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Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Happy New Moon in Scorpio! This New Moon becomes exact at 11:01 a.m. EST (16:01 GMT) on Wednesday, November 7.

Scorpio is my favorite sign to discuss because it is my birth Sun sign. Scorpio is the shaman's sign; it is the negotiation between the darkest darks and the brightest Lights. It is an oscillation between hell and Heaven. This of course has tremendous spiritual value, as every time you plunge into the depths of pain and suffering, you bring back with you invaluable wisdom for the journey ahead. I didn't come into this position as a healer and a spiritual teacher just by reading some books; it's been this hell-to-Heaven and back again shaman's journey for me, which still continues.

Scorpio is the sign of death and transformation (picture the Death card in the tarot). If you live in a cold part of the world, you can look outside now and see the dead leaves on the ground as winter approaches. Of course, the trees are only lightening their load in order to prepare for the deep freeze, while giving space for brand new growth to emerge the following spring. Thus is Scorpio: it's all about letting go of what is dying or dead, in order to allow for new growth to occur.

So the most important thing you can ask yourself on this New Moon is this: What dead weight am I carrying? What is no longer working for me, even if it USED to work for me?

For most of you, there's something that is going to come to mind right away. But if nothing comes to mind, ask yourself this: Which beliefs, habits, perspectives, or tendencies am I still carrying with me that are holding me back from more success, more freedom, greater ease, or a better quality of life?

The first step to shifting anything is to become Aware of it. Once Awareness is present, you then have the opportunity to take conscious action in transcending or transforming these outdated energies. Ask yourself: What action-steps am I willing and able to take IMMEDIATELY to shift what no longer Serves me? Is there anything I might have to give up if I take these steps? Am I really losing anything or am I just fearing moving out of a comfort zone? Can I recall a past moment when I stepped out of a comfort zone and was later happy that I did?


Is there a certain area in your life where you feel like nothing is working, or like you're paddling against the current? Maybe you're feeling underappreciated or like your talents aren't being fully utilized? Whether it is a job that isn't really bringing out the best in you, a relationship that feels stagnant, or your own business that seems to be stuck—is it possible that you're 'playing too small'?

Here's a few questions of self-inquiry that can be difficult to ask yourself: Is there an area in my life where I am playing small? If so, what do I believe that I am getting from playing small, or what do I believe that I am avoiding from playing small? If I was totally fearless while still using my logic to keep myself safe, how would I play bigger?

If there's an area of your life which isn't working so smoothly—like business, for example--what might a leap of Faith get you? Sometimes the Universe will frustrate you because you're being asked to take a big step forward and play bigger.

This is a throat chakra theme that I have noticed many Lightworkers are negotiating right now. What would it feel like and look like if you allowed yourself to be unapologetically you in the world? Might being unapologetically you give you that deeper sense of purpose you've been longing for? Might it mean 'playing bigger'?

Another way to ask this is: where can you raise the bar for yourself? For example, could you be more disciplined about your health rituals? Would you like to step up your expectations for your income? Could you spend more time studying or reading and less time futzing around on YouTube or Facebook? [P.S. It's OK if you're here reading my article on Facebook, this is a productive use of your time ;)] Do you deserve a better relationship? More alone time? Is it time to clean up your living space, your office, or your car?

If you know it's time to raise the bar but you feel like you can't do it alone, or it would be easier to have some assistance, you'd be the perfect candidate for my Spiritual Mentoring Program. It is the most comprehensive personal and spiritual transformational package that I offer: addressing YOU from the physical, mental, emotional, karmic, and spiritual. Click here to read about the package and sign up.

It takes courage to raise the bar for yourself and to play bigger, but the good news is that Scorpio is a sign where courage is generally rewarded. And even when we step forward TOO MUCH and the scorpion stings, there is great wisdom to be learned from getting stung. Maybe the next time we change our approach and the scorpion lets us pass unscathed.


There is another momentous astrological landmark occurring the day after the New Moon, as Jupiter moves from Scorpio into its own sign, Sagittarius.

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, achievement, growth, expansion, and abundance. It has been in the depths of Scorpio for the last year, allowing us an opportunity to renegotiate the patterns from within that have been holding us back from greater achievement and expansion. This is why—as I discussed in the first section—letting go of anything on this New Moon is a particularly auspicious thing to do, as Jupiter is in literally the last degree of Scorpio until it changes signs on November 8.

We have been being asked to develop a deeper level of intimacy with ourselves over the past year while Jupiter has been transiting Scorpio. We have been pushed to feel our emotions deeply, and to feel the parts of ourselves that had been suppressed or ignored. We have been asked to take a look at any remnants of scarcity consciousness and to transform those restrictive belief systems and patterns. This works all continues, of course, but it has certainly been emphasized over the past year.

With Jupiter now moving into Sagittarius, the energy is ripe to see more movement and expansion on the outside. We may feel called to change careers, to change locations, to make new friends and partners. Adventure is Sag's favorite thing, and much is to be learned from new adventures. A longing for freedom comes to the forefront, and we may find ourselves leaving behind some constricting circumstances.

Learning new things, taking new classes, traveling, being forward, and making new friends are all encouraged as Jupiter transits Sagittarius for the next year-plus. Courage, thinking outside of the box, and conscious, well-thought-out risk-taking are all likely to be rewarded as well. Wishing you a Blessed New Moon in Scorpio. Feel deeply, let go, and get excited about the future! Envision only the best, most joyous, and most deeply satisfying future for yourself, and if you want, for the world, too! With Love,

Matthew John

Audio version featured on Higher Self Channel.

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