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Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Happy New Moon in Cancer! This New Moon at approximately 7 degrees of Cancer becomes exact at 10:52 PM New York time on Tuesday, June 28 (02:52 GMT on June 29).

Cancer is the cardinal water sign of the Zodiac, as it initiates summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It is ruled by the moon, which is the overseer of the emotional body. During Cancer season we tend to feel very emotional; we can cry at the drop of a hat. Interest grows in the feminine aspects of life. We feel a great call to enjoy the outdoors, to hug, to have alone time, to meditate, and to connect with our family.

Cancer is the ruler of the Fourth House, the House of Home. During Cancer season, we naturally feel inclined to connect with family, and to take care of our homes. Cleaning, organizing, and redecorating your home is a good idea during Cancer season.

During Cancer season, we connect with the nurturing aspect of self, a capacity that we all carry within. If you have children, focus on becoming the best parent possible. Or whoever you are in a position of taking care of—other family members, pets, plants, etc.--be the best, most nurturing parent that you can be.

Also, don’t forget that another important aspect of expressing that nurturing part of self is nurturing the self. Anything that is promoting of self-care is a great idea during Cancer season (e.g. meditation, exercise, going for a massage, watching a ‘comfort movie’).

Cancer is a cardinal water sign that is represented by the crab and ruled by the moon. The crab likes to explore the beach at its own pace; however, whenever it feels threatened or overchallenged it retreats back into the safety of its shell. In its shell, it feels nurtured and safe. One of the downfalls of Cancer is that it can be fearful, hermit-like, or overly defensive.

When eventually we reach the upper levels of the third dimension and into the fifth dimension, there isn't as much of a reason anymore for the 'lower' emotions like sadness, anger, and jealousy; however, for now, here in the third dimension, it's part of our mission and part of our Ascension processes to honor all emotions within--rather than pushing them away or judging them.

What is it like to just feel an uncomfortable emotion? To just sit with it for a moment? To remove judgment from it and just let it be? The truth is that when we push away uncomfortable emotions within, we only make the Shadow aspect within (which could be said to be the projection of the amalgam of the unhealed/unfelt/unexpressed parts of self) stronger.

Allow the Shadow self to be, to exist. Allow the uncomfortable/inconvenient emotions to pop up once in awhile, and give them the time of day to be felt and honored. You'll find if you do this that your overall experience of life will become more satisfying. The happy times become more sustainable when the Shadow within is honored.

Cancer is also the sign of the Divine Feminine—it naturally enjoys mothering and nurturing. It is the womb of the Zodiac. During Cancer season, we strongly desire to be nurtured and to nurture others. It is the time to connect with the feminine/moon aspects of life in all ways, and with water.

We also may naturally feel more emotionally reactive during Cancer season. Cancer/the moon rules emotions. As human beings, we are here to experience a whole range of emotions. All emotions are valid; it's just that each emotion is at a different frequency. Our soul puts us here to experience the whole range of emotions here in the third dimension.

As I said, Cancer is associated with the home, in all ways. We feel a natural call during Cancer season to come home in all ways that that may be. Some people may feel called to travel to or reconnect with their family of origin. Some may put effort into improving the look and feel of their physical home. Others may go camping or hiking in the woods in order to re-establish the feeling of being home with Mother Earth. Or you might find yourself doing all three!

Swimming in lakes, ponds, rivers, and the ocean is a great idea during Cancer season, as it connects you physically and energetically with the water element. Make sure you're staying extra hydrated, too, especially when the inevitable heat waves hit.

We are likely to feel more connected with our pets and the Animal Kingdom during this time. Our pets don't speak English, but they feel our emotions, and we can feel theirs. Personally, nothing makes me feel better when I feel emotional, frustrated, sad, or lonely than hugging my dog.

