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Updated: May 4, 2019

The New Moon in Taurus invites is to fully ground into 5D reality.

Happy New Moon in Taurus! This New Moon becomes exact on Saturday, May 4 at 6:45 PM EDT (22:45 GMT).

It has technically been spring in the Northern Hemisphere since mid-March, but it sure hasn't felt like it at times (at least where I am up in the Northeastern U.S.). But, as the calendar has turned to May and we have passed Beltane (which marks halfway between spring and summer), the flowers and flowering trees are finally blooming and the birds are triumphantly singing!

Taurus season is a wonderful time when those of us living in four-seasons climates can truly enjoy the pleasures of spring. And just as Mother Nature is blossoming during Taurus season, the energies that are now present are encouraging our lives to blossom. So just as we finally have the chance to get out of our winter's hibernation to play outside in the nice weather this month, we likewise have the opportunity to really dive in and play in our lives!

Taurus is an Earth sign, and perhaps it's the Earthiest of the Earth signs. It's all about getting grounded and into the physical. It's crucial to be getting out into nature and connecting with Pachamama during this Taurus season.

The reason nature it is called nature in the English language is because it is your nature. Get it? Nature is your nature.

So when you connect with nature, you reconnect with yourself. Even if you don't live near the woods or the beach, there are always options to connect. You could build a garden in your yard or even create an indoor jungle of houseplants. Even in the densest cities like New York or Chicago there are ample parks to be embraced.

A wonderful meditation that you can do when you visit the woods or the beach is to imagine opening your Heart fully to nature. Imagine the energy of nature in its naked state filling your Heart with your own innate essence. Just as your iPhone needs to be charged every few hours, your Soul needs to be recharged often by plugging into nature.

Another fantastic meditation you can do is to go on a walk in nature, or even around your neighborhood or city, and turn your phone off. Set your intention to be very aware of what is going on around you. Tune in to the sounds of the birds chirping; notice the shapes of the clouds; take note of the small animals you see; tune into the smells. Try to notice everything. This is a powerful meditation that serves to pull you out of your inner landscape and plug you totally into reality. The present moment is the entrance to true, actual reality. (More on grounding into reality later in this article.)


Make getting ample sunlight a priority. Most (yes, I said most) people in the northern parts of the U.S., Canada, and Europe are deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can be an underlying factor in a whole number of serious illnesses, including cancer. I recommend that everyone get 10-20 minutes of direct sunlight exposure without wearing any sunscreen or sunglasses at least 5 times a week, exposing as much of your skin as possible. This may need to be done in the morning or evening if you are living in a hot area.

The sunlight also cleanses, heals, and activates your chakras, cleanses your aura, and decalcifies your pineal gland. We need sunlight as much as plants do to grow and thrive.

Now's the time to recommit to honoring the needs of your body. A common issue that I find with Lightworkers is that one can become over-oriented toward the spiritual while ignoring the calls of the physical. Someone may come to believe that they can solve any and all issues in their life through more meditation or affirmations, etc.; meanwhile the body is crying out for physical support.

Yes, there are miracles and spontaneous remissions of all sorts of different diseases that have occurred and are occurring. These miraculous stories are everywhere! But, there are many factors involved in spontaneous remission, including karma and your Life Plan—and to rely only on something like spontaneous remission while ignoring nutrition, bodywork, and exercise is just plain silly.

The human body is an absolutely incredible creation, with an intelligence that science hasn't even begun to understand (and far too intelligent to actually attack itself as is the medical community's theory when it comes to so-called autoimmune disease).

As the conscious driver of the vehicle that is our consciousness, if we want to maximize the potential to experience the most instantaneous and miraculous healings possible, we need to give our bodies the absolute best resources possible.

Diet cannot be ignored. Have you ever heard the saying you are what you eat? If that were true, wouldn't you want to eat the most nutrient-dense organic produce? If you do consume animal products, wouldn't you want those animals to have lived a natural life where they can see the sun daily, and wouldn't you want to bless the animals and thank them for their lives and their nutrition before you ingested their muscle tissue, organs, eggs, or breast milk?

Our bodies are approximately 60% water. Don't you want your internal water to be free of fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals?

One of the three simultaneous Ascension processes that all of us on this path are undergoing is the physical Ascension. Each and every organ must be totally reborn and rebooted. Each and every cell must be created anew. The physical purification process is an inevitable part of the Ascension journey. As you consciously commit to assist in your inevitable physical purification process, you are sending the signal to your Soul that you are READY to truly inhabit that 5th dimensional crystalline light body that is waiting for you.

And YES, if you are struggling with some sort of long-term chronic illness or even just want more energy or to lose weight, it is absolutely necessary to utilize your consciousness to make real shifts in your physiology. Visualize yourself being totally healed, feeling light and energized daily. Speak to your organs and cells and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Intend to experience physical miracles.

Can you feel the practicality of this integrated approach to healing? You want to get all of your faculties on board. When you are intending for change from all sides, it's less likely that the Universe will need to give you a lesson in spiritual bypassing.


What do I mean by spiritual bypassing? Well, the truth is that the Universe is far too wise to ever let you take a shortcut through any lesson (or 'gate' as I like to call them) that you are meant to move through. For example, what if it was actually not in your Highest Good to heal instantly from a longstanding disease because if you did, you would miss the opportunity to process deeply-held cellular traumas and judgments/resentments toward others and the world, so that you could eventually vibrationally shift into a totally new person?

