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Updated: Jul 6, 2019

This New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer will assist us in healing the Shadow Aspects within.

Happy New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer! The New Moon becomes exact on July 2 at 3:16 PM EDT (19:16 GMT), which is just a few minutes before the Eclipse reaches its apex.

As I like to say, Eclipses tend to shake up our world like a snowglobe. On the other side of Eclipse Season, we are likely to feel significantly different in some way. We could also find our physical realities being remarkably different in some way on the other side of the next six weeks.

Eclipses always have to do with our Soul's evolution, and often they can serve as course-correctors to push us back onto our Soul's Highest Path. This being a North Node Eclipse, we are bringing in new energy into our fields that will support our Soul's progression.

This is the second in a series of Eclipses in the Cancer/Capricorn polarity, following last July's Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer. The next two Eclipses will be in Capricorn, and then 2020 will feature two Eclipses in Cancer and one more in Capricorn. By the end of this series of seven Cancer/Capricorn eclipses, we will have gone through a massive renegotiation of both our inner and outer worlds.

A lot of people are considering changing locations now or within the next few months, including myself. Many others are thinking of changing jobs or careers, and still others are contemplating leaving relationships.

Cancer is associated with our home on all levels. In whatever ways your home isn't serving you—and this includes not just your physical dwelling and your city, but the people you live with, your social group, and your job—this North Node Eclipse is going to nudge you (or maybe even push you) to make changes.

One of the Shadow Aspects of Cancer is trying to stay safe in a comfortable box you've built for yourself, and never venturing further. On the other hand, the higher-dimensional aspect of Cancer is honoring where you're at and making it as comfortable as possible, just like a dog will find a way to make any sort of blanket, chair or couch the most comfortable thing in the world.

So ask yourself if it feels like your Higher Self is asking for you to break out of your comfort zone? Does it feel like Life is pushing you to break free, or is Life asking for you to be more appreciative of where you're at now? It could be both—perhaps you're being called to move on in some way, while at the same time being guided to give up the illusion that you are escaping anything.

The effects of Eclipses tend to last for approximately six months, so any big changes to your life on the physical plane may not take place right away. But, the energetic templates for these course-corrections will be put into place during this Eclipse and the weeks that follow.

Cancer doesn't just have to do with your physical home, family, and friends; it also is also the sign that oversees the emotional home within. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which governs the emotional body and the Shadow. This is why the Full Moon tends to illuminate all that is hiding within—the good, the bad, and the ugly—including the Shadow.


The Shadow sounds like kind of a scary thing on the surface, but all human beings have a Shadow. In scientific terms, the Shadow is the amalgamation of untransmuted cellular density that we carry within our bodies and energy fields. Another way to look at it is that it's the curriculum that our Souls have given us to work through in this lifetime. It's our 'stuff' that we inherit from our parents and ancestors that becomes ours to then alchemize.

One of the realities of life is that this 'stuff' gets passed down through the family lineage—both positive and negative 'stuff'. You've inherited all of the following through your lineage: physical toxins, metals, and pesticides; self-defeating and self-destructive behavior patterns and thought patterns; strengths, skills, and talents; language, dialect, and patterns of speech—and much more.

From the Soul level, it's all by design. The 'stuff' you inherit and the Shadow within that that 'stuff' becomes is the exact thing that your Soul knows you need in order to evolve. It's also a matter of karmic balance: as this is a Free Will Universe, we have the freedom to go against the Law of Love/Unity, and so we must eventually balance out all of those past-life actions that were out of alignment with Love.

Just as the the days surrounding the Full Moon during each lunar cycle illuminate the Shadow Aspects within, the Eclipse Season as a whole allows Shadow Aspects to come out and be seen in their true light. This could include patterns of low self-esteem, shame, guilt, self-defeating thought patterns, self-sabotaging patterns of behavior, triggers, poor treatment of your body, and more.

I'm not saying you are necessarily going to be depressed, anxious, sad, angry, or jealous during the entirety of this Eclipse Season – in fact, this time is a fabulous opportunity to actually feel really good! But, it will be totally normal to find yourself cycling through all of these emotions at one time or another over the next six weeks. The best thing to do would be to acknowledge that it is totally normal to cycle through all the emotions during Eclipse Season, and not fall into thinking that there's anything wrong with you.

What would be really helpful is to intend to become aware of the Shadow Aspects within over the next six weeks. What is that 'stuff' for you? What does that baggage feel like? What might it feel like if you were able to drop the baggage and become a totally new person, more healed than ever before?

It can be kind of scary to dive into that 'stuff' within. Most people don't have the courage to do it, and some people don't dare to address it until tragedy hits or even until their death bed. As Lightworkers, Empaths, and Starseeds, we tend to be courageous enough to consciously want to heal all the darkness within, so that we don't pass it along to our offspring or those around us.

If you haven't noticed, healing is becoming totally mainstream. In the mainstream Western consciousness, just ten or fifteen years ago yoga was considered something only crazy hippies practiced. Now, it is totally mainstream. All pro athletes do yoga. Doctors recommend yoga.

