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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Happy New Moon in Cancer! This Cancer New Moon became exact at 1:32 PM New York time (17:32 GMT) on Monday, July 20. This is the second New Moon in Cancer in a month, and it also marks the end of Eclipse Season (woohoo!)

Not only have we made it to the conclusion of Eclipse Season, but we have also made it through Venus Retrograde, and Mercury has gone Direct! Finally, life seems to be moving with forward momentum, rather than being stuck in a spin cycle—though things are certainly going to still be coming up for healing (more on that later).

With this New Moon, we see a renewal of focus on the nurturing, emotional Divine Feminine aspect of life. It's a time to recommit to taking care of your body and to nurture the self while establishing a healthy balance between self and other as well as a better balance between the masculine and feminine energies within.

Are you allowing yourself to be nurtured? Nurturing can come from both the self and from others. One of the primary reasons that we seek companionship in this earthly life is to experience a feeling of being nurtured and cared for by another. The truth is, though, that any nurturing that we experience through another is a reflection of the nurturing we are desiring from ourselves.

Ideally, the compassion, nurturing and love that you receive from a partner will spark the awakening of a greater compassion, nurturing and love toward yourself from within yourself. If not, then you will find yourself relying on the volition of your partner to give the Inner Child within you what he or she feels they need, which actually pushes yourself further away from being able to give that to yourself.

If you are not currently in a partnership, or your partner isn't fully giving you what you need, then it's the perfect time to practice loving your own Heart. If you were to think of your own Heart as the most precious thing in the world—even more precious than a child, partner, parent or pet—how would you want it to be treated? You would probably want to give yourself a softness and nurturing that makes you feel fully accepted and valued.

When we are not fully acknowledging our own inherent worth and worthiness, we tend to seek validation in others. This validation-seeking behavior actually begins when we are very young. In whatever ways we felt rejected by our parents—whether they overtly expressed these rejections or not—we will then spend the rest of our life seeking validation for those rejected parts within, until those wounds are healed.

Remember that no one else will ever be able to heal the wounds within you, though we can certainly seek the help of healers and trusted love ones and friends to assist. However, there is no replacement for inner work and once you become willing to do the work you have already won half the battle.

Sometimes, when you start to heal your inner wounds and Shadow, there will be certain dialogue and behavior from others—including a partner and loved ones—that are no longer tolerable for you. It is important to assert your boundaries, however with these current astrological energies it will be mutual compassion and communication that will grow relationships, rather than hard all-or-nothing boundaries. More on this later.


Chiron, the wounded healer, has begun its movement Retrograde in fiery Aries, where it joins Mars in his own sign. It is facilitating the exposing of these Shadows within. The root of these Shadows are really karmic wounds. These karmic wounds from past lives will usually show up early in this lifetime in your relationship with your parents or caregivers, and then be repeated over the course of your life—often inconveniently showing up in intimate relationships.

These karmic wounds are always there to assist you in becoming the person you were meant to become in this Ascension lifetime. Recognize that when 'stuff' comes up to be processed within you, it is actually a sure sign of how far along you have actually come in your spiritual journey. The truth is, it is a privilege when wounds come up to be healed!

Masculine wounds may especially show up as a desire to try to control too much. It is natural to want to try to control things, especially when life is as uncertain as it is now. Letting go and surrendering more to Spirit can be a scary enterprise, but it is likely to be incredibly rewarding. If you think back over your life, you'll probably find that the most magical things in your life have come either unexpectedly or in unexpected ways. You probably weren't pushing for any particular outcome, and at that point the Universe decided it was time to bless you with something magical.

Everything in life happens in Divine Timing. We always have Free Will to alter our paths, however we will always receive exactly what we need to grow and expand, regardless of the individual choices that we make along the journey. There are no wrong decisions, only different paths and timelines. When you're wondering what is the right thing to do, sometimes it's a matter of just giving the decision to God and letting life lead you.

We have an interesting opposition in this New Moon chart, with the sun and moon in feminine Cancer (cardinal, water) opposing Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in masculine Capricorn (cardinal, earth) (the sun/moon-Saturn opposition is nearly exact). All of the planets in Capricorn have been responsible for the harshness of 2020 and its worldwide health, social and economic effects. The opposing Cancer energies are bringing in an influx of the Divine Feminine softness.

This is a good time to experience resolution both within and without. Within yourself, seek to find resolution to what has been troubling you, including any 'big' karmic wounds that are coming up. It is by accepting what you are feeling and what is going inside that you will find resolution—not by pushing away feelings or emotions. Embrace everything you feel inside like a good parent embracing their child when he or she is upset. Nothing that you feel is wrong.

Whatever you feel coming up that feels uncomfortable or icky—give yourself the opposite vibration. If you feel left out or left behind, give yourself unconditional love. If you don't feel heard, then honor your needs first before you serve others. If you feel like you can't do anything right, then give yourself praise and attention. Whatever you feel that doesn't feel good, think of what the opposite vibration would be, then give yourself that.

These energies should bring a softness and closeness to relationships that have become hard and distant. Seeking common ground with others and approaching interpersonal issues with softness and compassion will make resolution and enhanced intimacy likely. Approaching things with too much of a hardness may cause things to break.


