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Updated: Jan 28, 2019

Happy Super Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo! This Full Moon became exact at 12:16 AM EST (05:16 GMT) on January 21, which is just 4 minutes after the Eclipse reaches its peak. This is a Super Moon, meaning that the moon is physically closer to us, augmenting its energetic effects.

This is the second and final Eclipse of this latest Eclipse season. It is also the final Eclipse in a series of Eclipses in the Leo-Aquarius polarity, which began in February of 2017. Think of it as if on a Soul level a series of consciousness upgrades in the Leo-Aquarius polarity have been occurring, and this is the final cherry on top in that series.

The Leo-Aquarius polarity very much has to do with expression and your Soul's purpose. The air sign of Aquarius thirsts for freedom on all levels and is one of the driving forces for change on the Zodiac Wheel. Fiery Leo deeply desires to be seen and heard, meaning it can serve as kind of the voice box for the more intellectual Aquarian energy.

This final Leo-Aquarius eclipse may just be what it takes to finally get you fully invested in your Soul's journey. The time to prepare to be fully invested is over. The time to dilly-dally in lower-dimensional timelines is over (more on this later).

What does your Soul yearn for? What type of life do you feel like you are destined to live? If you had to guess, what types of moves are you being asked to make? Where does it feel like you're heading? If you would like assistance in reading this, you can book a Soul Plan Reading with me and I'll take a look at your Life Plan.


What does it feel like the collective Soul of humanity yearns for? It sure seems like it is the Aquarian value of freedom. An interesting connection between these Leo-Aquarius eclipses has to do with Gaia's place on Her zodiac wheel. We are currently in the planetary Age of Aquarius, meaning it is a Golden Age. This is exactly why we are undergoing this Ascension process now, as our Solar System has entered what is known as the Photon Belt, an area of increased Light emanating from Alcyon, or the Galactic Center. During a Golden Age, a massive spiritual evolution is experienced on the planet—a big JUMP in consciousness. The last time Earth was in a Golden Age was—well, look across the wheel—during the Age of Leo.

During the last Golden Age in Leo, approximately 13,000 years ago, two great civilizations thrived. One was Lemuria, and the other was Atlantis. It is quite likely that you reading this were incarnated on one or both of these continents during that time. The hubris and arrogance of the Atlantean leaders, who were obsessed with technological evolution but not balanced spiritually, eventually caused the demise of both civilizations in a nuclear war which closed out the Age of Leo, after which the planet exited the Photon Belt and returned to an Age of Darkness.

I relay this story not only to remind you of your ancient heritage, but to illustrate the shadow sides of Leo and Aquarius. This polarity can be a breeding ground for the growth of out-of-control ego which can delay spiritual progress, or destroy the entire world (see 13,000 years ago).

Undoubtedly, these Atlantan-Lemurian timelines are being healed during this series of Leo-Aquarius eclipses. Although you might not consciously remember your Lemurian/Atlantean lifetimes, the pain of the fall of Lemuria is stored deeply in the cells of those of us who were incarnated during this time. All of this needs to be cleared during this current Ascension process.


Ego can take on a wide variety of masks: it is a very versatile actor. Sometimes, ego will show up as a belief in knowing better than the Universe. If this is the case, it's quite likely that you may need to navigate this particular Soul Lesson through experiencing disappointments, inconveniences, and changes in plans. The Universe seems to like putting us in a place where we genuinely feel humble(d), surrendered, and grateful. The reason being that when we are humble, surrendered, and grateful, we no longer hold on to our ideas of what our life is supposed to look like and instead are more open to getting on our Soul's path. What does your Soul want your life to look like?

Where do you honestly need to make changes? Has your Soul been itching for you to change a habit, to kick a habit, or to move on from something? If so, this last Eclipse here might just be the thing to finally shake you free. But you have to be the one to finally take action. If you feel like this paragraph is speaking exactly to you, just go ahead and do it. No more waiting, no more procrastinating, do what feels right. Just don't leave your head behind: it should feel right AND make sense, even if it involves taking a risk.

Another question to ask is this: if you were to be really honest with yourself, how have you still been playing small? What might a big leap of Faith do for you right now? Remember, Leo is bold, aggressive, and unabashed.

Here's another good method of self-inquiry: if all of life was just one big cosmic play, are you playing the role that suits you best? Or are you playing someone else's role that they created for you? Or trying to squeeze into a role that you might want but perhaps isn't meant for you?


The planet is in the midst of intense changes both spiritually and physically and this Eclipse will continue to shake up the snow globe, so to speak. We are likely to see political upheavals and mass protests happening around the world in 2019, much like we saw with the French protests in November. Aquarius demands equality for all, and the massive economic gaps and corruption of political leaders on the planet just won't be able to stand as we move deeper into the Age of Aquarius. Gaia is on a spiritual journey as well, and as she continues to ascend spiritually, the physical expressions appear over time—though it might be more slowly than some have imagined or prophesied.


