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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Happy New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini! This New Moon becomes exact at 6:53 AM New York Time (10:53 GMT) on Thursday, June 10, which is approximately 12 minutes after this 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse reaches its apex. It is called a 'Ring of Fire' because for those who are able to view the full eclipse (Russia and Northern Canada) will see a ring of the sun's light around the dark moon at the eclipse's apex.

This eclipse aligns with the North Node of the moon, meaning during the days before and following this eclipse, we will be downloading and receiving codes that will place us in the path we need to be on for the next steps in our soul's evolution. Solar eclipses can also tend to mark major endings and new beginnings. This is the first North Node Gemini eclipse since the lunar nodes entered the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity in May of 2020.

This powerful New Moon/Eclipse marks new beginnings in our personal lives and in society. It will birth some really great technological innovations that we will see manifest later in this Saturn/Jupiter 20-year cycle that started with 2020's Great Conjunction in Aquarius.

This New Moon and eclipse also aligns with Mercury, which is currently going through its Retrograde phase through Gemini. That means that the focus of this astrological event is on communication and the mind.

Astrologically speaking, this is the strongest Mercury Retrograde that I can personally remember. On the most recent Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, Mercury's Station in its own sign of Gemini squared Neptune during the eclipse, imprinting the next 28 days (and beyond; eclipse energies last for six months) with the themes of difficult and interrupted communications (both interpersonal as well as technological); as well as the importance of honoring intuition and the dreamworld; and also the public becoming aware of the illusions/falsities of the world. Now, in this eclipse chart, Mercury, now Retrograde in its own sign, conjuncts the sun and moon, forming a strong Gemini stellium.

Mercury Retrograde isn't all bad. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to heal unsettled issues and energies in interpersonal relationships from the past, as well as in business and career matters from the past. It provides a portal for reviewing our past experiences and understanding how they fit into our present and future. It is a great time to catch up with friends and family members you haven't spoken to in awhile. See my Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide video for more.

There's a lot going on in this chart, as we also have Mars opposing Pluto; and Saturn squaring Uranus and sextiling Chiron. This is an explicitly tense chart, bringing attention to mental chatter, social matters, personal connections, athletics/physical matters, and communication in general.

Neptune in its home sign of Pisces also squares the moon and sun, adding the elements of mystery, intuition, and the dreamworld to the energy of this lunation as well. Your dream world may help you to unravel the mysteries of your life and to make peace with your past by bringing a deeper level of understanding to it.

Let's dig deeper into discussing how to better understand and utilize the mind on all levels, since mental matters are at the crux of this New Moon/Eclipse chart.


The mind can either be your worst enemy or your best friend--it all depends on your relationship with it. It's interesting to even contemplate what the mind is to you? If I am saying that you can have a relationship with your mind, then it implies then perhaps you are not your mind. What an interesting thought!

It is my belief that you are consciousness using the mind as a tool to navigate experience. Buddhists and meditation experts know that the mind is intended to be a tool but not a detriment. This is why mindfulness meditation practices, such as becoming the observer of thoughts rather than being the thinker, are very helpful exercises to assist in your spiritual evolution.

One of the biggest underlying reasons for drug, alcohol and sex addiction is that someone's relationship with their own mind has become so toxic that they need to escape their own reality. This is of course a dangerous place to be and indicative of significant changes needing to be made. However, the negative momentum built up by depression and anxiety can make it difficult to pull oneself out of the doldrums. That's why Gemini season is here to remind us that it's OK to reach out to others for help!

Now is not the time to try to handle everything internally if it feels like it is too large of a cross to bear. Reach out to trusted friends and family who tend to be helpful, or to trusted healers, coaches and therapists. Gemini season reminds us that we are all in this together, and although it is common to feel like 'an island' in life, the truth is that whatever you have gone through or are going through, there's probably a lot of people out there who are going through something pretty similar. I get so many clients who are at the beginning stages of a spiritual awakening and they're experiencing all sorts of weird things. Energy running through their body; sleepless nights; feeling disconnected from reality—you name it! They tend to think they are either crazy or totally alone until they start discovering videos and YouTube channels like mine, only to realize with fascination that there is a whole community of people interested in New Age spirituality who commonly experience much of the same weirdness!

