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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Happy New Moon in Scorpio! This New Moon in 12 degrees of Scorpio becomes exact at 5:15 PM New York time (21:15 GMT) on Thursday, November 4. This New Moon kickstarts the final Eclipse Season of 2021, as the upcoming Full Moon in Taurus will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Scorpio is my favorite sign to discuss because it is my birth Sun sign. Scorpio is the shaman's sign; it is the negotiation between the darkest darks and the brightest lights. It is an oscillation between hell and Heaven. This of course has tremendous spiritual value, as every time you plunge into the depths of pain and suffering, you bring back with you invaluable wisdom for the journey ahead. I didn't come into this position as a healer and a spiritual teacher just by reading some books; it's been this hell-to-Heaven and back again shaman's journey for me, which still continues.

Scorpio is the sign of death and transformation (picture the Death card in the tarot). If you live in a cold part of the world, you can look outside now and see the dead leaves on the ground as winter approaches. Of course, the trees are only lightening their load in order to prepare for the upcoming deep freeze, while giving space for brand new growth to emerge the following spring. Thus is Scorpio: it's all about letting go of what is dying or dead, in order to allow for new growth to occur.

One thing you can ask yourself on this New Moon is this: What dead weight am I carrying? What is no longer working for me, even if it USED to work for me?

For most of you, there's something that is going to come to mind right away. But if nothing comes to mind, ask yourself this: Which beliefs, habits, perspectives, or tendencies am I still carrying with me that are holding me back from more success, more freedom, greater ease, or a better quality of life?

As the sign of endings and beginnings, and the ruling sign of the subconscious, Scorpio asks us to address the fears and feelings of low self-worth that are buried in the basement of consciousness. These fears and feelings of low self-worth are reflections of energetic blockages in the lower chakras.

On this Ascension path, we must work through and clear these fears and feelings of low self-worth in order to be able to more effectively channel through the Divine energy and ground it through the physical vessel, which assists us in further anchoring our Highest Service Mission (dharma).


Uranus—the planet of freedom, individuality, and all things unexpected—almost directly opposes the sun and moon in this New Moon chart (just 7 minutes of orb). You might intuitively feel as if something 'big' is on the horizon for you. You might feel an intense call for freedom. You might feel a call to go out and protest the (in my opinion) completely inappropriate and Draconian vaccine mandates here in the United States (and yes, I know they are even worse in other countries).

Utilize this intensely strong influx of Uranian energy to try some new things in your life. Go out and (safely) do some new activities that you haven't done before. Meet some new people. Break free from any of the chains in your life.

On the other side of the coin--and especially since this is a direct opposition--Uranus could have a bit of a dark influence. There is the potential for anti-vaccine protests around the world to turn violent. A flash stock market crash is possible (as Uranus is in Taurus, which rules over money), though I don't expect this to happen. There could be other unexpected events that take place on the world stage.

On a more microcosmic level, people may have unexpected angry outbursts. People will be more apt to change their mind last-minute on things. Watch out on the roads–people could be driving weirdly over the next 28 days.

With this heightened Uranian energy, calculated risks will pay off well--while taking dumb risks will likely cause you problems. Be spontaneous, but not impulsive. Be creative and flexible. Do things that make you feel free.

Freedom is a big issue on this planet right now. The Draconian vaccine mandates that are happening around the globe have hundreds of millions of people feeling frustrated about the restrictions that have been opposed by governments. We knew that something like what is happening now was going to happen when Saturn entered Aquarius right around when the mass lockdowns were first happening in

the United States. But now that it's been realized, it's very frustrating.

Mercury is squaring Pluto (again), bringing heightened attention the the abuses of power that are going on, especially when it comes to the censorship and gaslighting that is going in an attempt to increase the perceived legitimacy of the mainstream narratives.

With the North Lunar Node (still Retrograde in Gemini) forming a quincunx/inconjuct to aggressive and passionate Mars in Scorpio, there is a feeling of anger in the collective that is trying to reconcile with the spiritual destiny of the collective consciousness. We want to see a world of freedom and equality, yet it seems to be going in the opposite direction. This is manifesting through the protests we are seeing around the world against the vaccine mandates.

With Black Moon Lilith in Gemini forming a quincunx/inconjunct to the sun and moon in Scorpio, some people may be feeling afraid to speak up and speak out about what they perceive to be injustices with the vaccine mandates; while others may be feeling that there is more of a divide growing between themselves and others due to their beliefs. We need to remember that regardless of one's stance on vaccines or politics, we should avoid letting it separate us as people—because to divide and conquer is a New World Order agenda.