A few decades ago, in the mainstream consciousness, people who went for therapy or to a psychiatrist were considered 'crazy' or mentally ill. Now, we know that all successful people have therapists, life coaches, or personal motivators. Life coaching has become completely accepted as a real and incredibly helpful profession. Doctors regularly recommend mental health therapy to patients.

The Starseeds being born now are coming with a strong desire to heal the planet. Each Starseed has carefully selected the family it chose to be born into. These Starseeds are taking on the karma of their families and ancestral lineage and choosing to transmute all of the darkness that has been passed down through the generations, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual darkness.

This is how the Ascension process gets done –individual by individual, family line by family line, until all of the karma of the planet has been cleared and the 5D Utopia has become reality. The faster that we do this karmic alchemizing, the faster we see real, actual changes in the structures of the planet that have heretofore kept us stuck in a dualistic world filled with hatred, war, pollution, and diseases.

At this point you might be thinking to yourself, OK, I get it, we need to transmute karma. But how?

I'm going to give you an answer so simple that a lot of spiritual teachers gloss over it (or aren't aware of the simplicity). We transmute karma by becoming different. That's it! All we have to do is to become different people. Do you see how it all ties together? The Eclipses are here to shake up our realities so that the darkness can surface to be cleared, so that we can become different people—more healed and merged with our Higher Selves than our parents or caregivers were.

This is why children and teenagers almost always have a desire to be different than their parents. Deep down, they know that they are meant to become better than their parents in some way. Their Soul chooses certain negative aspects of their parents' karma that the Soul knows will serve as a powerful catalysts to motivate the child to healing and success as an adult.

Sometimes it's not always clear how a child is becoming better than their parents. Take the case of the Black Sheep, which are often Pleiadian Starseeds. The Black Sheep won't listen to his or her parents, and refuses to excel at the things his or her parents value most. But, in every case there is something—some skill, or some way of relating to the world—that the child eventually develops which is a valuable contribution to the family lineage. Futhermore, the child always is there to trigger his or her parents' Shadow aspects, so that hopefully the parents can choose their Higher Timelines of healing and choose to do the Inner Work to become better themselves. Without the Black Sheep child, the parents wouldn't have had the motivation to do the Inner Work. CHIRON IN ARIES SQUARES ECLIPSE: HEALING THE WOUNDED MASCULINE/EGO

Chiron has been traversing Aries since February 18 of this year and will be doing so until 2027. This placement squares this Eclipse, so we may find ourselves negotiating the theme of the Wounded Masculine/Wounded Ego during the weeks ahead.

Over the past few years, the collective consciousness has become increasingly aware of the reality of the Shadow Masculine (Martian) energies on this planet, and has both subconsciously and consciously begun asking for the healing of this Shadow Masculine. Abusive behaviors from men in power or in domestic situations are no longer being tolerated as they once were.

We all carry aspects of the wounded masculine within, whether we are male, female, or transgender. Some of us carry more experience of being abusers in this lifetime and/or other lifetimes, while others of us carry more experience as being the ones victimized by the Martian energies of the wounded masculine in this lifetime and/or others.

Chiron is associated with the lessons that our Soul has decided it would like for us to negotiate in this lifetime (our 'Soul Lessons'). When it comes to the wounds of the Wounded Masculine that we all carry within, it is not just the wounds and experience from this lifetime that we are negotiating.

Our Souls always desire experiencing a diverse set of experiences, and to experience both sides of themes and lessons. And since we all have a different set of life experiences to offer that we have acquired through multiple incarnations in the third dimension, we all have a unique contribution to healing the wounded masculine aspect on this planet.

Some situations from your past aren't ready to be healed just yet, but you may find that there are examples where all of a sudden you feel totally ready to let a situation or person from your past become free from having any sort of negative effect on you anymore. We can have strong boundaries where we don't allow people who have hurt us in the past to do it again, while at the same time allowing ourselves to become free of the emotional hurt they have caused. To do so is a practice in alchemy.


If the Eclipses aren't enough to take in, we also have Mercury stationing in the days following the Eclipse, as it prepares to turn Retrograde on July 7. Mercury Retrograde is a fun time when your cars and electronics will tend to go awry and when you may find yourself rescheduling appointments. I've already had my iPhone start acting really wacky on me and be in need of repair.

Mercury Retrograde is always an opportunity to practice enlightened communication. It is good to be aware that things are likely to be lost in translation while Mercury is in Retrograde, so it's wise to be extra soft, compassionate, and forgiving in your interactions with others.

It's always a good idea to not make any huge decisions during Mercury Retrograde (nor during Eclipse Season, for that matter). It's also wise to not sign any major contracts, make any major business deals, or buy a house or a car or other big-ticket item until Mercury has gone back Direct in mid-August. If you can't help but to do any of these things while Mercury is Retrograde or in its Shadow phase, just keep in mind that it's possible you may not actually have all the relevant information, and that it's possible things may look or feel different when Mercury goes back Direct.

Wishing you Love, Healing, and Transformation on this New Moon and Eclipse in Cancer!

With Love,

Matthew John

Featured in audio form on Higher Self Channel & Higher Self Portal.

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