Cancer season is also a deeply intuitive time, but this is an especially intuitive time, with this New Moon coinciding with a powerful Neptune Station (Neptune being the most psychic of the planets). Your psychic senses will be on point, and there is a sense of a thinning of the veils. Intuitive guidance may come to you naturally even if you feel like you have struggled receiving guidance before.


Cancer is the nurturing homebody of the Zodiac. It is the oasis that the more explorative signs like Sagittarius and Aries come home to to anchor, ground and build. Regardless of what your birth chart looks like, it is the perfect time to contemplate what home means to you.

Is your current home environment providing you what you need to grow and expand? Are the people you are spending the most time with supporting your highest evolution?

If you don't feel like your current home environment is providing you with what you need to grow, then what kind of home environment do you desire? Who is there with you (or are you alone)? What does the scenery look like? How does it feel?

If you feel like your ideal home life is a lot different than your current home life, then what steps can you take starting with this New Moon to start the process of manifesting your dream? If your home isn't really working for you but you don't desire to or are not in the position to change locales, then what could be done to improve your relationship with those with whom you live? Could you perhaps be more tolerant and less emotionally reactive without letting yourself get walked over or disrespected?

Could you be a little bit more open to interacting in ways or on topics that aren't necessarily 'home' for you. Sometimes, asking the question, “What are you interested in?” can really transform an uncomfortable relationship.

Home also has to do with the home that is your body and mind. What would it feel like to surrender completely to the experiencing of being in your body, even if you are in chronic physical discomfort like so many Lightworkers are on this journey?

What would it feel like if your mind was a source of comfort and peace rather than distraction, worry or confusion? How could you do a better job of making yourself feel safe regardless of what is going on in the outside world?

Take whatever steps you can over the next 28 days to bring greater balance to your body, and make mental peace and clarity a priority. Meditation, breathwork, yoga, tai chi, and nature walks/swims are really good ways to give your nervous system a feeling of safety.

Targeted supplements and nutrition for the brain are crucial if you are not experiencing peace in the mind, however, meditation is truly irreplaceable. It would be of tremendous benefit to all Lightworkers to incorporate at least five minutes of daily meditation into their routines (ideally more!). The meditation can be any type you'd like!

With this New Moon, we see a renewal of focus on the nurturing, emotional Divine Feminine aspect of life. It's a time to recommit to taking care of your body and to nurture the self while establishing a healthy balance between self and other, as well as a better balance between the masculine and feminine energies within--and an improved relationship between your self-care and your role in the outside world.

Cancer—which is the Divine Mother of the Zodiac—can help us to establish a healthy balance

between accepting nurturance, love and support from loved ones and friends with establishing and maintaining emotional independence.

When we have wounds and traumas that are yet unhealed, we may tend to over-rely on others to help us feel safe, 'OK' or validated in certain ways; likewise, some of us may go in the other direction and keep our feelings and emotions locked up inside for fear of being judged or seen as weak. Both sides of the spectrum are unhealthy and miscalibrated, but somewhere in the middle we can find a healthy balance of sharing our thoughts, feelings and concerns when we feel the need to, with being fully adept at handling our range of emotions on our own. Remember that no one else will ever be able to heal the wounds within you, though it can certainly be helpful (and wise) to seek the help of healers, therapists and trusted loved ones and friends to assist. However, there is no replacement for inner work--and once you become willing to do the work, you have already won half the battle.

One of the most difficult parts of being a human being is having to experience (and handle) the whole gamut of emotions. It is natural to want to avoid feeling uncomfortable emotions like sadness or anger—this is why so many people find it difficult (or even embarrassing) to cry. In fact, our subconscious mind does whatever it can to make sure we don't have to feel the uncomfortable emotions that are stored within. It will create our reality in a way that we will be able to avoid feeling the unfelt emotions within that became 'stored' during instances or prolonged experiences of mental, emotional and/or physical trauma—especially those that occurred during childhood.

