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Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Relationships will come to the forefront during this Scorpio season.

Happy New Moon in Scorpio! This New Moon becomes exact at 11:38 PM New York time on Sunday, October 27 (03:38 GMT on October 28).

If you live in the northern parts of the U.S. or Europe or Canada, the leaves have already turned into beautiful colors of red, yellow, or orange and have begun to litter the ground. There is such beauty in the sights and smells of autumn, which is really the death of summer if you think about it. As Scorpio season now rolls around, we are being invited to explore the themes of death, rebirth, transformation and power.

With Mercury and Venus joining the Sun and Moon in Scorpio, relationships will come to the forefront of our attention. Family dynamics and matters of the heart will be one of the main themes for the next 28 days. I am going to address both family dynamics and romantic relationships, in order to help you understand how you can best use this time to transform and evolve.


Have you already heard of a thing called the Life Plan? Have you heard that you choose your parents, siblings, place of birth and even your future partners before you are born? This is all completely true! Before you come into the body, you are the Soul. As the Soul, you work with Spirit Guides and other Souls to intricately create your Life Plan. Where you are born, the parents you are born to, the gists of your relationships with those parents and any siblings, and your romantic partners are just a few of the things that are planned out pre-birth.

The intention of the Life Plan is to create the necessary situations that will give you the opportunity to negotiate the lessons your Soul desires for you to work through. As you complete (or partially complete) each lesson, that experience gained contributes to the evolution of your Soul. The particular lessons your Soul chooses to partake in in a given lifetime are directly related to karma accumulated by the Soul in previous lifetimes. The Soul always wishes to balance the positive and negative aspects of all possible themes experienced.

On top of general karma from past lives that the Soul wishes to balance in a particular lifetime, there is also specific karma that exists between particular Souls. For example, you and your mother may have incarnated together many times, perhaps being sisters in one lifetime; friends in another; and husband and wife in yet another. In this example, there would be some karma carried over from the most recent incarnation where you and your mother incarnated together.

Let's say that in the most recent lifetime with your mother you actually played the role of husband and wife. Perhaps the character your Soul was playing had left the character your mother's Soul was playing and ran off with another man. Perhaps your mother's character felt betrayed. In this example, the memories of that relationship from that most recent lifetime would be in the cells of each of your bodies during this lifetime. Perhaps in this lifetime your mom would be overbearing and overprotective of you because she would have a deep-seated fear of you betraying her. Perhaps she would get jealous of your partners. Perhaps she would act passive-aggressively or even manifest illnesses to see if you truly loved her and cared about her or if you would leave her like you did in the last lifetime.

You will know when there is significant past-life karma between yourself and a family member when you often have irrational emotional reactions to things that shouldn't logically cause such a reaction (or they have those irrational reactions). You might intuitively feel that there is a deeper issue with a particular family member than just what has happened in this lifetime. Oftentimes there is significant past-life karma with those family members with whom we have the most difficult relationships in this lifetime.

The natural evolution of all relationships is toward resolution, whether it seems like it or not. Each Soul desires not only to balance its 'personal' accumulated karma, but also the specific karma it carries with another soul. This karma can be worked out in the afterlife if need be, but it seems that Souls see the most value in working through karma on the Earth plane. So even for those really difficult family relationships that seem like it will be impossible to resolve the relationship in this lifetime, there still is a chance that the opportunity will arrive in the future for some resolution to occur. Sometimes, it requires one of the people involved being on their deathbed—but it doesn't always need to get to that point prior to resolution.

Each relationship is entirely unique, and thus there isn't any one-size-fits-all approach that will heal every relationship. Sometimes, giving someone the benefit of the doubt and being willing to forgive and let go of what happened in the past leads to a renewed relationship that is supportive to both parties. Sometimes, however, a relationship isn't ready to move into a healthier stage of its evolution, and the best option for the well-being of both parties is for the relationship to end—and this includes family relationships. Sometimes, it will take a one, five, or ten-year silence between parties before the resolution can occur.

Sometimes, there is a third option, and that is having limited communication with someone while loving them from afar. A mature spiritual being knows when someone isn't good for them, and is willing to still love and support them, but from afar. I have found that for pretty much all of the friends that are still left over in my life from before my Awakening, I have chosen the 'support-from-afar' option. I still talk to these old friends, but I'm not comfortable hanging out with them more than once in awhile.

Oftentimes, a bit of separation is all a relationship needs to rebalance itself. You might argue constantly with your mom while you live with her, but when your job takes you out-of-state and you see her only once a year, all of a sudden you both might realize that your time together is precious and you both naturally let go of grievances against one another.


We learn most from the most difficult relationships. Those family members or ex-partners that trigger us the most are inevitably helping us to negotiate our pre-planned Life Lessons. So realize that though the frustration is there in whichever difficult relationship comes to mind—and rightfully so—the frustration is not for naught. These most difficult relationships are giving you an opportunity to grow spiritually and to do exactly what you had planned to do before you put on your 'bodysuit' as a human being.

The most difficult part often is figuring out what you are meant to learn. Sometimes a relationship is trying to teach you how to respect yourself; sometimes it is trying to teach you how to let go; sometimes it is trying to teach you how to become your truest self; and sometimes it is trying to teach you how to be vulnerable.

Here are some questions to consider when ruminating on your familial relationships and how you can best navigate them:

- What irritates me most about this person? Do I tend to do the same thing that that person does, but in a smaller dose? If so, could I acknowledge that fact and make that part of me who does that feel a little bit more welcome?

