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Updated: Aug 24, 2020


Happy New Moon in Leo! This New Moon becomes exact on Tuesday, August 18 at 10:42 p.m. New York time (02:42 GMT on August 19).

This is one of my favorite lunations, as I am a Leo Ascendant! It is a time to unleash your personality, humor and play. Let yourself be free and let yourself be yourself. It is a time to come out of hiding and express yourself!

Leo is the most childlike sign of the Zodiac, bringing with it an air of freedom, play and unabashedness. It is an aspect that we all carry within, though unfortunately most of us forget it is there as we journey from childhood to our teen years and into various stages of adulthood.

As adults, we can become so disconnected with how it feels to be a child. Lately, I have found myself recalling how amazing and adventurous everything was when I was a kid. How my friends and I would spend from after school until sundown playing sports and games in my backyard, taking breaks to drink my mother's delicious lemonade. My yard was the biggest in the neighborhood, so all the kids would congregate here.

I am so grateful for my dogs, as they bring me into that childlike consciousness constantly. Everything is exciting to a dog! My beloved dog Sebastian adores running outside in circles, chasing squirrels and then barking at them when they run up the trees. He has so much fun! One of the many irreplaceable gifts that dogs give to humans is helping us adults to learn to play again, to be present, and to ground to the Earth.

Most adults in today's Western world have become disconnected from their Inner Children. Society is structured in a way that most people don't have time to connect with their Inner Child, as they are too busy just trying to earn enough money to survive. And many of those who do make more than enough to survive end up finding themselves lost in illusions like gambling, alcohol, drugs and ungrounded sex.

In fact, one of the reasons that teens and adults find themselves so enamored with those things is that it gives them an outlet to play. (Note: I'm not saying there's anything inherently wrong with gambling, alcohol, certain herbal substances that are classified as drugs, or sex; it's all about how they are used.) But we can find ways to play while being totally sober and while not engaging in sexual activity. We can run around in circles with our dogs. We can make silly faces at our partner or kids. We can make jokes. We can go for a barefoot walk in the woods. We can take a family adventure to the ocean. We can play catch with a Nerf ball. We can go camping, put away our phones, and play board games. We can sing silly songs.

Doing an Inner Child meditation would be a great idea around this New Moon. I like to take myself in my mind to a beautiful forest scene and really sink into this setting. I then imagine my Inner Child approaching from a distance, and I ask him what is it he needs from me that I haven't been giving him? I embrace him, I hug him, and I make sure he feels like I am there for him and I am listening to him. If you've never done an Inner Child meditation before, you may find that your Inner Child shows up at the age that you feel like you experienced the most trauma and abuse. This is because whatever basic physical or emotional needs that weren't met by your caretakers at that age are what you then spend the rest of your lifetime healing.

The things that people say or do that trigger you most directly relate to those unmet needs of your Inner Child. As an awakening being, you now have the opportunity to heal your Inner Child and experience the liberation of being a fully integrated sovereign adult consciousness. To do this, we first must get to know the voice of the Inner Child and identify what needs he or she has.

When the Inner Child's needs haven't been met and then are continuously ignored during adulthood, the Inner Child must find a way to get the conscious attention of the operator of the consciousness. So, the Inner Child will put on a scary mask, so to speak, and become the Shadow. The Shadow Self can trigger you to act out in the darkest of ways, or even to attract people to treat you in nasty ways. The Shadow Self may sabotage your dreams and make it difficult for you to move forward.

The good news is that by listening to the voice of the Inner Child, the Inner Child feels seen, heard, and acknowledged, and thus doesn't need to morph into the Shadow to get your attention. When we consciously make the choice to honor those needs that the Inner Child has let us know he or she has, we can make rapid leaps forward in our spiritual development.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you get into deeper communion with your Inner Child. I would recommend journaling or voice journaling on these, if you have the time:

- If I had to guess, what would my Inner Child say about my life as it is now? Would (s)he be happy about it?

- If I had to guess, what would my Inner Child say about my current living environment? Would (s)he be happy about it?

- If I had to guess, what would my Inner Child say about my current job/career? Would (s)he be happy about it?

- If I had to guess, what kind of things have I been neglecting to give my Inner Child that (s)he needs?

– Which activities or creative endeavors from my childhood have I neglected lately?- Have I been taking life too seriously?

