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Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Happy New Moon in Gemini! This New Moon becomes exact on Monday, June 3 at 6:01 a.m. EDT (10:01 GMT).

With the Sun in the mutable air-sign of Gemini and the New Moon now mirroring that energy, it truly feels like Spring up here in the Northern Hemisphere. Everything is growing and flourishing. The Earth and its creatures can be seen frolicking and playing and enjoying the sunshine. It's the perfect time to take a flier from Mother Nature and to go out and enjoy life!

We tend to get into our own little comfort zones in life. We create routines and rituals and schedules; we have the markets and coffee shops that we frequent. Now, if you know me or have read my work, you know that I am a huge proponent of sticking to routines, rituals, and schedules, as the repetition of positive inputs into your life can really move you forward massively. However, there is also tremendous value in mixing things up once in awhile.

Gemini season is the perfect time to shake things up a bit! It's the ideal time to go out to a public place and talk to some new people, to make new friends, and to get reacquainted with old acquaintances. It's the perfect time to take a trip, try new cuisines, or sign up for a new class.

If you've read my work before, you'll know that I always invite you to take an honest look at your life on these New and Full Moons. So, today, I'll invite you to ask yourself this question: in what areas of your life do you feel like you have stifled yourself? What are the types of experiences you've been itching to have, or have felt missing from your experience?

The truth is that we move through different eras of our lives. That is inevitable. We might not ever be able to go back to the fun and freedom of our teen years, but we can bring some of the same themes that we miss from those younger years into our current lives in small but satisfying doses. Do you have music in your life? Do you have movement? Do you have fun? Do you have affection?

Allow yourself to be a little more exploratory, adventurous, and spontaneous over the next two weeks. Be open to new opportunities in all areas of life. With Mercury traversing its own sign of Gemini as well, it is an especially important time to honor the social being within you.

Human beings are social creatures, just like animals are. Many medical studies have alluded to the importance of social interaction and how it may reduce the risk of heart disease and other illnesses. If you have kind of been in 'hermit' mode lately, like a lot of us Lightworkers have been (me included), now is the time to get out and be social!

Venus moves into Gemini on June 8, so at that time the energies will be super-supportive toward networking, friendships, and dating. We may feel like we want to be everywhere at once and fraternizing with everyone at once, but it's important not to overload your schedule, to avoid overwhelm. The shadow side of Gemini can be the tendency to be too scattered, ungrounded, or even withdrawn.

To counter this potential pitfall of Gemini season, it's important to spend time communing with Mother Earth. The airy, light nature of Gemini reminds us of the unlimited potential of Nature. A forest that has been decimated by fires or over-logging will naturally become a thriving ecosystem in just a few years if left to its own wisdom. There are birds that can fly tens of thousands of miles without ever having to land. Every May in the U.S., tornadoes descend from the sky to destroy anything in their path that man has built, reminding us of the power of that innate wisdom of Nature, which we cannot control.

Gemini season is the time to dream big and meditate upon your unlimited potential. Instantaneous healing of any physical ailment or issue in your life is absolutely possible, because you are an unlimited being just dressed up as a human. All things are possible for your life. Dream BIG and expect the miraculous to occur. Train your mind to gravitate its focus and attention toward the best-case scenario, rather than the worst.


The next few weeks will also be an especially opportune time to get into deeper communion with your intuition. It's of note that this Gemini New Moon squares Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, where it crawls across that sign until 2025. While Neptune is in Pisces, we experience ourselves drawn more than ever before toward the spiritual, the subconscious mind, and yes, intuition.

I like to refer to that intuitive source of guidance inside as your Inner Compass. The keys to accessing your Inner Compass are twofold: relaxation and trust. The energies that most often block people's inner guidance are fear, worry, and distrust in themselves or life.

It is a general rule that if you want to access accurate intuitive messages, you must be relatively relaxed. Now, there are exceptions to this rule, such as instances when a striking feeling of fear or an undeniable sensation of uneasiness propels you to move out of a dangerous situation. That is the lifesaving intuitive mechanism that we all carry within. But, in general, to access that Inner Compass, the more relaxed your nervous system is, the more accurate the direction or messages are likely to be.

This is exactly why people tend to get really awesome ideas when they're in the shower or bath. You're enjoying the nice feeling of the warm water on your skin, you're connected to the negative ions of the earth, you're not focused on trying to figure everything out all at once, and then boom!--you get a really fabulous idea! I can't tell you how many times I get out of the shower late at night and run straight to my phone to write down an idea in the Notes section.

Going for a walk in nature or a swim in a lake, river, or ocean is also a great way to relax your body and connect with those negative ions, and you might just find the answer to that thing you've been trying to figure out coming to you effortlessly!

The other part of the equation is trust. So many of the people I work with in private sessions come to me with some sort of belief that their intuition is blocked, or that for some reason they can't hear their Guides or access any guidance. What I have found for sure in my years of working with people,and in trial and error in my own life, is that if you believe your intuition is blocked, then it most certainly is. Sometimes all it takes to really unlock someone's intuition is to convince them and help them to really feel that their intuition isn't actually blocked at all.

Sometimes someone will create a patriarchal or even matriarchal projection onto their Guides, where they are under the illusion that their Guides don't want to talk to them, are mad at them, or are ignoring them. They have created a projection that actually is just a reflection of the kind of attention and support that their parents never gave them.

The truth is that your Guides are always there for you, no matter what. They are with you from the moment of your conception until the last breath of beautiful air you take on this planet (and then they are there to guide you into the afterlife). They helped you to plan out this incarnation in great detail, and they are here to help keep you on track. They have been there in the past to perhaps save you from pitfalls that would have moved you off your predestined path. They listen to every word and can hear every thought. They are more supportive than perhaps any one human being has been capable of being in your life—and that includes your mother and your partner. The Guides operate from a Heart-centered space of Service that we as Ascending humans are just beginning to practice.

An important question to ask yourself is this: Do I really trust in life? It is easy to not fully trust in life when you've been been repeatedly traumatized, when people have hurt you, and when your plans have repeatedly gone south. It's happened to all of us. It takes tremendous courage to fully trust in life anyways, even after everything you've gone through.

When you fully trust in life, you fully trust in your Guides, and you fully trust in yourself. With this unshakable trust, it is easy and natural to access your Inner Compass. You learn to listen to the subtle feelings within. You learn to respect the timing of all things. Sometimes the things you most want are coming to you, but it's just not the time yet. There is more learning to do yet, or some other things must fall into place first.

Ideally, your intuition should align with your logic and your desire. When all three of those things line up, you know that the move you are pondering is definitely the right move. When one of those three markers of decision making isn't there, it's either because it may not be the right time, you may not have all the information, or you might need to ponder the decision further.

Wishing you Love, Blessings, and Healing on this Gemini New Moon,

Matthew John

Featured in audio form on Higher Self Channel and Higher Self Portal.


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