Let's chat a bit about different levels of the mind and how you can better utilize them:

- Conscious Mind: This is where you actually do the thinking from. Believe it or not, this accounts for only about 5% of your thoughts. To become a more awakened being, it is necessary to use this portion of the mind to drive your actual experience in the direction of your desired experience. This is the realm of willpower. - Subconscious Mind: This is essentially the software program for your life. Your outer reality will be a reflection of what is going on here. The patterns built into this software program are written before you turn 7 years old (basically you absorb the patterns of your parents and/or those who raised you). The internal scripts that run (in your voice) inside your mind are created from things your parents (or those who raised you) habitually said to you when you were young. To live your desired life--and to achieve your full potential--it is imperative to become aware of and then shift the negative subconscious patterns in your life. This can be achieved through therapy, energy healing, hypnosis, affirmations and subliminal audios. - Unconscious Mind: This is where traumas are stored, including birth traumas such as being born in a cold hospital room, being delivered by unfamiliar hands, having the umbilical cord cut, and circumcision. The subconscious will create your life circumstances with the intention of making sure that you don't have to feel the traumas of the unconscious mind. - Collective Mind: We are all connected into one another through the existence of The Field. There is a Conscious Collective Mind—which is the amalgamation of the experiences, thoughts and emotions of all eight billion humans--and an Unconscious Collective Mind, which is the part of The Field that is wounded through trauma (and karma) and thus 'asks' for certain collective experiences to occur through the Law of Attraction (this is the part of the Collective Mind that will ultimately 'ask' for Full Disclosure when the time is right). Oftentimes, when Lightworkers/Empaths are feeling down, they are really just empathing the Conscious Collective Mind and need to disconnect from it and return to their own center, where the natural state of peace and joy can be found.

- Superconscious Mind: This aspect of the mind is connected to the Infinite, including the Akashic Records. Anything from the Mind of God can be accessed. This is the realm where we access the perspectives/memories from the Soul Aspect, Higher Self Aspect and Christed Extraterrestrial Aspect (aka your true galactic or intergalactic self, if you are a Starseed). This is the realm of intuition. To use this aspect of mind consciously and intently, it is necessary to be relaxed. The conscious mind is the aspect of mind that you most readily have access to. If you can turn your conscious mind into your friend rather than your enemy, you will find life becoming much more enjoyable and peaceful. Here are some suggested practices to enhance the usefulness of your conscious mind: Mindfulness Meditation: Sit or lay down and breathe peacefully and deeply. Intend to become Awareness and simply observe which thoughts come to you. You are not thinking the thoughts, you are observing them. Morning Intention & Visualization: The more that we live intentionally, the more that the conscious mind becomes an effective tool for transformation. There is no better way to start your day than to set a specific intention for the day and then to visualize the day going exactly as you want it to! You can set an intention to work on something specific during the day; or it can be something more general like, “I intend to live from my Heart today.” For the visualization, it is also helpful (and feels great!) to visualize your desired future weeks, months or years out! The more that you bring positive emotion into the experience, the higher the possibility that it will actually manifest in your physical reality.

Journaling or Voice Journaling: When you record your experience of life, it is very helpful in making sense of your thoughts and your life, so you no longer need to think in circles.

Recognize When You're Empathing Someone Else: When you are hearing negative thoughts in your head or judging yourself—or even speaking negatively towards others or judging others—take a step back and evaluate whether these are really your thoughts? Chances are they're not—it is the voice of a subconscious pattern that came from your parents/caregivers or it is the words of someone around you that you're empathing. Recognizing this in the moment can help you to shift gears back to your center (your natural high vibration).

Here's a good rule of thumb: if your thoughts aren't loving, supportive and helpful, then they're not actually your thoughts. We have something called T-Fields in our aura, where the thoughts of others from our present and past are stored in the form of energy. When your thoughts are not loving, assume that you're receiving the broadcast of these T-Fields and not actually consciously thinking. Take back control of the vehicle and think some loving thoughts (or better off say them out loud!).