- Do I let myself fall into the trap of the seriousness of those around me?

- In what ways am I still mean or nasty to myself? How can I stop being mean or nasty to myself?

- Am I OK with failing? How could I learn to be OK and forgive myself when I fail or mess up?

- Do I forgive myself instantly or do I tend to hold things against myself?

- How could I practice instant self-forgiveness?

- Do I tend to let others' negative emotions take me over? How could I avoid this pitfall?

- Am I OK looking silly or stupid to others? Does what others think of me really actually matter?

- Am I truly honoring my deepest desires?


Did you know that souls have personalities too? That's right, in your higher form, you have a unique personality that other souls recognize in the afterlife/between lives space. Throughout your many incarnations, there have been certain personality traits that have been pervasive throughout your incarnations. If you have an unmistakable wit, for example, there's a high chance that you have been quite witty in other lifetimes too. And it would be likely that your soul's Highest Personality contains a healthy dose of wit as well!

There is such thing as a 'Higher Soul' and a 'Lower Soul'. The Higher Soul is the part of the soul that is pretty much aligned with the Higher Self, which holds the template of perfection for your experience here in the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions on the Earth Plane. The Lower Soul is the aspect of soul that has a personality, processes karma, plans lifetimes, and yes—even makes mistakes in doing so. The Lower Soul is like an incredibly intelligent person that has an huge amount of information to draw from, as well as a plethora of enlightened mentors (Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters), and using all of that information and guidance, it plans out incarnations as best that it can. However, the planning isn't always perfect, just like the Free Will choices you make in this lifetime aren't always perfect either (though in taking into account the paradox that is life, on another level every Free Will choice you make is perfect).

But to be sure, when planning out incarnations, the soul does it with joy, and a special sense of personality that the other souls in its soul group of 12 and monad of 144 recognize closely. And as you begin to spiritually ascend in this lifetime and reach higher and higher levels of consciousness, you will naturally shed layers of the lower ego that hold unsupportive aspects of personality—such as patterns of victimhood that you learned from your parents—and you will start to illuminate more of the soul aspect of your Higher Personality, which could contain such virtues as wit, charm, charisma and a radiance of inner love/beauty.

One of the best ways to bring out that Highest Personality is to focus on purity. As empaths, we tend to sponge up 'stuff' from others, and if we don't know how to set boundaries with others and shield or cleanse ourselves spiritually, we won't be able to experience our Highest Personalities coming to life. You can't be fully YOU if you're expressing all sorts of 'crap' from others!

To experience more purity, it is important to spend lots of time in sacred solitude, and time in nature. Man is a social creature, yes; however along the spiritual journey the importance of alone time cannot be understated.

It is also crucial to practice spiritual hygiene: take cleansing baths, use palo santo or sage, and use visualization and sound frequencies to keep yourself clear. Cut negative cords with people in your life. Avoid alcohol, marijuana, pornography, casual sex and horror movies to best keep yourself energetically clean. Also, exercise daily--it moves stuck energy out of your field. Check out my Spiritual Hygiene, Cord Cutting & Grounding 101 Webinar Here.


We have an interesting setup on this New Moon with Mars in its own sign of Aries forming a clashing square to Saturn (retrograde in its own sign of Capricorn) and Pluto (also in Capricorn). Mars in Aries represents the use of the will to accomplish anything; this is clashing with Saturn in Capricorn, which preaches conservatism and realism.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have been the driving forces behind the calamities of 2020. Mars in Aries has been representing the perseverance of the people of the world, despite the sickness, death, economic destruction and restrictions of freedom that have been occurring around them.

If you have found obstacle after obstacle coming into your path this year, you are not alone. In many ways 2020 is a massive test of inner strength for all human beings. With this aspect, you need to look at your situation realistically, but know that the Spiritual Warrior within you will carry you through your obstacles and to the success you are seeking.

Never give up on your dreams. Sometimes the Universe presents obstacles in your path in order to wake you up in some way or redirect your journey in some way; however, oftentimes the Universe puts hurdles in your path in order for you to face them fearlessly and leap over them! When presented with difficult issue or obstacles, ask yourself what would the Spiritual Warrior within me do?

Wishing you a very happy and playful New Moon in Leo!

With Love,

Matthew John

Audio version featured on Higher Self Channel & In5D Channel

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