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Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Happy New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn! This New Moon is exact on Saturday, January 5 at 8:28 PM EST (01:28 GMT on January 6). The Eclipse becomes exact a few minutes after that.

It feels like this eclipse kind of snuck up on you, doesn't? It's like Hey, Happy New Year, now here's you're...ECLIPSE! Yes, brothers and sisters, Eclipse Season is back.

Eclipse Seasons always have a deeply transformative quality to them. You simply won't be the same energetically at the end of Eclipse season (the New Moon following the second eclipse, on February 4). You could also find that your relationships, career, or living situation has significantly changed by then.

There is never anything to fear when Eclipse Season rolls around; it is always an opportunity. Know without a doubt that any changes on the inside or outside that take place during Eclipse Season can only be for your Highest Good.

I'm sure you've heard by now about the energetic fanfare around this exciting year of manifestation that is 2019 (if not, stop right now and read my article here. So, with the Sun, Moon/Eclipse and Saturn in Capricorn, it means that now is the time to take a grounded, practical approach to 2019's dreams.

Start with some goal setting, especially 2-3 days following the Eclipse. Set your goals for the next 6 months, and for the entire year. Dream big, but also be realistic. Be practical about your current situation. After you write down all your goals, take a look and see if all of it seems like 'too much'. If it does, then prioritize your goals. Keep this list with you in your room, office, car, wallet, or purse.

Capricorn is kind of like that grounding force between Sagittarius and Aquarius. Sagittarius's dreams need to be grounded into form before it can make the collective changes that Aquarius desires. So Capricorn asks us to get practical, logical, and structured.

This is something that is one of my specialties. I love the idea of tapering the creativity, expressiveness, and expansiveness of the Divine Feminine with the structure, discipline, and practical work of the Divine Masculine. When you have achieved that balance, you will find that you begin to create and manifest with relative ease.

I find that it is common for some Lightworkers to get a little lost in the conceptual realms or astral realms, only to find that their physical life is crumbling. They might be able to reach super-high states in meditation or to experience blissful connection on a mushroom trip, but their apartment is a mess, their finances are a struggle, and they are eating leftover pizza for dinner (and not the vegan, gluten-free type).

One of the points of life in a dense, physical realm is to learn how to live in a dense, physical realm. This can be especially difficult for Starseeds like me. We are so used to living in lighter densities that being human can feel quite unfamiliar. The spacesuit can feel a bit too tight. Our tendency can be to hang out up in the mental realm, because we are used to living a lighter, more etheric existence. We might feel more comfortable with psychedelic experiences than others.

But it really means that we must try even harder to be human. Your Starseeded mission isn't about escaping the body; it's about bringing down the entire essence that you are down INTO the body. It's about bringing the Heaven that we are so familiar with on the Pleaides, on Sirius, on Arcturus, down to Earth THROUGH the vehicle of the body.

So let this serve as a reminder to caretake your body as if it were your most precious commodity (it is). This Capricorn/Eclipse season is the perfect time to start a new diet, cleanse, or supplement regimen. If you'd like assistance with how to detox or what type of supplements to take for your ailments, please consider my Intuitive Nutrition Readings.

Now's the time to add in a new meditation routine, revamp (or re-initiate) your exercise routine, or make going into nature a top priority. This is especially crucial with the Ascension energies being SO intense. They are not likely to let up during this Eclipse season; it's us who need to acclimate!

Grounding is so crucial. If you are lucky enough to live in a climate that is warm year round, take advantage of it! If you are in a cold climate like me, there are other ways! Check out my article here on 25 Ways to Get Grounded!.

Go for body work, energy healing, or coaching during this Eclipse Season. The body work and energy healing helps your body to ground and integrate the intense energies, and the coaching helps you to keep a structure and discipline which will allow you to accomplish your goals in a much more timely fashion. If you are the type of person who performs better under pressure or when someone is watching/keeping track for you (like me!) I definitely encourage you to check out my Spiritual Mentoring program.

Being a South Node Eclipse, we have the opportunity to let go of all that doesn't serve the forward evolution of our Soul. As the vehicle for our Soul's spiritual journey, when you get on board with letting go of that which no longer serves, you can't help but to feel aligned, like you're in the right place, doing the right thing. Have you ever had that experience I just described, of making a difficult, courageous, or even risky decision, perhaps feeling fear about it—then you DO it, and you feel that sense of clarity, peace, and excitement, like you're exactly where you need to be? That's exactly what we are all being asked to put into practice in 2019, and it starts with this Eclipse.

So be mindful of all that surfaces for you over the next 6 weeks. The relationships, jobs, places, objects, perspectives, and beliefs that you end up relinquishing or releasing over this Eclipse Season are exactly those things which in a lower-vibrational timeline would hold you back from manifesting and playing in all that you are meant to manifest and play in during this magical year of 2019. Carry this advice with you over the next 6 weeks and beyond: be willing to be OK with the transient and temporary nature of all things. Know that when the baggage gets too heavy to carry, it means without a doubt that it's time to put it down and turn your back.

You are being chiseled and molded into exactly who you need to become in order to step into your Highest path of Service. It is your destiny on this planet and nothing can stop that. The Ascension process IS why you are here. You are an Awakener, a Changer, a Mover.

The more that you are willing to fully accept that your Service work IS why you're here, the more you will finally find that deep sense of purpose that you've been missing all along. It doesn't ultimately matter how you fulfill that Service role—only that you do it. It's up to you to dream, create, and ground into matter the work that you came here to do. The journey between the creation and the manifestation is the fun part, and that's where your free will comes into play. You'll manifest what you're meant to manifest and you'll be exactly who and where you need to be; but it's up to you how you get there, whether it is fun or treacherous and perhaps how long it takes.

Remember, too, to go easy on yourself when it comes to self-dialogue. The softer, more flexible, and forgiving you are with yourself, the less that the Shadow aspect of you should need to rear its ugly head. When you're able to be your own coach, best friend, and soulmate all in one, you'll have achieved quite a high level of Spiritual Maturity. But one step at a time...congratulate yourself for how far you've come already!

I know that for so many of you 2018 was a really difficult year. It was for me, too. So I just want to really congratulate you on still being here, for surviving. The fact that you are still here is a sure confirmation that you are an integral and irreplaceable part of the Ascension program.

Wishing you Love and Blessings during this extra special Eclipse Season,

Matthew John

P.S. I have a worldwide webinar coming up on January 22 called Putting the Past in the Past. Register here, space is limited to the first 50 people only!

Featured in audio form on Higher Self Channel and Higher Self Portal.


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