With this intense opposition, we are naturally seeking to reach a place of resolution between self and other over the next 28 days. One of the funny things about this 'Game of Life' is that each one of us is an individuated consciousness with complete Free Will, yet everything we do affects 'The Field' (of consciousness) that we are all hooked into.

Humans are naturally social creatures, and as much as we have a need for companionship, we also have a need for solitude. Some of us avoid ourselves by seeking other people; some of us avoid opportunities for joy and fulfillment in social opportunities by focusing too much on ourselves; while some of us have achieved a healthy balance between the self and the other. Which category do you fall into?

When you find yourself overwhelmed by the energies of others or over-pressured by companionship or teamwork, it can be very helpful and healing to take a break from other people and experience the peace of solitude. Taking a trip out in nature to experience this solitude is far more healing than experiencing it while staying connected to social media and television.

This opposition between Cancer and Capricorn that we are experiencing is also a divine opportunity to experience a greater balance between the masculine and feminine energies within. Regardless of your sex or gender, you carry both masculine and feminine energies within you.

Ideally, we should form a fluid relationship between the masculine and feminine sides of self that will allow for us to surrender to Spirit as equally as we plan things out in advance. If you are finding yourself trying to control things too much and experiencing frustration or setbacks, then the perfect remedy is to surrender the timing and the outcomes to Spirit (or God). It doesn't mean you stop trying to create what you want to create; rather, you simply surrender being in control of the how, the when, and the what it looks like.

If you find yourself confused about your direction, an excellent remedy can be to create opportunities for further self-discipline by taking on new healthy habits that serve your body, mind and spirit. Self-discipline will get your mind off of trying to figure out the future and bring you back more into the present moment, where you are truly creating your life. The more supportive rituals that you keep yourself to, the more you will see your vibration naturally attracting that which you have asked for.


Sometimes we ask for things in life, and then when it actually shows up in our experience we resist it due to it being a new and uncomfortable vibrational experience. No one asks for something worse to come into your life; we all want to experience more joy, health, peace and fulfillment. But when you ask for something new—whether consciously or unconsciously--the Universe is going to bring it to you--but along with it it is also going to bring the trials, tribulations and requirements for inner work that you will have to master to a certain extent in order to keep what you actually asked for.

When something new comes into your life that you wanted, like a new relationship or an influx of money, although at first it is going to seem like a completely fresh and organic experience, over time your subconscious mind will start to exert influence over the newness. The subconscious is a product of your past (by definition it cannot be a product of your future unless you consciously shift it through affirmations, meditation, hypnosis, subliminals, or positive self-talk), so it is going to start to interpret the new things in your life through the lens of the past.

Your subconscious will try to either sabotage what you have asked for or make you unhappy, even though it's exactly what you asked for. It's akin to someone who has chronically low self-esteem and constantly tries to make him or herself feel better by purchasing a new outfit, getting a new hairstyle or putting on a new style of makeup. No matter what they do, the voices within them will still tell them that they are inadequate and then they will feel the negative emotions that align with those thoughts, because their subconscious is still in charge of the program.

When you realize this, you can really assist the Higher Self in making the changes it wants for you by becoming more and more aware of your own subconscious's bullshit. Recognize when you are self-sabotaging. Become alert to when you are brooding or blaming. Realize when you are acting passive-aggressively or playing the martyr. In order to ascend, it's crucial to become more and more self-aware and to learn to see when one has started to replay old patterns that are not helpful or supportive of the person you are desiring to become.


Cancer is the nurturing homebody of the Zodiac. It is the oasis that the more explorative signs like Sagittarius and Aries come home to to anchor, ground and build. Regardless of your birth chart, it is the perfect time to contemplate what home means to you.

Is your current home environment providing you what you need to grow and expand? Are the people you are spending the most time with supporting your highest evolution?

If you don't feel like your current home environment is providing you with what you need to grow, then what kind of home environment do you desire? Who is there with you (or are you alone)? What does the scenery look like? How does it feel?

If you feel like your ideal home life is a lot different than your current home life, then what steps can you take starting with this New Moon to start the process of manifesting your dream?

Home also has to do with the home that is your body and mind. What would it feel like to surrender completely to the experiencing of being in your body, even if you are in chronic physical discomfort like so many Lightworkers are on this journey? What would it feel like if your mind was a source of comfort and peace rather than distraction, worry or confusion?

Take whatever steps you can over the next 28 days to bring greater balance to your body, and make mental peace and clarity a priority. Targeted supplements and nutrition for the brain is crucial if you are not experiencing peace in the mind, however, meditation is truly irreplaceable. It would be of tremendous benefit to all Lightworkers to incorporate at least five minutes of daily meditation into their routines (ideally more!). The meditation can be any type you'd like!


If you set intentions for the next six months on the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Cancer 28 days ago, then now is the time to start to step on the gas pedal with all you want to manifest. Now that Eclipse season is over and Mars is in Aries, the time for rapid manifestation is now. Move forward on your dreams!

It is also a good idea to set some new intentions for what you'd like to manifest over the next 28 days during this moon cycle.

Wishing you a miraculous and healing New Moon in Cancer.

With Love,

Matthew John

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