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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! This Full Moon becomes exact on Sunday, August 22 at 8:01 AM New York Time (12:01 GMT). This is the second consecutive Full Moon in Aquarius! It is called a Blue Moon, because it is the second Full Moon in the same sign within a 30-day period.

Because it is the second consecutive Full Moon in Aquarius, the energies 'double-down' on the first Aquarius Full Moon. It is also exalted, because it is in the last degree of a sign (it's as if it wants to make a strong impact before moving to the next sign). The same themes we discussed four weeks ago will be present over the next 28 days, yet even stronger!

Aquarius is a fixed air sign that is associated with equality, group consciousness, technology, and the Higher Mind. It is represented symbolically by the 'water bearer'--a healer that pours healing waters onto the land to reach everyone and everything. It is an optimistic sign that reminds us of our highest potential, especially in groups and as one collective human race. We are reminded that even when it seems like we are all alone, we really aren't, because we are all spiritual beings having a human experience--and we are inseparable from the collective consciousness of our human race on this planet.

The opposition between the sun and moon creates the opportunity to explore the balance between self and other, as well as between self and the group. Leo the Lion personifies the need of the self to express through the creation of an ego. Ego is not at its core a bad thing; rather, it is the vehicle for which the soul gets to experience an earthly personality. That opposes Aquarius, which shows us how we can experience being a part of a group and a collective.

The Aquarian energy requires teamwork to really thrive. We are all individuals on individual healing journeys, but we are also one collective on a collective Ascension journey. It is not possible to separate yourself from the whole. How are you contributing to the healing of the planet and of the human race on a daily basis? The more you are contributing, then naturally the more whole you are going to feel, because you will be fulfilling the exact mission you came here to realize.

Unlike Leo, where the inflated ego is celebrated, Aquarius encourages the deflation of egos so that the many can merge into the one. This is the energetic trajectory of our planet, as we are in the planetary Age of Aquarius.


This is a much luckier Aquarius Full Moon than the one 28 days ago! This Full Moon conjuncts Jupiter (which is Retrograde in Aquarius). Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth, and abundance, lends a welcoming hand of auspiciousness to this Full Moon chart. It's the perfect time to experience expansion and growth in all good things! Don't be afraid to take wise risks now, because they will probably pay off!

With Venus in Libra trining a Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius, it is a lucky time for long-term commitments in romantic relationships as well as success with long-term investments. Commitments and investments made over the next 28 days are likely to work out well.

The North Lunar Node--which is currently Retrograde in Gemini—trines Venus and Saturn as well, forming a Grand Air Trine. The commitments and investments you make now will likely lead you in the right direction of your soul's mission on Earth.

Those in romantic relationships may feel a draw to 'move things to the next stage'. You might feel like you need to 'lock each other down' so you both feel safe and content that you're going to last long-term. Venus is in charming, balanced, and fair Libra right now so it is really a good time to see your relationship from the most optimistic and ascended view.

If things feel good; if you feel like you're seen and heard; if communication in the relationship is smooth; if you share a similar vision of what you want; if you feel totally comfortable in your own skin with your partner; and if you feel like you are the best version of yourself with your partner, these are all signs that perhaps it may really be a great time to take that next step forward in your relationship, however that may look. By doing so, you very well may be moving yourself in the direction of your soul's Highest mission!

Just make sure that you and your partner are on the same page with everything. Mercury in practical, thorough Virgo opposes Neptune, which is traveling Retrograde in its home sign of Pisces. When they oppose one another, communication issues can arise—especially around unrealistic or unmet expectations.

If relationship commitment isn't a relevant topic for you right now, then ask yourself what career/business commitments and/or financial investments could you make now that will lead you forward on the path of your soul's Highest mission? Also, what knowledge could you gather—in the form of courses, books podcasts, or videos—that will lead you in that direction?


One other note on Mercury opposing Neptune: be extra discerning of psychic or intuitive information that you gather at this time, especially through clairaudience. You may be naturally skeptical of intuitive and psychic information right now with Mercury in Virgo, which is a good thing in my opinion. When you have a healthy skeptic in your head, you are more discerning and patient with intuitive and psychic information and channelings, whether it's coming through you or another.

You may feel like sensory overload is an issue right now, so stay away from overconsumption of the news. Dreams may be extra vivid or odd at this time. Write down your dreams and be patient with your interpretation of them.

Try your best during this time to merge logic with intuition. Mercury in Virgo perfectly represents the left brain, and Neptune in Pisces perfectly represents the right brain! When the two brain hemispheres work in harmony and logic and intuition become friends rather than adversaries, you become a strong, quick, and grounded decision-maker, as well as someone who has a good understanding of what's going on in the outside world.

If you'd like to learn more on how to use intuition and logic harmoniously, please check out my Mastering Your Intuition webinar.


Mars is in normally-reserved-and-practical Virgo right now; however, it forms a nearly exact trine to unpredictable, uninhibited and adventurous Uranus, which is traveling Retrograde in Taurus. Thus, we feel a call for adventure and exploration, with a thirst for new experiences.

This would be a great time to take a fun class on a new skill or subject for you; or to do a physical activity that you've never done before, like scuba diving or rock climbing. Use your logic (Virgo) to plan out a fun trip filled with activities (Mars)--but also leave space for spontaneity (Uranus), especially when it comes to exploring nature (Taurus). (And please be safe and wise.)

If you're not really in the position to do anything big right now, then make a commitment with me to do one new or out-of-the-box thing that you haven't done in awhile within the next 28 days! Plan a day to let yourself be spontaneous and adventurous!


We are in an unusual time when all the outer planets—including Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—plus Chiron (the asteroid belt) and the North Lunar Node are all Retrograde! This spells chaos and reconfiguration in the outside world (as the outer planet retrogrades tend to have more of a 'macro' effect, affecting the 'out-there' world more apparently than the inner world).

The poster child for this right now is the crisis in Afghanistan. That nation is undergoing a chaotic reconfiguration, and back home in the United States of America, the people are undergoing a reconfiguration in how they see the U.S. Military and government's role and motives in international affairs.

May we send our prayers to the Afghan people, and may war and fighting permanently cease on this planet. May men and women (and all genders, for that matter) see each other as equals and may freedom of speech, expression, and faith be universally honored.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate you. Have a Blessed and Lucky Full Moon in Aquarius!

With Love,

Matthew John

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