If we want to see a world of free travel and of freedom of choice when it comes to medical matters, we need to make it known that this is what we want. Many people are doing that now—protesting in the streets and posting things online to express that desire. But, also, we need to be able to transmit the energy of freedom from our energy fields into the collective grid by creating freedom in our own lives.

What chains are holding onto you (or are you holding onto them)? What situations are making you feel stuck? How are you holding yourself hostage? In what ways are you self-sabotaging? What does the road out of the stuckness look like? Journal on all of this.

We can really re-create ourselves with the current energies. It's time to work through your internal fears and face forward in life with courage. With Mars in Scorpio right now, we feel the desire to take action on our very deepest desires. Ask yourself (and journal on) these questions:

- What action-steps am I willing and able to take IMMEDIATELY to begin the process of shifting that which no longer Serves me?

- Is there anything I might have to give up if I take these steps?

- Am I really losing anything or am I just fearing moving out of a comfort zone?

- Can I recall a past moment when I stepped out of a comfort zone and was later happy that I did?


Chiron—the asteroid belt that is known as 'The Wounded Healer'--forms a nearly exact sextile to the sun and moon—as well as a very close sextile to Saturn—meaning the opportunity is ripe to heal old woundings that come from childhood and ancestral traumas.

As Scorpio season is a time when the unhealed parts of the self (the Shadow) can more easily be seen, now is a great time to discuss my views on doing Shadow Work. I have created a simple 5-step process for doing Shadow Work. It goes like this: Awareness, Acknowledgment, Gratitude, Alchemy, Integration.


The first step to shifting or healing anything within is becoming Aware of it. It could be a pattern of behavior, thought, or speech. The truth is that most of these patterns are inherited from our parents or those who raised us. These negative patterns get imprinted when we are between the ages of 0 and 7 and our brains are in what is called theta state. 98% of the world (or more) goes through their life in almost a trance, a slave to these subconscious patterns that they acquired at a very young age.

As an Awakening Being, it is an absolute must that you become one of the few who becomes awake to recognizing the self-limiting, self-destructive, and self-sabotaging patterns of behavior, thought, and speech that you acquired from those who brought you into the world. Once you became aware of a negative pattern, you can shift it.

Have you ever had the experience of observing yourself from above? You may have experienced this phenomenon while on a psychedelic journey, in meditation, or even in moments in daily life (occasions of deja vu can give you this feeling). Can you take a step back in this moment, take a deep breath, and observe yourself from above? Try it.

What kind of negative patterns of behavior, speech, or thought have you had today that were self-limiting, self-destructive, or self-sabotaging? I bet if you're really honest with yourself, you could make a whole list right now.

Good, now that you've become Self-Aware, you can move on to Step 2: Acknowledgment.


One of the paradoxes of life is best described by the old adage of 'what we resist persists'. There are things we don't like about ourselves and that we want to push away. That resistance is the exact thing that holds those patterns in place. The Shadow parts of ourself will continue to rear their ugly heads until we acknowledge those parts' right to exist.

One way to look at the Ascension journey is that it is a journey from duality into nonduality. We must learn to acknowledge the Divinity in all things, whether we prefer them to exist or not. The most difficult test of this is in the inner landscape.

It's OK to prefer certain aspects, personality traits, or patterns of behavior/thought/speech in yourself over other patterns in yourself, but you must learn to acknowledge the right to exist of the less-preferred parts.

So, as an exercise, once again in this moment I invite you to retreat to the space where you can observe yourself from above. Once again, recall all the negative patterns of behavior, thought, and speech from today (or any time in the past) that you have become aware of.

Now, tell these parts of you that they have a right to exist, and that you recognize their Divinity. Tell them that they are welcome. You are not pushing them away anymore. You are actually honoring them.


It's time to take this process one step further. To truly step into nonduality, we must be able to find gratitude for all things, whether we prefer them or not. The inner landscape is a wonderful playing field to practice this lesson.

Can you in this moment express gratitude for those self-limiting, self-destructive, or self-sabotaging patterns within you? If not for these patterns you would not have the motivation to become a more healed person than before. When you heal the Shadow Parts within, you send that healing back through time to heal your entire ancestral lineage AND you help to purge that Shadow Part out of the entire collective consciousness of HU-manity! Remember, this is both an individual and a collective Ascension, and what you do for yourself you do for All, and vice versa.

So, to continue with this exercise, I invite you to now express gratitude for all the Shadow Parts within AND for the self-limiting, self-destructive, and self-sabotaging patterns of behavior/speech/thought that they show up as.