With the huge emphasis on the mind that this Gemini New Moon/Eclipse brings, it also has a crucial connection to our collective journey as a human race. We entered a 20-year cycle of massive technological innovation beginning with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius on the December 2020 Solstice.

This Gemini Eclipse will serve as the launching point for a massive amount of innovation to occur, propelling us forward into a brave new world of information, automation and Artificial Intelligence.

I believe that some really important technological advances in some very important areas (medical, crypto-space/decentralized finance, vehicles/crafts, etc.) will be birthed during the six months following this eclipse.

For the healers out there, you might find yourself downloading some pretty amazing new healing technologies over the next few months! Keep your ears and mind open!


The two most aggressive planets in our solar system (astrology-wise), Mars and Pluto, oppose one another in this eclipse chart, creating a burst of energy and aggressiveness that will be felt by all.

People are going to feel called to be outdoors and to move their bodies! It's a great time to play sports with others, to compete in races, or to start a new workout routine with a personal trainer or gym buddy. We may feel bursts of physical energy at random times, making us want to do something athletic or to get some much-needed things done!

People are also going to be more on edge than usual. This is a bit of a troublesome aspect in combination with the Mercury Retrograde-heavy eclipse. Tread carefully with others and give people more string than usual. Arguments and quarrels will be easy to come by. We could see a flare-up of civil unrest in society with this aspect (but it's not guaranteed).

With Mars being in Cancer and Pluto being in Capricorn, people may be more emotionally-triggered than usual, especially when they feel like they are being pushed or forced in a direction.

It's also a great time to contemplate your relationship with the masculine or yang aspects of life. People's tendencies to try to control or manipulate life or others may come out at this time. Solar eclipses mark beginnings and endings, and thus force us to let go. Contemplate or journal on these questions around the masculine/yang energies:

  • In what ways am I trying to control life too much?

  • How could letting go just a little bit more ease my mind and perhaps open new doors I wasn't even anticipating?

  • Am I overly-competitive or not competitive enough?

  • Can I accept that competition can be healthy sometimes?

  • Am I willing to stand up for myself?

  • Am I willing to stand up for what is right?

  • Am I willing to stand out from the crowd?


We are counting down the days to the second of three exact squares between Saturn and Uranus (June 14). Saturn is currently Retrograde in Aquarius; while Uranus is in its home sign of Taurus. This aspect is one of the main underlying themes of 2021. Saturn is the planet of restriction and Uranus is an oft-troublesome planet that causes unexpected and often uncomfortable experiences. These exact squares cause an immense amount of tension to be felt throughout the collective.

Mixed with the other aspects of this chart, the astrology is dangerous for civil unrest and international conflicts (again, this is not guaranteed; astrology is not necessarily predictive). It's also an astrologically dangerous time for major natural disasters to occur. The energy of the eclipse chart lasts most strongly for 28 days following the lunation, however its effects are felt in some way for a full six months. It could be a rocky year as far as natural disasters go.

On a personal level, the Saturn-Uranus square highlights inner tension. In whatever ways you feel stuck in life, you're going to be feel even more stuck this year. In the days around this aspect, people will tend to act rashly, irresponsibly, and erratically.

With Chiron in Aries sextiling Saturn, we have an opportunity to heal the root source of this inner tension by being super-honest with ourselves and going deep within. This is the perfect time for inner healing through becoming aware of past-life and ancestral karma (contact me for a Soul Plan Reading or Past Life Regression if this resonates). Taking our power back to heal our inner woundings is the higher calling of this Chiron in Aries transit. Let go of any illusions of victimhood.

Here are some core wound healing questions to ask yourself and journal on around this lunation:

  • What is my deepest core wound?

  • Where do I feel this wound in my body?

  • How does this wound relate to my parents and my relationship with them?

  • How might this wound relate to my ancestors?

  • How does this wound relate to how I was treated in school?

  • How does this wound relate to how I am currently seen/treated by others?