Currently, not one of the major planets in our Solar System is traveling retrograde, and this continues until March 4. Because of this, February will be an especially auspicious month for manifestation. As I have been saying, 2019 is all about moving forward with your Soul's mission (if you haven't yet read my 2019 outlook, check it out here). The theme of January is two-fold: seeding desires, intentions, and plans for the rest of 2019 and beyond; and letting go/clearing away all that needs to be cleared away in order for your Highest Possible Timeline to unfold.

It's best to do that clearing work now. Now is the time to see healers and coaches for help, to get bodywork done, and to undergo physical cleanses. If you'd like assistance with cleansing your body physically, you can book an Intuitive Nutrition Reading with me. It would also be a good idea to do a cleansing ritual on the Eclipse night itself. A quick and easy one is to write down all you want to let go of on separate small pieces of paper then burn them in a fire.


Let's chat about timelines and what it actually means to get on your Highest Possible Timeline. See, time and existence itself is not linear but in fact quantum, and there are infinite timelines. All that could possibly be exists somewhere in reality, but it may never manifest physically because you might not ever be on that particular timeline. There is a such thing as your Life Plan, as in there are things in your life that are meant to be no matter what. But you are constantly shifting timelines and it might mean that all the really wonderful things for you that are ahead can be delayed when you loiter on lower-vibrational timelines. It also can be the case that your Soul ends up calling 'an audible' and makes adjustments to your Life Plan based on what timelines you end up traversing. Your Free Will is quite powerful.

And isn't that great? You DO have great power of your life! There may be some things that are totally unavoidable, like illness, accidents, breakups, or loved ones crossing over, because they are IN your Life Plan, but you always have the power to decide what you do with what life gives you. This is the essence of Timeline Jumping. When you decide to speak, think, and act more in line with the Spiritual Values of Gratitude, Courage, Integrity, Inspired Action, and Flexibility/Fluidity (meaning you are able to detach from needing any outcome to be any which way and you are willing to constantly make course adjustments, like a stick floating down a river) you are in a Higher timeline. The more time you spend in Gratitude, Courage, Integrity, Inspired Action, and Flexibility/Fluidity, the more often you are traversing your Highest Timeline, and the more likely it is that your desires, intentions, and plans will manifest in the physical world (as long as they are allowed by your Life Plan).

Whether manifestation of a certain desire/intention comes to be or not is the product of a dance between the clarity of your intentions/vision, the action-steps you take, your ability to be fluid and flexible, and what is in your Highest Good/what is in your Life Plan. You DO have the power to effect this process with your Free Will.

As a note, when discussing something as deeply as how the Universe/life works, I want to say with humility that this is what I am channeling through from my Higher Self and I realize that you may believe something differently about the relationship between your Life Plan/Destiny and Free Will. I feel confident enough in what is coming through me and into my keyboard to share it with you; it also does make sense to my logical mind.

So, carry these five keys with you through the end of January and into February and beyond: Gratitude, Courage, Integrity, Inspired Action, and Flexibility/Fluidity. If you ever feel like you are out of the flow of life, check in and see which one of those five keys you need to step up your game in.


Leo also wants to remind you that life should be fun and joyful! As complex and serious as life is, it is also quite humorous on another level. If you could take a step back and see the follies and missteps of your past as the follies and missteps of a child just learning how to be a human (I don't care if you were 5 or 85), those feelings of regret would evaporate. Life isn't easy, being a human isn't easy, and we do need to give ourselves credit for just being here!

It doesn't excuse you from being in Gratitude, Courage, Integrity, Inspired Action, or Flexibility/Fluidity—in fact, being able to laugh at your journey, and at the absurdity of life in general makes it easier for you to get into your Highest Possible Timeline! If you have ever been in the vicinity of or watched a video of a spiritual master like Eckhart Tolle, Matt Kahn, Sadghuru, or the Dalai Lama, you will notice that they are always laughing and joking. They know that the value of humor can't be understated.

Watching funny videos/movies, joking around with friends, playing with children or animals, or playing in the snow would all be great ideas to get you through this Eclipse, especially if you are prone to feeling the intensity of the cosmic energies in your body, like I am.

Leo wants you to align with your Joy. Everything that you desire to manifest in 2019 and beyond should be things that also bring you Joy! If you have set an intention but it feels like it is going to be a drag, then there's a message there to reconsider if you are really owning the authenticity of what you want to create. There's no more room to pretend. 2019 is about getting fully, consciously ON BOARD with your Soul's Mission.

As more and more of us Lightworkers get ON BOARD with our individual Soul Missions in 2019, we also create the necessary energetic forces to bring us together into Twin Flame couples with Twin Flame Soul Missions! And furthermore, the more we get ON BOARD, the more that as a collective, HU-manity gets on board with its collective Soul Mission as we continue deeper and deeper into this Golden Age of Aquarius.

Can you see how everything connects together? It all starts individually. Do not wait for Ascension—BE Ascension! Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, Joyful, and Beautiful Super Full Moon and Eclipse! With Love,

Matthew John

Featured in audio form on Higher Self Channel and Higher Self Portal.

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