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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Happy New Moon in Aquarius! This New Moon becomes exact on Thursday, February 11 at 2:05 PM New York time (19:05 GMT).

The skies are pretty fascinating right now! We have a nearly unprecedented Aquarius stellium going on, with SIX planets (sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn)! The Aquarian energies are truly the name of the game right now; we haven't seen anything like this since the 1960s! (More on that later.)

There is a natural sense of unity in the air right now; it's a great time to connect with those who are on the same path as you. The energies abound are very outward-oriented. We are called to seek our place in the world.

Who are the people you feel most at home with? Which groups do you subscribe to? What causes do you feel most called to put your energy into helping? These are the most relevant questions right now with all of the Aquarian energies.

People aren't afraid to openly talk about world events and politics right now, which I think is a great thing! It is the perfect time to have healthy debates and political discussions; however be aware that one of the 'lower' aspects of Aquarius is ideology. People will be more likely now than ever before to want to defend their beliefs, viewpoints and 'facts'. If you find a debate degrading into an argument, ask yourself what is more important: to be right or to be at peace?

We are being called more strongly than ever before to step into our divinely-guided Service roles.


Aquarius encourages us to put our egos aside and find connection in a common cause. This is the energetic trajectory of our planet, as we are in the planetary Age of Aquarius. The famous gurus of the past are fading in relevance as we see the rise of hundreds of thousands of spiritual teachers—including yours truly—each with their own niche audiences. Although each and every teacher has a different perspective, style, and personality, the core teachings (should be) the same—love, unity, healing. If you feel like you have something to teach, then put yourself out there! It could be something informal that you do in social situations or you might feel guided to start a blog or write a book. This 'Age of Information' that we are in provides the opportunity for voices from around the world to be heard like never before. It feels really good to your soul when you share the things you've learned and help to guide others, no matter on how small of a scale. This is the essence of the Aquarian energy: a sharing of resources, information, and energy.

The Aquarian energies are intending to really bring us into communion with our Service Work. Service Work is a broad term that covers all the positive work you are meant to do on this planet; all the people, animals, and environments you are meant to help; and the positive legacy that you are meant to leave behind. It is your unique physical and vibratory contribution to the healing and Ascension of the collective consciousness of humanity.

It can be helpful to define your Service Work in a single sentence. For me, my Service Work is to assist in the freeing and Ascension of humanity by working 'directly on the ground' with Lightworkers from around the world at all stages of their journey: to help them heal their wounds; understand their purpose and plan; and to create their Highest Destiny and step into their Divinely-guided Service Work.

- How would you define your Service Work? Here are some questions to get you thinking:

- Who or what do I feel most called to help? (e.g. alcoholics, the elderly, children, animals, rivers) - I feel most fulfilled when I ___(service work)____. - Which skills or talents do people most often ask me to help them with? - What do I feel like my mission is here on Earth? Why do I feel like I came to this planet?

- If I had no fear, how would I choose to earn my living (or how would I choose to live--it doesn't have to be a career or job)?

- What type of legacy do I want to leave behind? What is the one thing that I have to help heal or improve (for other people, animals, plants, the planet or society) before I leave the planet?

Go ahead and write down your Service Mission and keep it somewhere special. When you step more fully into your Service Work, you will naturally begin to unravel any of the shadow aspects of Aquarius, like self-sabotage, which we will discuss in the next section.