  • How does this wound relate to how I see myself?

  • How does this wound cause me to self-sabotage?

  • Can I think of some situations/periods of my life when I have overcome this core wound and chosen differently than the trauma from this wound normally allows me to choose?

  • Who do I want to become for my kids (or future kids) so they don't have to repeat the same bullshit I picked up from my parents?


With all the difficult aspects in this New Moon/Eclipse chart as well as the huge emphasis on the mind and on communication, I want to present a teaching on learning to listen better.

The mind tends to be constantly overactive and overstimulated. We're all living in our own internal worlds, understanding one another just enough to live in somewhat of a functional and cohesive society (with much improvement to be had yet). With all the mental chatter, most people tend to miss the details of life.

One of the things that I've always prided myself on is attention to detail. Spelling errors bother me to no end (I'm sure there's ironically one somewhere in this article). I especially like to sit in my backyard, or walk somewhere in public and observe the details of life. I like to spot the different types of birds, all of the different colors of the flowers, and the chemtrails in the sky.

I also listen to detail. I hear all the different sounds that birds make. I listen to the subtlety of the wind rustling through the trees. When I'm watching a soccer game, I listen to the chants of the supporters in the background.

Learning to listen better will make you a much better communicator. Inexperienced interviewers really bother me. You can tell that they're not actually listening to what the interviewee is saying; they're just waiting until they stop talking and thinking of the follow-up question. A great interviewer listens closely to what the person is saying and asks spontaneous follow-up questions.

I'm a Leo Rising, and I swear to you that I could talk for 24 hours straight if I wanted to. I can literally walk up to any person on the beach and strike a conversation. I am a conversationalist. And I'm a good one, because I listen to what the other person is saying (this is also why I'm a good life coach and mentor).

Make a commitment to listening more closely to what other people are saying to you. Make a pact with yourself to pay more attention to the sounds (and sights) of the world around you. And do your best to listen better to the inner world. What is going on inside you, both physically and emotionally?

Here are some other tips for practicing being a better listener:

  • Listen to a song several times and focus on a different instrument or voice each time

  • Sit outside late at night and listen to far-away sounds

  • Listen to a podcast in one sitting and then tell someone your main takeaways from it

  • Make a new friend (super easy to do during Gemini season) and ask them compelling questions; try to understand what it's like to be in their shoes


Despite all the aspects of this New Moon/Eclipse chart that are pointing to communication difficulties, potential quarrels, and potential civil unrest, Gemini season is always the best time of the year to make new friends and connections of all kinds. People are much chattier than usual.

With Venus now in Cancer, those who are in committed romantic relationships may feel a push-pull within between wanting to be a hermit with their partner and wanting to spend time away from their partner having fun with friends in public (and making new ones).


This Solar Eclipse energetically lights up the earth grid; just as each of us are downloading new codes during this time, the earth herself is also downloading new codes for the next six months and beyond of her journey. During the three days before and after the eclipse, a portal is open to connect deeply with the earth grid through meditation or by physically visiting ley lines or sacred sites.

No geomagnetic storms are expected during this eclipse portal, however there have been several solar flares over the past few days and I would anticipate a strong possibility of more over the coming days. Ascension symptoms may be heightened during the portal, so stay very hydrated and put your bare feet on the earth as much as possible.


Many of us in the Ascension/New Age Spirituality and UFO communities were hopeful that the release of a much-anticipated report to Congress on UFOs (slated for June 25) would finally be the disclosure to the public that aliens exist that we have been hoping for for decades. Unfortunately, according to the New York Times, the report is vague and noncommittal but doesn't rule out the existence of extraterrestrials.

So, I guess collectively speaking, we are not quite ready for full disclosure, but I do believe it will come before the end of the decade (likely in 2025, I predict). However, the good news with this happening during Gemini season is that it greatly opens up the UFO/ET discussion on mainstream media and in the general public. This is the first step toward full disclosure that we needed to take place.

Wishing you a Happy and Healing New Moon and Solar Eclipse!

With Love,

Matthew John

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