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Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Happy Solstice and Full Moon in Cancer! The Solstice becomes exact on Friday, December 21 at 5:23 PM EST (22:23 GMT), and the Full Moon becomes exact a day later at 12:48 PM EST (17:48 GMT).

We have been immersed in a powerful energetic gateway in the days leading up to this Solstice and Full Moon. It's been the final grand energetic portal of 2018, as our bodies and spirits are being further refined in preparation for the dawning of the sacred year of 2019.

I am going to focus this article on the significance of the Winter Solstice/Yule, since most of my readers are in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Pagan traditions, Yule is a festival celebrating the longest night of the year, and the return of the sun (as after Yule the daylight gets just a little bit longer each day). So, the Winter Solstice is seen not as a time of darkness but of rebirth.

Christmas, which of course is really based on Yule, is a celebration. To visit with family you don't see all year or to connect with loved ones in any way can bring Joy and levity to your experience of life.

This Full Moon, which falls exactly at zero degrees of Cancer, is a powerful time for self-nurturing and nurturing of others. Fused with the Winter Solstice, this theme is amplified. It really sets up for a special holiday season with friends, family, and pets.

There's another side to this astrological event, though. With the moon full and exalted in the emotional water sign of Cancer, and with it being the longest night of the year, you couldn't put together a better chance for emotions to be felt super deeply, unless you were able to add in an Eclipse or a Super Moon into the mix! So, in another sense, this marriage of the Solstice and Full Moon is here to bring illumination to your inner emotional landscape.

It's time to be super honest about what is going on inside, emotionally. If you are on one level enjoying the festivity of the holiday season but on another level feeling a gnawing sense of grief, sadness, or isolation, be honest with yourself about that. If you are not in a position where you have a lot of family or friends around for the holiday season and you're feeling rejected or lonely, be honest with yourself about that. It's OK. It doesn't mean you will always feel like this.

The funny thing about life is it is perfectly possible to be in a room surrounded by people who you know and to feel totally alone. I'm sure you've probably experienced this feeling at one time or another. It's because that feeling of being loved and appreciated can't truly be felt until you stop being an enemy to yourself.

What do I mean by being an enemy to yourself? Well, ask yourself this: in what ways have you denied your truest desires, in order to put on a mask so that others feel comfortable with your place in their life? This is something that women tend to struggle with more than men. I have helped many women to break free from this paradigm through my healing and coaching work, and I am seeing it happen more and more.

In what ways have you created elaborate defense mechanisms in order to make sure your Heart doesn't fully open to another being in a romantic sense--or even in a Platonic sense--because your Heart was shattered so comprehensively in the past by an ex-lover or a parent? What might be possible if you were to be totally honest with yourself about this and to finally let all the grief pour out so that the full, unabashed spirit of your innocence may once again shine through the center of your chest?

In what ways have you judged yourself and criticized yourself in the same exact patterns over and over and over again, like an abusive older brother or a schoolyard bully? What if you could garner up the resources to say enough is enough and STOP the self-abuse?

The motherly sign of Cancer is the supple breast of the Zodiac. It is the sign that illuminates any lack of nurturing within. As you know, so within, so without, so when you make the decision to buck your hardened subconscious patterns and to treat yourself with a greater respect and a deeper nurturement than ever before, you can't help but to feel more loved and appreciated by others. It's the exact same reason why when you are in love in a romantic sense it's so much easier to feel that self-love and to feel genuinely loved and appreciated by family and friends. But ultimately, that feeling dies down and you will revert back to the old subconscious patterns of conditional self-love and self-criticism if you don't learn to actually emotionally support yourself.

To transition from being an enemy to oneself to being a companion of oneself is a lifelong journey and is very much intertwined with the Ascension process itself. When we are going against oneself, we are preventing ourselves from transcending the Soul Lessons that have been put in front of us. Spiritual progress is made when the self-abuse transmutes into self-appreciation and self-help.

Will you vow to end the cycle of self-abuse, now?

Here are some practical ways to nurture yourself under the Light of this Full Moon in Cancer:

- Eat extra well and drink extra water

- Make yourself and loved ones some tasty but healthy holiday treats

- Spend time in Nature Cancel any social obligations you don't have the energy or desire for

- Baths

- Sensual self-massage Go for a massage, acupuncture, energy healing, or a coaching or healing session

- Watch movies or videos that make you laugh or feel nostalgic without making you feel like a victim of time or circumstances

- Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for each day for 7 nights following the Full Moon, writing down different things each day


We have yet another major astrological transition to concern ourselves with, as at the time of the Solstice the Sun moves into sensual, grounded, action-oriented Capricorn. As I have discussed in previous articles, 2019 is a year of manifestation and outward expansion for Lightworkers. We have been being prepared for this year of exploration and experience during these latter stages of 2018. As the Sun moves into Capricorn, it is time to really start taking action on next year's dreams.

Start planning, dreaming, and making goals for 2019. Imagine exactly how you want your life to look like and feel like at the conclusion of 2019, then work backwards and figure out what kind of things you start needing to work on now. Write down which beliefs you need to leave behind with 2018 and which new beliefs you need to anchor in 2019. Dream big! Things may happen even more quickly for you in 2019 than you've imagined. You have the free will to get in Alignment with your Highest Preferred Timeline and be the best that you can be.

Wishing you a happy Solstice, a Blessed Yule, and a merry holiday season! With Love,

Matthew John <3

Audio version featured on Higher Self Channel and Higher Self Portal.

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