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Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Happy New Moon in Libra! This Libra New Moon becomes exact on Monday, October 8 at 11:46 PM EDT (03:46 GMT on October 9).

Libra is the sign of harmony and balance. So let's explore how that applies to your life. What is disharmonious in your life right now? What is out of balance? Life tends to give us different parts of our overall curriculum (our life plan) at different stages of the linear timeline. I'm sure you can think back to a time in your life when maybe you had a harmonious romantic relationship but perhaps some other parts of your life were out of balance, like work or health. Or maybe at one point your finances were harmonious, but you were spending too much time working and not enough time having social interactions, so your relationships and maybe even your health suffered.

We can check in with the disharmonious parts of self to look for where the lessons are in our life curriculum. For example, if your physical health is out of balance, then that's where your number one priority needs to be. Is it really worth it to put the majority of your energy into improving your finances if your physical health suffers as a byproduct? Or maybe your finances are looking good but you are feeling isolated and lonely. That feeling of disconnection from the social, human part of self is showing you where there needs to be work. In this case the work might just be to consciously put yourself out there and make some friends, even if it meant sacrificing some earnings!

When your health, wealth, and relationships are feeling harmonious, you will have mastered a certain part of your curriculum. But what about when it feels like you're doing everything that you can to move one of these facets of life from disharmony to harmony, but it seems like whatever you do, you can't move the needle?

This is the case when it's just not the time for that harmony to anchor into your physical reality. Why isn't it the time? Because you're actually learning more from the disharmony. This is why, for example, chronic illness can be one of the greatest teachers of all: the parts of self that you encounter, the books you read, and the people you meet along the way come to you because of your great desire to get out of pain and heal yourself. Life always knows exactly what the best way for you to learn is. The Universe knows your learning style better than you do!

So you do what you can do, and only what you can do. If your finances are in disharmony, then what steps can you practically take to bring them more into order? Maybe there is a higher paying job out there that would actually make you feel MORE aligned than at your current job. Maybe raising your rates will actually bring you MORE clients. You'll never know until you look for that better job, or try raising your rates.


Speaking of harmony and balance, we all go through periods of time in life when we are more social and outgoing, mixed in with periods when we are more introverted and holed up, so to speak.

In the periods of extroversion we might tend to learn more about ourselves through friendships, working relationships, and romantic relationships with others; while during the more introverted times we tend to learn more about ourselves from being isolated.

There is a very common period of time that all Lightworkers I have encountered, including myself, go through at one time or another. It can be referred to as a period of incubation or the Dark Night of the Soul. During this time--which can often follow an accident, a breakup, a job loss, a death of a loved one, or the onset of a chronic illness—the Lightworker finds himself or herself feeling withdrawn, frustrated, disheartened, or embittered with the world (or sometimes physically not able to get out and interact much).

A period of incubation is never a sign that you have done something wrong. This is a very common misconception. These periods of incubation are rather built in to your life plan! During the incubation periods, you are usually incorporating and integrating massive amounts of physical changes on the inside and your body needs for you to s---l--o--w---d--o--w--n! Usually, what's also happening is as your body is physically going through a rapid Ascension process, you are concurrently going through a rapid emotional Ascension processes. You are forced to face the darkness within during a period of incubation that you wouldn't have looked at during a period of expansion/prosperity, because who wants to consciously go digging into their pain?

By the way, when you DO consciously go digging into pain, this is a quite courageous thing to do, and it quite possibly might save you a lot of trouble down the line. Think of it like this: there is a certain amount of karma and cellular density inside you that needs to be transmuted. When you consciously go in and heal it even when life isn't cornering you to do so, you transmute the energy right then and there, possibly avoiding having the Universe have to bring you inconveniences or painful experiences down the line. If you would like assistance in going in and digging into the darkness that is there to be healed, please consider booking an Intuitive Healing & Coaching with me here.

During incubation, you might lose many social contacts and feel lonely and isolated. Many of the social contacts that you lose or just kind of peter away won't ever come back, because the person you become following the incubation will be so different vibrationally that you just won't resonate with those people anymore.

It can be frustrating to be going through this Ascension process and not only are you dealing with Ascension symptoms, having manic and depressive episodes sometimes all in one day (as emotions come up to be processed), but also you end up losing most of your friends! But whenever something is 'lost', it's only actually because it's more of a gain for you to lose it. Keeping something around that no longer suits you is not good for anyone, and the Universe is far too wise to let that happen for too long!

If you are in a period of incubation (as I have been these past two years), and you are feeling a draw to increase your social interactions, to get out into life and maybe do some things you haven't done in awhile or to learn some new things, then NOW IS THE TIME! You'll feel it inside when it is time to kind of come out of hiding again, just as the trees sense when spring is about and it's time to grow new leaves!

This Libra New Moon is the absolute perfect time to make new friends, or who knows, even a romantic connection if that's what you are desiring. It's the absolute perfect time to sign up for that new class, or plan that trip you've been thinking about.

You've got to feel it inside you. It's perfectly OK if you are not feeling ready to go out and start being a social butterfly like maybe you were at one point in your life. But if you are kind of feeling that nudge to make new connections, there's no replacement for just saying 'Screw it!' and going out there and doing it!


Whenever a planet transits Scorpio, it is going through the absolute deepest depths that it can go. Scorpio is the sign of death/rebirth; and the transmutation of darkness into the Light of healing and wisdom.

When a planet enters retrograde, it is not going into some awry place where it shouldn't go and causing havoc in your life (people seem to have this misconception about Mercury Retrograde). What is happening is it that it's moving backwards in relation to the other planets, so that the themes which that planet carries can be re-played, re-examined, and healed to a deeper level of completion than before.

Venus doesn't re-enter Libra until November 1, and until that time, we have an extended opportunity to review and re-negotiate with the inner themes of attachment and intimacy. (I can feel some of you gritting your teeth at this, LOL). And the absolute most potent way in which the Universe has us re-negotiate these themes is through romantic relationships and partnerships.

You may have dreams about old lovers or even hear from them this month. You might have a new love interest come into play, or have a current love interest fade away. Whatever happens is not as important as the themes that it brings up and the parts of yourself that you are forced to face because of what happens. Remember, the Universe knows best how you learn best.

Here's a potent question to consider: what would a healthy amount of intimacy without an unhealthy amount of attachment in a romantic relationship or partnership feel like? Unhealthy attachments rise out of expectations—said or unsaid—between lovers. These actually form unhealthy energetic chords between the lovers, too. How far can you go in leaving your Heart totally open toward the other person, while retracting any expectations of the other person? I know this is a lot easier said then done, but this is the direction we want to go, toward enlightened relationships and partnerships.

I highly recommended reading my article Three Pillars of 5D Relationships to learn more about the future of romantic relationships and partnerships.

Just remember, it's not about what happens on the outside, it's about the emotions you feel (karmic healing/cellular transmutation taking place), how you spiritually mature (attachment vis-a-vis intimacy), and the wisdom that you learn and then actually implement (which then puts you in a role to potentially guide others). What happens on the outside is always serving the evolution on the inside. Wishing you my most authentic and Heart-felt Blessings of Love, Harmony, and Renewal on this New Moon in Libra.

With Love,

Matthew John

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