You may think you know what's in your Highest Good, but only the Universe (and your Soul) truly knows what that is for you. One of the markers of truly opening your Heart is fully believing that no matter what comes your way in life, it only could be for your Highest Good, 100% of the time. You may not always know why a certain situation, person, or challenge has been sent your way, but what if you could have Faith that no matter what comes your way, it is only for your Highest Good and for the Highest Good of your Soul's development? Are you willing to commit fully to being of Service to your Soul, no matter what? If so, you have truly learned to open your Heart!

Spiritual bypassing is the illusion that you (in this case, the ego-you) knows better than your Soul or the Universe, and that you've graduated from the lesson when you say that you have. The Universe finds this quite amusing, and unshaken, the lesson continues.


For 28 practical ways to ground your energy during Taurus season, I invite you to check out my article here.

There is another aspect of grounding that I want to present to you here. This type of grounding is especially relevant for those of us who are on this Ascension path and constantly oscillating between 3D and 5D. To truly ground into the 5D plane, we need to move from illusion into reality.

To live in reality is not just about becoming aware of the truth of the Matrix and the extraterrestrial influences on this planet. This is certainly an important part of it. It's important to acknowledge the truth of the game that we are playing in this holographic reality. The Ascension is 100% real, and us Lightworkers and Starseeds are 100% real.

To live in reality also means moving from illusory ego consciousness into the reality of Soul consciousness. Have you ever had this experience: you just gotten up from mediation, just had an acupuncture treatment, or just finished a jog, and you all of a sudden feel present, joyful, light and alive? That feeling is what reality feels like! That is the reality of the 5D grid! In those moments of clarity, the negative voices in your head have gone AWOL and you are no longer fighting with reality. In those moments of peace, nothing is wrong, and life is alright!

As I hinted, in this Ascension process, it is absolutely natural (and in one sense, necessary) that we oscillate between the 3D and 5D. It is quite normal to be constantly diving in and out of different realities as we navigate this Spiritual Awakening. However, when we consciously intend to ground into the 5D grid, it becomes possible to spend more time living in earnest in the reality of 5D.

What is required is to use your willpower as the conscious driver of the vehicle that is your consciousness to move yourself out of worry, regret, projection, jealousy, and judgment and into the peace and isness of 5D reality.

You have the power to shift your focus at any moment. One of the most important lessons on the Spiritual Journey is learning to move your focus from what is (which is usually not actually reality; rather it's the aggregation of your past perceptions somewhat focused on what's going on around you) to what you want to be. When you see the world as you want it to become, while still acknowledging it as it is without judgment, you are then becoming a conscious co-creator.

You can only truly consciously co-create from the lens of reality. When you are in reality, feeling the prevalent emotions of 5D—as in gratitude, appreciation, relaxation, safety, joy, and contentment—you can then become a conscious contributor to the creation of your Highest Possible Timeline and the creation of the Highest Possible Timeline for all of HU-manity. The mechanism for doing this is by intending and visualizing what we want to see manifest. We literally speak and visualize the future into existence when we become 5D manifesters.

You do have the power to effect significant changes on your own. As I wrote about in my last Full Moon article, every intention you make, action you take, word you speak, or thought you listen to either contributes to the successful completion of the Ascension or to the perpetuation of the lower-dimensional timelines of the past that keep HU-manity in a false matrix of energetic slavery. When you truly grasp the immense responsibility that comes with being a Starseed and Lightworker during this sacred Ascension time, your Solar Plexus is really able to heal. If this is how the Universe really works (it is), you cannot possibly be a victim! You know that there is no more time to waste, and you really commit yourself fully to the Ascension and to your Service Work.

This is reality. The game is as real as it is a hologram. Just like everything on the journey, reality itself is a paradox, and by acknowledging both sides of the paradox we are truly able to ground into the 5D grid and experience the reality of a relaxed nervous system.

When your nervous system is relaxed and you find yourself walking into a public place where most people's nervous systems are not relaxed (a busy supermarket, for example), you will see how you, as the one with the relaxed nervous system, is actually living in reality while those running around with shallow breathing and obsessive thoughts running through their heads are living in illusion. This is what it's like to be awake in the Matrix.

To wrap it all up, this Taurus New Moon is all about honoring the physical, reconnecting with the Mother, and moving out of illusion and into 5D reality. With Saturn now retrograde in Capricorn, it means that we will be working out much of our future over the next few months. This is the time to really get obsessed about your Service Work here on the planet. It's time to dive in headfirst into the new you that you are inevitably becoming. It's absolutely a time to take calculated risks and leaps in faith!

If you haven't had a chance to already, I highly recommend taking two hours of your time to take a listen to my Dissolving the Ego Webinar, which I conducted last week. The entire theme of this masterclass is moving from illusion into reality. I do 12 group energy activations on the call to move you out of ego consciousness and into Soul consciousness. The changes can be permanent, if you follow through afterwards and use your conscious willpower to stay anchored in the reality of Soul Consciousness. You can check out a preview of the webinar and purchase it here.

Wishing you Love, Grounding, Joy, Friendship, and Excitement during this New Moon and beyond! With Love,

Matthew John

Article featured in audio form on Higher Self Channel and Higher Self Portal.

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