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The theme of this Super New Moon is all about relationships.

Happy Super New Moon in Libra! This New Moon becomes exact on Saturday, September 28 at 2:26 PM EDT (18:26 GMT). As a reminder, a Supermoon occurs when the moon is physically closer to the Earth than usual, thus amplifying its effects.

With so many planets in Libra, achieving balance in relationships is the main theme for this New Moon. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are all in this sign represented by scales.

The scales are of course referring to the natural inclination of this sign to seek balance in all things. Libra is ruled by Venus, which governs relationships, money, romance and beauty. We have an opportunity right now to make choices that will put things into motion for us to create greater balance in those areas.

One of the most fascinating parts of my Service Work is that I have the special ability to read the karmic ties between two people. You can be assured that those people in your life whom you have the most complicated relationships with (think family members, close friends and romantic lovers) are people that you've known before in past lives.

You see, souls like to 'dress up' and play different characters in each others' plays. Your mother may have been your brother in another lifetime. Your husband may have been your daughter in another lifetime. Souls who know each other well often incarnate with each other over and over. These souls who you know well may be fellow souls in your Soul Group of twelve.

When two souls who know each other quite well dress up as different characters and have different relationships between each other in a series of lifetimes, karma is accumulated between the two souls. In this context, think of karma as a log of every word spoken, thought had, and experience shared between two souls when they are incarnated at the same time on the Earth. Your history with your current boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, or dad likely goes much deeper than just what you can remember from your current lifetime.

The natural trajectory of all things is balance and resolution—and it is no different in this case. Each soul desires to resolve any past negative karma with other souls. Sometimes, it is planned for the resolution to happen in this lifetime, but sometimes not. Sometimes the resolution may be planned for a subsequent lifetime or for after one of the souls has left their physical body and is resting, deprogramming and serving (as a guide, for example) up in Heaven.

As Lightworkers, we naturally want to resolve everything. We generally carry a deep-down aversion to people being mad at us or disappointed in us. Lightworkers tend to be martyrs and people pleasers rather than narcissists. However, although the natural trajectory of all karmic relationships is complete resolution, as I said that doesn't always occur here on Earth. One of the most difficult lessons for many Lightworkers to learn is when and how to cut someone out of your life.

Please receive these words clearly and with compassion: you are under no obligation to continue to receive someone's abuse or negative energy simply because they are your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, friend, or co-worker. You have complete free will to cut anyone out of your life if you feel so inclined.

I know this is not an easy thing to talk about, but you are likewise under no obligation to continue to be emotionally and energetically drained by someone, no matter your history with them. I realize that sometimes it is not practical or possible to completely cut someone out of your life, but in many instances the solution may be to just interact with that person less.

You don't have to pick up the phone every time someone calls. You don't have to respond to every text. You don't have to hang out with a person every time they are feeling sad or want to complain about their boyfriend. You don't have to tolerate being drained.

But there are of course relationships that you do want to keep. You don't want to avoid the other person, but there are some difficulties that need to be worked through. For these kinds of relationships, we can harness all the Libra energy in the stars to harmonize.

With Mercury in Libra, the most important factor that will give us the opportunity to harmonize our relationships is effective communication. Now and over the next few days is the perfect time to broach uncomfortable subjects with others whom we care about. When you do go ahead and address what needs to be addressed, it's important that you are firm about your needs in the relationship, but also make sure you are listening to what the other person is saying. The Libra energies support a healthy back-and-forth dialogue.

Unquestionably, the one factor that differentiates successful, harmonious, long-lasting romantic relationships from those that come and go with frustration, is effective communication. When things are left unsaid between lovers, it actually builds up tension in both parties. Even the most asleep person can sense that something is amiss when a lover isn't telling them something important.

There are cases where people stay married for decades while still holding back from telling their partner their true feelings. Oftentimes, people get into a long-term relationship and things become familiar. They end up literally becoming afraid of what life would be like without their partner. They may wish they could change their partner, but they believe it would be a futile attempt. Afraid to leave the marriage, they just bottle up the resentment inside. This type of resentment can manifest itself as cancer years down the line if the feelings are not dealt with and the necessary difficult conversations are not had.

I've always wanted to make sure I would never end up in one of those marriages. So I make it a point to make sure I am always communicating my needs with the person I'm dating, and listening with an open heart to their needs. If we want to build fifth-dimensional partnerships, the most important facet is open communication. When the communication is open from the start, it is a lot less likely that one partner will feel afraid to bring something up to the other later in the relationship.

If you've been in a relationship for awhile where the energy feels stagnant and you feel like there is a lot that has been left unsaid, one helpful tip is to plan an excursion out in public and plan to have a difficult conversation there (or alternatively just go on a walk with your partner). Getting outside of your home (if you live together)--in which the energy has become stagnant--and into a fresh environment with fresh energy can also bring fresh energy to the way that you and your partner have become accustomed to communicating with one another.

Of course, the truth is sometimes relationships are irreparable, at least for the time being. Sometimes a relationship requires a period of separation before two people can really come back and repair what had been damaged. Or sometimes a relationship needs to reach its conclusion, and the karma that was built up will need to be worked through in a future lifetime or in the afterlife.


Tiny but mighty Pluto officially completes its five-month retrograde phase on October 3, but it remains stationary until October 22. A planet is stationary when it appears to stop its motion as it prepares to change directions. When a planet is stationary, its influence is exalted.

So over this New Moon and the weeks following it, the Plutonian themes of sex, money, death, addiction, transformation and power will be at the forefront of both the conscious and unconscious minds of both individuals and the collective.

Scandals are likely to unfold during a Pluto Station. We are seeing this happen now with the Trump impeachment inquiry here in the U.S. More hidden 'stuff' (think back to when the Epstein arrest occurred) could come out before October 22.

People's 'bullshit monitors' will likely be activated during this time. It will be hard to keep secrets from those who are close to you. Think back to what I wrote about how to pay attention to the lesson of Libra in achieving balance in relationships through communication. Pluto's Station is all the more reason to heed that advice, as it's likely that the energies of the Station will bring any darkness in relationships to light so that they can be negotiated.

Individually, you can expect that your own darkness may come to surface in order to be renegotiated. Addictions may resurface or be exacerbated during this time. Anger may come out of nowhere. Be patient with yourself if stuff does come up. It's always an invitation for you to move to a new level of mastery.

If addiction is something you struggle with, then this is the perfect time to break free. One of the things that I have found from my years of experience working with clients from around the world one-on-one is that addictive tendencies often coincide with guilt and shame stored within. When someone finally makes the decision to go for therapy and work through the guilt and shame, they may find themselves naturally building up the strength to tackle their addiction.

It is important to also note that many addictions are chemical in nature and because of that it is important to also support the body biochemically through nutrition and supplements so that you give yourself the best chance at breaking through to the other side. If this is something you'd like assistance with, I'd be happy to recommend some supplements that you can run by your doctor in one of my Intuitive Nutrition Readings.

Wishing you a happy and BALANCED Super New Moon in Libra :)

With Love,

Matthew John

Featured in audio form on Higher Self Channel & Higher Self Portal

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