So unless you grew up with parents or caregivers who taught you how to talk about, handle and alchemize your emotions—which is uncommon in our society—you may have picked up unhealthy coping mechanisms along the way. These unhealthy coping mechanisms directly lead to addictive patterns and other patterns of self-sabotage. The opportunity to unravel and heal those unhealthy coping mechanisms comes when one embarks on a conscious awakening journey, often seeking out teachers, healers, books, videos, seminars, courses, therapists, plant medicine, etc.

In my opinion, one of the most important tools that we can learn in life is to honor all of our emotions. This allows for a proper flow of energy to run through the sacral chakra—the emotional center--as well as helping you to learn how to be a healthy, emotionally balanced human.

I believe that we all hold a reservoir of 'unfelt' and unprocessed emotions within. These 'unfelt' and unprocessed emotions create energetic blockages in the energy field. These blockages can cause physical issues down the line if not alchemized.

When you feel sad, stop and take a moment to fully feel and honor the sadness. Let the tears come through. You'll find that once you allow the sadness to be deeply felt, you'll feel a lightness wash over you. This is exactly why we feel better after crying!

When you feel angry, triggered or resentful, avoid expressing the anger outwardly, as that only creates more of the energy you're trying to dispel. Rather, take some deep breaths, step away from the situation and then feel the anger deeply, but within yourself.

Just taking a moment to feel anger within (rather than 'without'), transmutes some of that reservoir of 'unfelt' emotion within. You'll likely find the anger dissipating and a feeling of peace, well-being and gratitude washing over you if you practice this exercise—unless your mind brings it back again afterwards.


The most significant aspect to be found in this New Moon chart is a nearly-exact square between Jupiter in Aries and the sun/moon. Squares are contentious aspects, but they also provide tremendous opportunities for growth by challenging us to grow and expand through obstacles. This is especially relevant here, as Jupiter is the planet of growth, and it is in fiery, powerful Aries—the ruler of the First House and the ‘starter energy’ of the Zodiac.

So, over the next 28 days we may face significant obstacles in whatever we are trying to grow in our lives—but especially in business, career, and wider social relations (more related to groups of people than family or couple stuff). If we can overcome whichever obstacles the Universe presents to us, we may find that the momentum we gain from our perseverance really drives us forward powerfully into our future.

The other side of this strong Jupiter-sun/moon aspect has to do with the ego. As the sun rules over the ego, and Jupiter rules over growth, we must be weary of the ego becoming too powerful over the next 28 days. With this aspect, it seems like when your ego gets out of control, the Universe will likely ‘check you’ or humble you.

I always discuss the ego at length during Leo season, so I will do that next month, however in brief, let me remind you that the ego is absolutely not a ‘bad thing’--it is in fact completely necessary to our experience of being an incarnate human here on earth!

The ego-personality is a wonderful tool to experience the physical world, and in fact our souls have personalities! I believe that personality is a sign of the magic of individuality on every level—each soul is unique, each plant and animal is unique, and perhaps even each photon of light is unique?

So uniqueness and ego-personalities are a wonderful aspect of existence itself. But here in the third dimension, it’s really easy for our ego-identities and ego-personalities to grow out of control and become disconnected from the Heart. We can see this most clearly in greedy and power-hungry people like politicians.

So this next 28 days will likely serve as a reminder that the Heart frequency—genuine love and compassion for others—is far more important to our individual and collective evolutions than self-gain, arrogance, or egoism.


Jupiter coincidentally also makes a nearly exact sextile to Venus in Gemini, making this an extremely lucky time to make a new romantic connection. I anticipate many New Earth couples making their initial connection over the next 28 days.

When Venus is in chatty, fearless Gemini, we tend to be in the mood to meet new people--especially in a romantic context. And Jupiter in Aries (where it is joined by Mars in its home sign) is a very sexual, libidinous aspect. Together in an opportunistic sextile, love is in the air.