- If I were to truly honor myself, is there something I would tell this person (even if it would make them upset)?

- How might it shift my relationship with this person if I were to consciously make an effort to appreciate their positive qualities more? (Note: this doesn't mean it's OK to stay in any sort of abusive relationship).

- How might loving myself a bit more lead to a better relationship with this person? Might some distance between myself and this person improve our relationship?


When planning an incarnation, the Soul will generally plan out several significant romantic partnerships that are meant to take place during your lifetime. You will enter any given romantic relationship at a certain level of consciousness and evolution on your human journey, but you are always growing whether you know it or not.

Every romantic relationship provides a tremendous potential for Soul growth as you navigate your pre-planned life lessons. The more difficult the relationship, the faster the potential for growth. (Note: this doesn't mean you should go out of your way to look for dysfunctional relationships, because what I said is there is the potential for growth. It is also possible to stay stuck in a few particular lessons and continue to manifest the same dysfunctional relationship with different characters over and over again.)

There is such thing as a Soul Contract between each person in a romantic relationship. The Soul Contract was created before birth and states the general lessons/themes that the parties will be helping each other work through. It includes any major events that were pre-planned to occur during the relationship (e.g. accidents, illnesses, a temporary separation). And it also will include different possibilities for the ending of the relationship (based on the Free Will choices of each party).

If a relationship is a true Twin Flame relationship, then undoubtedly you and that person will find your way back together, because it's in the contract. However, if it's a Karmic Soulmate relationship, it could be temporary or it could be for life—again, it depends on what is in the contract.

Often, what happens is that the Soul will set up a series of Karmic Soulmate relationships for you to traverse through and learn from—and then if you finally do learn what you needed to learn, you will be able to attract your true Twin Flame. This is what I call a Type II Twin Flame.

A Type I Twin Flame—which is less common--is when two people come together early in life, then go through several separations as they each negotiate their own individual Ascension journeys, before finally coming back together for good.

What's crucial to understand is that if you are in a relationship in which you intuitively feel like it is coming to an end, it is not because you have done anything wrong or failed your journey in any way. Quite to the contrary, the reality is that when a relationship comes to an end, it is because you have learned exactly what you were meant to learn from the relationship (again, whether you are fully aware of it or not), and it is time to move on.

Usually, breakups aren't mutual. In the case of Lightworkers, what most often happens is that one person's vibration accelerates at a much quicker rate than their partner's, creating a vibrational dissonance in the shared energetic field that has been created by the relationship. Naturally, the relationship will eventually have to come to a conclusion.

When a partnership ends, it may feel sad on the human level, but on a Soul level it is a cause for celebration! Souls literally celebrate the ending of a relationship because they know that the Soul Contract has been dutifully fulfilled. They know that it means an exciting new beginning for the person.

Scorpio season is a time of endings and new beginnings. Many relationships will be reaching their conclusion during the next 28 days, and for those who don't, there may be twists and turns in the relationship that will need to be navigated through. With Mercury and Venus joining the Sun and Moon in Scorpio, many couples will be having conversations in which deep-seated feelings are brought to the surface. There will be no hiding from your partner or from your true feelings.

Here are some questions to help you decipher what is to be learned and how you can improve your romantic relationship/partnership:

- If I am totally honest with myself, are my partner and I growing closer together or growing farther apart? If we are growing farther apart, could I accept (or at least accept a little bit more) that this may be the natural evolution of our relationship?

- Would I desire my partner to be totally honest with me if he or she had something to tell me? If so, then is there something I'm feeling that my partner deserves to know?

- Am I staying in a relationship because it feels good and I truly desire to be there or because it is comfortable and recognizable?

- If I were to love myself just a little bit more, how might it improve this relationship? POWER STRUGGLES WITHIN AND WITHOUT

Scorpio oversees the theme of power. Power is often a theme that comes up in family and romantic relationships. Power struggles often lead to abuse and resentment. During Scorpio season, power struggles are likely to come up to the surface, both in our individual lives and collectively.

Most of the time, Lightworkers find themselves on the empathic end of narcissist-empath relationships—that is until the Lightworker learns proper boundaries. When you don't feel like you're being respected, or when you feel like you are being constantly drained, it is crucial that you deeply realize that you don't deserve it and that there is nothing that says you have to tolerate it.

If someone is being aggressive with you, a good rule of thumb is to allow them to win the argument and find a way to get out of the conversation. This could infuriate them even more initially—however your safety and well-being is the highest priority, not appeasing them so that their triggers aren't activated (this is a general theme that goes on in narcissist-empath relationships).

Also, we are going to find our own power struggles within coming to the surface during the next 28 days. Even empaths will usually have some sort of imbalanced relationships to power that actually teeter to the narcissistic side, though often these will come out passive-aggressively or against oneself (yes, being mean to oneself can be considered a misuse of your own power).

Be willing to be honest with yourself and become aware of any way in which you are mistreating others or yourself during this time. If you feel you need to apologize to someone, now is the time.


Mercury is currently slowing down and preparing to come to a halt, which means that everything communication-related is currently amplified. So it is the perfect opportunity to put everything that I have already discussed into actual practice, especially between now and November 4, when Mercury resumes normal speed but Retrograde.

As usual, while Mercury is Retrograde it is best to not sign any contracts or make any longterm commitments. Mercury resumes Full Speed Direct on December 8.

Wishing you an honest, transformative, and rewarding New Moon in Scorpio.

With Love,

Matthew John

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