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Updated: Jun 21, 2020

Happy New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Cancer! The New Moon occurs at 2:41 AM New York Time on Sunday, June 21. This is approximately the same time that the annular solar eclipse reaches its apex, and about 9 hours after the Solstice becomes exact.

This is the second in a series of three June/July eclipses and the third Cancer Eclipse since 2018 to occur on the North Node of the moon. North Node eclipses have to do with our soul's destiny. A massive amount of energy will be downloaded into your energy field from three days before to three days following the eclipse. This energy will contain the template for the next six months of your life.

This eclipse is very unique, as not only does it occur in close proximity to the Solstice, but it occurs at 0 degrees of Cancer, which amplifies its strength. Cancer represents the Divine motherly aspect, home and family. It is very much associated with the root chakra.

How rooted do you feel in life? Cancer could be argued to be the anchor of the Zodiac; while signs like Sagittarius and Gemini feel an incessant need to explore, Cancer is most happy staying in one place and continuing to build off of a strong foundation.

This eclipse may feel strongest for those with Cancer in their charts, however the energy coming from this eclipse is going to apply to everyone. It's a good time to evaluate what is your relationship with rooting and stability. What and whom in your life can you truly rely on no matter what? What are you totally sure about in your life? What can you not be without?

If you didn't really have an answer to the above inquiries, then honestly would you like someone and something you could rely on? Would you like to have some more stability? If so, then utilize this eclipse to call that into your future. Wait until two or three days after this eclipse and then set some powerful intentions for the next six months of your earthly journey.

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is the home of the Divine Mother archetype. This applies to not only rearing children but also in how one cares for his or herself. The truth is, none of us had 'perfect' mothers, and whatever shortfalls were in mom's parenting becomes up to us to repair within ourselves.

One of the best way to become a better mother unto yourself (regardless of your sex or gender) is to take better care of your physical body. What foods and nutrients is your body craving that you haven't been providing it? What foods is your body saying 'no' to? Do you need more exercise? Do you need to go on a cleanse or a diet?

How can you nurture yourself not only around this eclipse, but throughout Cancer season? The more that you nurture yourself, the more likely you will be to attract a special someone into your life who will give you the nurturance you are yearning for deep down.

Here are some practical ways to nurture yourself during Cancer season:

- Eat extra clean and drink extra water (add a pinch of himalayan pink salt or lemon juice)

- Spend time in nature! Cancel any social obligations you don't have the energy or desire for.

- Baths

- Sensual self-massage

- Go for a massage, acupuncture, energy healing, or a coaching or healing session

- Watch movies or videos that make you laugh or feel nostalgic without making you feel like a victim of time or circumstances

- Give yourself a night to sleep as long as you'd like! (10, 11, 12 hours – why not?)

- Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for each day for 7 nights following the eclipse, writing down different things each day


Cancer (and the moon) are the rulers of emotions. Learning to let emotions be felt is one of the primary lessons of the sacral chakra. In the Dark Ages of the planet during the past 13,000 years, and especially during the last 2,160 years of the Age of Pisces, we have experienced an epidemic around the planet of men especially getting stuck in the Shadow Masculine and being unable to feel their fears, griefs and vulnerabilities, leading them to act out in anger and violence (and to cover it up with alcohol and an incessant quest for power and domination).

During this Age of Aquarius when the Ascension occurs, we are seeing the return of the Divine Feminine to the planet. Both awakening women and men are finding it a necessity to feel and process all the 'stuff' held within in order to make room for the next stages of their journey to come about.

In the days around this eclipse, we have some other significant astrological events. Mercury, the planet of communication, stationed on June 18 and is now moving Retrograde. Neptune, the planet of illusion and mysticism, stations on June 23 as it gets ready to go back direct; and Venus, the planet of romance, love and money, does the same two days later.

The days around a planet stationing will be the days when the themes that the planet carries will be most likely to be right in your face. For example, the most communication and technological difficulties actually will tend to occur in the days around the Mercury Station, and not necessarily in the middle of Mercury's Retrograde transit.

It's important to be especially mindful of communication during this time, especially in intimate relationships. Awakened communication is honest, clear and intention-based. If you're not sure what your partner, family member or friend means by something they say, rather than jump to an assumption about it, leave space for the possibility that you may have misinterpreted their intention.

Sometimes our own woundings will cloud our interpretation of what someone says. A very spiritually mature thing to do when you're not sure what someone is intending is to simply ask them to clarify, or even to straight up ask them what their intention was or what they were trying to accomplish with their statement.

