Happy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn! This Full Moon becomes exact on Sunday, July 5 at 12:44 AM New York Time (04:44 GMT). The penumbral eclipse reaches its apex 15 minutes earlier. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the moon moves through just the outer part of the Earth's shadow.

This is the final of three consecutive eclipses surrounding the mid-year solstice, and it is also the final in a series of eclipses on the Capricorn-Cancer axis that began on January 6, 2019.

I want you to congratulate yourself on just making it this far in one piece! Three eclipses, five planets and the moon's North Node all retrograde, and Mars in Aries are creating a potentially challenging landscape. We are also still feeling the effects of the Solstice's influx of a new level of heightened cosmic energies (this is what people were intuiting when they were predicting a 'grand solar flash', in my opinion). Not only that, but we have solar wind flowing from a coronal hole in the sun that will reach Earth on July 5 and 6.

So YEAH, there's a lot going in the cosmos right now. And I don't have to tell you that there's a lot going on in the world! For some parts of the world, life has pretty much returned to normal, and for other parts—like here in the United States--life is still a bit strange.

This eclipse falls right on Independence Day here in the U.S., which may perhaps signal a rebirth for our nation. More on that later.

If I had to use just one of the twelve zodiac signs to describe the energy of 2020, it would absolutely be Capricorn. With the powerful outer planets of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all transiting the sign of the goat this year, the attention has been turned squarely on how we can solve the real, practical issues of Planet Earth as one unified human race, in order to actually align this planet with the energy of Aquarius, which is bringing about this latest (and most ascended yet) Golden Age.

The goat also brings our attention to the landscape of our earthly lives and asks us to tend to the physical aspects of existence. Our relationships are requiring nourishing; our homes are needing cleansing; our bodies are needing to purge toxins, and to rest.

I hear comments on every moon that my journal prompts are very helpful, so here are some things to journal on to get you in touch with the most realistic view of the landscape of your life. From a place of groundedness, it is much easier to make forward progress through instituting new strategies and making courageous choices.

- Do I feel like my current living environment is supporting my Highest Evolution?

- If not, then what type of environment would better support that? What steps would I need to put into motion to be able to make that change sometime within the next year?

- If yes, then does my environment need some cleansing? Or is there something new and exciting I can add to it?

- If I am in a partnership, do I feel like my partnership is supporting my Highest Evolution?

- If not, then what might be the Highest Possible Resolution to this relationship?

- If yes, then is it time to add something new to the partnership? (e.g. a new adventure,a new pet, a new member of the family, a new shared activity, etc.)

- Do I feel like my current job or career is supporting my Highest Possible Evolution? - If not, then what might be the Highest Possible Resolution to my career path?

- If yes, then what is a new and exciting project that will enhance my business or career?

- If I lost my job due to the pandemic: what if the Universe were attempting to reroute me toward my true path of Service work? Is there an inclination somewhere inside me as to what my dharma (or mission) might be?

- Do I feel like my mind is supporting my Highest Possible Health and Highest Possible Evolution overall? If not, then which chronic thought patterns might be holding me back?

- Do I have a tendency to create unnecessary drama in my life?

- If yes, then did this somehow serve me when I was younger? