'd be surprised at how powerful this is! Do you take time to chat with other people about enjoyable topics, face-to-face? Do you give and receive hugs often?

Are you allowing others to help you, nourish you, Love you? Remember, part of self-Love is allowing others to Love you too. Doesn't it feel good to you when you lend a helping hand, give a compliment, or give a hug to someone else?

I want to make sure you understand that I'm not saying any of these things to make you feel bad about not doing all of these self-nourishing things. I just want you to take a moment to become aware of where maybe you might be able to add just a little bit more nourishment to one or more areas of your life. FEELING EMOTIONS

Another aspect of the Divine Feminine I want to expound upon is feeling. If you're reading this, you're probably aware that a big part of this Ascension/Awakening journey is feeling our not-so-comfortable emotions, like rage, anger, jealousy, grief, sadness, and apathy. Could you allow yourself to feel your emotions just a little bit more wholly during this Eclipse season? Could you let yourself feel the not-so-fun emotions without judging yourself for feeling them, during this Eclipse season?

You see, we all have a reservoir of emotions within us that have not yet been felt to completion. There were times in childhood—many that you would have trouble consciously remembering—when you felt an emotion, but someone around you (usually a parent, but not always) made you feel like it wasn't safe or it wasn't OK to feel that emotion. On this Awakening journey, all of your emotional density—wherever it originates from—needs to be felt fully. Every time you allow yourself to feel, you're releasing some of that cellular/emotional density. This is why you always feel better after crying. Tears are always a sign of healing taking place. Whatever you're feeling, you're healing. INTUITIVE KNOWING

How does your intuitive work? Do you get physical vibrations or sensations to alert you of something, or to confirm something? Do you get images? Pick up smells? Sense colors?

Intuition is such a huge topic that I recently did a 100-minute webinar on the topic. (You can get an audio copy of the webinar for a small donation. Send me an e-mail at for details). As we bathe in an intense influx of Divine Feminine energies, now is the perfect time to get to know your intuition better.

What does it feel like when you act from your intuition? What does it feel like when you speak or write words that intuitively feel right? The more you begin to notice what it feels like when you're utilizing your intuition, the more familiar you will get with it, and the more natural it will become.


This Eclipse season is going to be intense enough as it is, so what can you do to make it easier on yourself? Here's a few tips:

Laugh!: When your Ascension Symptoms get intense, or when you feel otherwise overwhelmed, there is no better time to find something to laugh at. Whether it is your favorite comedy show, or just the absurdity of life, laughter opens up an energetic gateway that allows the Ascension energies to deeply heal you and your Soul.

Sing: Singing about your 'problems' feels a lot better than just brooding about them, doesn't it?

Convene with Mother Earth: Bare feet on the ground. Walk in the woods. Garden. Whatever you can do to get in touch with Pachamama, it will make your Eclipse journey much smoother. Nature soothes and nourishes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Connect with Like-Minded People: Of course, Awakening is an individual process, but it is also a Collective process. The entire Collective of humanity is in the process of Ascending to the 5th Dimension. So when you take time to talk with others who are on the same conscious path as you, it can be really helpful and comforting. Whether you exchange wisdom with another, listen to another's unique stories, or just comfort another with your compassionate presence, it is so very soothing to the person, and the Soul. Souls enjoy each others' company too—that's one of the reason Soul Groups incarnate together.

Don't Take on Too Much: Be especially mindful of not overburdening yourself with work or social obligations over the next month. When you feel like you need time to just be alone or to be in nature, take steps to rearrange your schedule. When you want to say no to doing something, say no. Saying no to doing something because you need to nourish yourself instead is a great act of self-Love.

Journal: Writing about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences of life can be very comforting and bring a lot of clarity. When you journal, it's a deep way of convening with and giving attention to parts of you that may feel unheard. If you don't like to hand write, journal on your computer, or record voice memos on your smartphone.

Hydrate: Especially with it being summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, it's high-time to stay extra hydrated. Water helps your energetic body to purge old energies and cellular density, and also helps you to anchor in the incoming Light.

Ground: When the energies get super intense like they are now, Grounding becomes paramount. Bare feet on the Earth is extremely grounding. For 24 other ways to Ground, check out my article:

I am wishing you the most miraculous of Eclipse seasons. I'm here cheering on each and every one of you, and I really do appreciate each and every one of you who reads, shares, or comments.

Remember, you are Deeply Loved. You are learning to Love yourself as deeply as the Universe always has, does, and always will.

With Love and Blessings,

Matthew John <3

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