This tactic can prevent almost all arguments. But this potentiality brings up another issue. Are you prepared to experience a drama-less intimate relationship? Stepping into one can feel unfamiliar, boring, or even scary. But the truth is we all deserve to have a graceful, peaceful and joyful relationship with the love of our lives.

If you're already in a partnership and this is something you're desiring to experience, then set your intention together with your partner to experience more harmony and peace with one another over the next six months (and beyond) than ever before.

If you're single and you are desiring this type of relationship to bless your life, then start by ending the need for drama in your life right now. Here are some helpful questions to journal on (these will also be helpful for those in partnerships):

- Have I gotten used to drama in my life? Does it feel normal to me?

- Did my parents (or stepparents) have a dramatic relationship? Could that have imprinted my subconscious with a vision of what a 'normal' relationship is like?

- Have I watched a lot of dramatic movies and TV shows in my lifetime? Have I listened to a lot of songs about dramatic relationships in my lifetime? Could they have imprinted my subconscious with visions of what a 'normal' relationship is like? - - Do I feel unloved if the love I receive from my partner (for those of you not in a relationship now, think of past partners) is not preceded by drama?

- Am I addicted to drama? Could it actually be similar to an addiction to food, alcohol or drugs?

- Do I feel like life would be boring without drama? Do I feel like life would be pointless without drama?

- Do plants need drama to survive? Do plants seem happy? What could I learn from plants? Could I commit to ending the need for drama in my life?


Since last year, many in the spiritual community have been predicting a 'grand solar flash' to happen sometime in 2020. Many of those have predicted that it would occur on this June 21 eclipse.

Personally, I don't believe that the grand solar flash will be something that we will physically see, at least not this year. I believe it is another uptick in the frequency of energies streaming from our sun, carrying us to the next step up on our Ascension.

I don't often quote other teachers in these articles, but I want to directly quote a description of the energies from the TwinRay teachers, Sananda and Shekinah (from their e-mail list; sign up at

“This first solar eclipse for 2020, offers a transmission to reboot the collective consciousness for the entire World Mind. As Humanity is in a sideways elevator (wormhole) right now, the apex of this period will be reached on the Solstice and last for three days. This will be a time where many will experience a reboot of identity to initiate a new beginning of mind/heart balance and letting only Love motivate one's actions.

“As the world transitions from one reality to another, a new dimension of existence and re- identification of spirit through the birthing of matter, a new Universe is formed. As all birthing has its pains and processes, so too does the Earth deliver its own baby that shall be known as the New Earth.

“During this new moon eclipse, the Sun conjoins the dharmic Soul-Star chakra of Earth's nod [sic – I think they mean node], right on the world axis point. This means humanity will be midwifed through another cycle of collective karma, to be reviewed, cleared and restored back to Love. This signifies how we are clearing the path for the evolution of the Golden Age.

“Even though a lot of old karmic patterns are playing their roles in the collective field right now, these events are creating opportunities for enormous world healing from past woundings and memories. Only through compassion and love can humanity rise above these karmic patterns and rejoice in the healing of Unity, for as you heal the world heals.

“For all that choose to embrace love from the core of their being, there is a tremendous upsurge of cosmic energy radiating into the Earth right now to enable you with gifts that may seem unimaginable. This time is truly a celebration for not only what'-s [sic] transpiring on earth but also whats occuring [sic] in the heavens."

Some scientists and historians have been pointing at that the infamous Mayan calendar, which was purported to end on December 21, 2012 (remember how many people thought that was going to be the Apocalypse!) actually ends on this eclipse! This is due to the fact that 11 days per year were lopped off of the Gregorian calendar.

I personally still believe that the true start of the Age of Aquarius was in fact December 21, 2012. I do believe that we have had several major astrological events since then that have stepped us up a notch in vibration each time, including the Particle Convergence, which occurred during the Great American Eclipse of 2017.

Science has told us that during the few days leading up to this eclipse, we've been experiencing an increased solar wind flowing from a coronal hole in the sun. This has been causing many Lightworkers to experience all sorts of strange Ascension symptoms. Never has it been more important to stay grounded, sleep 8 hours, visit nature, meditate, breathe deeply and drink lots of good, clean water!

Wishing you and your loved ones an amazing eclipse, New Moon, Solstice and Cancer season!

With Love,

Matthew John

Audio version featured on Higher Self Channel, Higher Self Portal and In5D Channel

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