TRANSCENDING SELF-SABOTAGE The theme of overcoming self-sabotage is something that has been coming up for a lot of Lightworkers recently. This is because we are in the process of 'clearing house' of those patterns which are no longer supporting us in stepping fully into our individualized Divinely-designed Service roles. What I have discovered about self-sabotage is this: the self-saboteur within is only active and with you to provide you a gateway into seeing your own Shadow. The Shadow is the aggregate of the unprocessed wounds within, whether from this lifetime or others. When you become aware of that part of you which has often sabotaged good things from manifesting through lower-vibration choices, fear, or avoidance, you then have the power to transcend that pattern. Of course, on another level, there are no such thing as bad choices—and also on another level, fear is there to protect you—and every choice made out of self-sabotage was only made to help you advance spiritually (whether you intended for that to be the case or not), BUT once you become aware of these patterns, there is no longer any need to carry them forward. It's as if you have discovered that you have been carrying a brick attached to your back and once you recognize that, you can put the brick down and go about your life feeling lighter and like things can come more easily and with less struggle. Remember, you always have Free Will in every moment. It's just that the types of internal and external reactions that you have become accustomed to over and over and over again (which you ultimately inherited from those who raised you) keep you stuck in a feedback loop that is called a program. If you have a history of self-sabotaging yourself, that is part of your program. To stop the self-sabotage, you simply need to step OUT of the program, and that's something that ideally needs to be practiced in every moment. Think to yourself, what would the HIGHER-dimensional aspect of me choose/think/say in this moment/situation? What type of words/choices/thoughts would likely lead me to transcend my karma? Which words/choices/thoughts would likely keep me stuck in the same karmic loop? It's time to get all parts of you on board with your forward momentum. If there's any parts of you that feel stuck in the past, stuck in a lower-vibrational timeline, or just STUCK in general, ask those parts of you what they need from you? How can you Serve them? What these parts are really looking for is safety. It can be scary to parts of you that have been scarred and injured by the past to move forward into a new project, new relationship, new location, new career, higher income, new hobbie, etc. The more you can make these parts of you feel safe, like a loving parent would to an anxious child, the easier it is for you to get fully integrated and feel more 'together' than ever before. The self-saboteur also tends to show up when someone has an inclination to be less than forgiving with themselves. This lack of forgiveness towards oneself really hurts and injures the Inner Child, who already has been hurt by that parental figure who was less than forgiving with them or with the other parental figure (or with his or her self, as we can literally feel the vibrations of those who raised us when we are very young). The Shadow's job is to show itself in inconvenient ways in order to get you to recognize where the Inner Child has been hurt. If you are very harsh on yourself, you will tend to self-sabotage yourself as well. So, learning to also be more forgiving with yourself is another important aspect of transcending self-sabotage. When you gift yourself with the freedom to make as many mistakes as you need to, and Love yourself just the same, the self-saboteur within will evaporate and never need to return. BACK TO THE 60'S? (ENVISIONING A BETTER WORLD FOR ALL) Let's talk about harnessing this powerful Aquarian energy to precipitate changes on the collective level. Aquarius is forward-thinking, progressive, and demands equality. The vast income disparity between the haves and have-nots on our planet is something that just won't be able to last too much longer during this planetary Age of Aquarius. The Aquarian pressure, energetically speaking, will simply become too great and change will have to occur one way or another. This differs dramatically from the dualistic, all-or-nothing shadow energy of the Age of Pisces, which we have graduated from. The last time we saw a stellium like this was in early February of 1962 when we had seven planets in Aquarus; the energetic seeds of the revolutionary energy of the 60's was planted during this astrological event. Likewise, the energetic seeds of the coming revolution—in whatever form that may take, both spiritually and 'on the ground'--are being planted now during this six-planet Aquarius stellium. It might look like a pretty impossible task to shift this planet from its current economic system to something that will be able to support the proper nutrition, medical care and spiritual health of all human beings, but this is not something that is meant to happen overnight. The Age of Aquarius began on December 21, 2012 and shall last for over 2000 years! It's not realistic to think that it's all going to change in under a decade. We need to have patience and faith, while doing what we can do to shift the collective consciousness. For most of us, the most effective possible thing that we can do to help shift the collective consciousness is to shift the consciousness within our own vessels. You do not have enough power to shift the entire collective consciousness with your will, but you DO have the power to shift the entirety of your individual consciousness with your willpower. One of the laws of the Universe is that whatever you have the power to affect is whatever you are meant to have the power to affect. When you try to shift something that you don't have the power to shift, you end up feeling disempowered and victimized, which puts you right back down into that lower-vibration where the powers that be don't mind you being.

When you take control of what you can control and nothing more, you move into that high vibration of empowerment and self-responsibility (which by the way also alleviates self-sabotage) and you become an energetic broadcaster for that high vibration. Like the 100th Monkey Syndrome, that vibration of empowerment spreads like wildfire and begins to have an exponentially larger impact on the collective consciousness itself. As the collective consciousness shifts into higher and higher vibrations, it moves to higher and higher timelines where the control structures that are based on fear, trickery, and abuse can no longer vibrationally stand. It's crucial to remain optimistic about things, both in regards to your individual journey and the collective journey. If one thing's for sure it's that pessimism will not increase your chances of living the type of life you want to live, individually or collectively. We really need to have that wide-eyed, childlike naivete of 'everything is possible', because in reality, it is!

You probably know by now that we live in an infinite multiverse, in a holographic projection, and that nothing is as totally concrete and real as it might seem. You know that miracles happen—you might have already experienced a few in your life. Use this New Moon time to re-align with that energy of believing in, embracing, and even expecting the miraculous. Find ways to recognize the little miracles in your day-to-day life. Every synchronicity is a miracle. Every loving embrace, every ray of sunshine, and every laugh is a miracle. Be the one that recognizes the little miracles every single day, while the other 99% of people stay in limbo, waiting to be liberated by their own mind. The choice is yours.


Venus—the planet of love, romance and money—forms an almost exact conjunction to Jupiter, the planet of good luck, at the time of the New Moon. This will make the next 28 days an especially auspicious time for the flourishing of existing romantic relationships and the budding of new ones. Also, it will be an especially lucky time for making money; though many are predicting a Stock Market crash soon, I doubt whether it will occur over the next 28 days due to this particular aspect BUT who knows. Be careful with your investments at this time.

Take a look at which house Venus and Jupiter fall into in your birth chart to see where the good luck is.


We have a tricky aspect in this New Moon chart, with Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus (the modern ruler of Aquarius) in Taurus. Uranus, the 'wild card' of the planets always brings an air of unexpectedness to the table; and Saturn is the great restrictor. When Saturn cages, Uranus breaks free from the cage! So thus with this square we can see how we will be seeing an energetic push-pull between freedom and slavery.

It's a great time to consider the idea of freedom in your life in all spects. Is your current environment/living situation serving you or does it feel restrictive? If you are in an intimate relationship, does it make you feel free or restricted? Does your occupation or career make you feel free or restricted?

We will feel the call to BREAK FREE on all levels with this energy being present. Figure out what the role of freedom is in your life and if/when changes are necessary. With Uranus being involved though it is best to be mindful of decision-making, as we may be prone to making impulsive decisions or rushing.

With Uranus being in earthy Taurus it is also a friendly reminder to find freedom in the expanses of nature.

Take a look at which houses in your chart the Saturn and Uranus square falls so you know which part of your life will be most affected by this aspect.


The Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar, falling on the second New Moon following the Northern Hemisphere's Winter Solstice. It sparks a massive celebration in the Far East and marks the beginning of the Year of the Ox.

In the year of the hardworking Ox, we rebuild as world following the devastation of 2020's Year of the Rat (surprise!) pandemic that is still carrying on.

Wishing you a fun, enlightening and expansive New Moon in Aquarius.

With Love,

Matthew John

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