Imagine for a moment that you're a master alchemist mixing together herbs to make a healing potion. You wouldn't be able to make your healing potion first without knowing what your ingredients were, right? And furthermore, if you were to be grateful for your ingredients it might make a more powerful potion, right?

So once you've acknowledged and expressed gratitude for all the ingredients (the Shadow Parts), it's time to male a healing potion. It's time to create new patterns.

From that space of observing yourself, identify what would be the Highest-Vibrational practice, exercise, or response that would transmute a specific negative pattern.

For example, if you identified that you have a pattern of seeing others doing things on social media and then feeling unworthy or unlovable, what if you made it a practice to consciously wish others well (in your head or in comments) on social media and thank them (in your head or in comments) for showing you what kind of life is possible? Could you remind yourself that you are doing the best you can and congratulate yourself for how far you've come?

These are the sorts of practices that alchemize the Shadow Parts into the gold of wisdom and, yes, a better life! When you transmute the self-limiting, self-destructive, and self-sabotaging patterns within, you can't help but to feel happier, more whole, and more fulfilled!

The next and final step to this process is to integrate this work into your daily life.


The most difficult part of this process, perhaps, is integrating it into your daily life. You might be able to alchemize a few of the patterns in this very moment, but can you sustain those new patterns going forward?

It's not easy. As soon as you forget to be vigilant about consciously utilizing your new Higher-Vibrational patterns of behavior, thought, and speech, you will naturally default back to the subconscious patterns of the past. It's only because you haven't had a whole lot of practice in being the new you yet. However, with some discipline and practice, you can truly become a totally new person!

Something that is really helpful to me is to use the word, “NO!” or “STOP!” with myself. The instant that I become Aware that I am engaging in a self-destructive, self-limiting, or self-sabotaging pattern of behavior, speech, or thought, I'll say the word 'NO!' or 'STOP' to myself in a loud, clear voice—interrupting the ingrained pattern.

You can also come up with your own word or action that you'll remember to do to interrupt a negative pattern. Then, choose an action, pattern of speech, or pattern of thought that is more High-Vibrational. Finding gratitude for anything is kind of a fail-proof thing that you can go to and it always helps.

If you are able to be somewhat disciplined with yourself, you'll start to find that those negative spirals of behavior/thought/speech that may have previously spiraled into very self-destructive behaviors like addiction or escapism no longer get even close to to the depths of where they used to go before. You may find that you are immediately able to pull yourself out of the doldrums by being disciplined with yourself and choosing Higher-Vibrational patterns of behavior, thought, and speech.

Remember, you have Free Will to choose in every moment. When you aren't consciously choosing your actions, thoughts, and words, you are defaulting to those subconscious patterns that you acquired from your parents. That's not truly Free Will, is it?!

You don't have to listen to any thoughts you don't want to. You can choose to formulate Higher-Vibrational thoughts in your head. 95% of our thoughts are of the exact...same...theme. 95%! That's why it's important to learn to be vigilant. YOU are in control of what goes on between your ears. YOU are in control of your life.

Changing your speech is really the first step to thinking more positively on a consistent basis. I highly, highly recommend checking out my Change Your Life by Changing Your Words Mastery Empowerment Course.

You are not a victim to anything, anyone nor even yourself anymore. This is what it means to CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY. You get to choose which timeline you're on! Don't you want to choose the HIGHEST POSSIBLE TIMELINE?

The way that you do this is by doing your Shadow Work and alchemizing all of those self-destructive, self-limiting, and self-sabotaging patterns within into a new you who is wiser, more fulfilled, whole, and happier than ever before, regardless of your life circumstances. As you begin to master this, you'll naturally find others seeking you out for guidance on how they can do the same.


Mercury—which has now exited its Shadow Phase in Libra, making it safe to make large purchases and sign contracts—forms an opportunistic sextile to Venus, which is exalted, as it is in the last degree of Sagittarius. We feel a natural inclination to connect harmoniously with friends and lovers. Communication between romantic partners is likely to be much clearer and more congruous now than it was during the recent Mercury Retrograde.

Take care to not to autocratic, with the Mercury-Pluto square. By being a compassionate listener, you will find communication smoothing out and issues likely being resolved.


In addition to Mercury—Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all went back Direct during the month of October, and though they will all be in Post-Shadow Phases into January, their Direct motion is signaling that it's time for the world to get moving again on creating the landscape for what life will be like in 2022. And on a personal level, with all of these planets now Direct it's also a great time for you to get moving on what you want to create in your own life for 2022!

Wishing you a happy, healthy and transformational New Moon in Scorpio!

With Love,

Matthew John


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