For those couples that already are together or have recently met and are pursuing courtship, the next 28 days will likely grow your love for one another and mature your relationship. Savor this time together; if things are working, they will likely continue to click.

And of course as a caveat to mention, if it’s not working, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will. Astrology is a template for possibilities, but is not necessarily predictive. So don’t unnecessarily drag out a relationship that has passed its expiration date.

Also, this is a great time to produce art of all types, especially with Neptune’s Station and Retrograde. During the Neptune Retrograde, we can re-explore dreams and visions of our past—and if you are an artist, you can put pen-to-paper, paintbrush-to-canvas, or clay-to-fire—or whatever your art form is!


Mars, the planet of action, it its home sign of Aries, sextiles the Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius on this New Moon. This means that over the next 28 days it is a very opportunistic time to take actions that will contribute to building structures that will sustain into the future.

For example, now would be a great time to land a new job or a promotion if you’re looking for those things. It would also be a great time to launch a new product or course if you’re an entrepreneur, as whatever you create/launch during this time is likely to bring you sustained success.

It is also a great time to work out and push your physical body, as Mars in Aries loves to push the physical body, and Saturn rules over long-term health. A new workout routine could really improve your long-term health and vitality.


I haven’t discussed Black Moon Lilith in awhile, but she joins the sun and moon on this New Moon chart, squaring Jupiter--making her presence loud and clear. As a reminder, Black Moon Lilith is a fictitious point that represents the moon’s shadow. Topics that are concerned with Black Moon Lilith include the suppressed Divine Feminine, the Dark Feminine, the Dark Psyche, taboos, and the underbelly/what is hidden from plain sight in society.

I wrote this article late at night, just hours before the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade dropped. What I wrote was that I had a feeling that the Roe v. Wade decision would drop during the next 28 days, with Black Moon Lilith joining the sun/moon and squaring Jupiter (meaning something restrictive could be coming). Well, it happened even sooner than I expected.

I don’t want the comment section to become a political debate—please debate this topic elsewhere if you feel the need to--but to me, this is an abominable decision.

I explained my thoughts on this subject pretty clearly in a video I made regarding Black Moon Lilith last year, when abortion rights came under attack by a new Texas law, so I will direct those who want to hear my thoughts on the issue to that video. I also discussed how to figure out how your Black Moon Lilith sign affects you. Here it is, I highly recommend watching it if you haven’t already.

With us being in Cancer season, and Black Moon Lilith’s presence being emphasized, it is time to amplify the Divine Feminine energies in all ways. This is a time for women and persons with more female energy to really shine their light fearlessly! This is especially necessary with Mars and Jupiter’s presence in Aries, which at times can amplify the Dark Masculine, which can be a suppressive and sometimes violent energy.

This Supreme Court decision is a striking example of the Dark Masculine wishing to take control over women’s bodies. This also correlates with the exalted Mars squaring Pluto in Capricorn on this New Moon. With Mars square Pluto, some people feel the desire to try to control others.

There will of course be lots of protests and marches and rallies over the coming days and maybe weeks, where women and people of all sexes and genders can express their outrage. I see the protests as a fiery rising of the Divine Feminine energies. The patriarchy likes for women to stay in a little box and not make a fuss, like it’s still 1948. One positive aspect of Mars square Pluto is that it can provide energy for those that are suppressed to break out and break free. This is a crucial time for women to speak up about women’s rights in all forms.

My hope is of course that the protests stay peaceful. Mars and Jupiter in Aries, plus Mars squaring Pluto is definitely a powder keg energy, but let’s hope for peacefulness. Voices need to be heard, but destruction and violence in the streets do no good for anyone, at all.

For men too, getting in touch with your feminine side and making a conscious effort to understand women and the female element better during this time would be a valuable contribution to societal progression. This does not require sacrificing one’s masculinity in any way whatsoever, and in fact will make you a more balanced man.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, peaceful and healing New Moon in Cancer!

With Love,

Matthew John

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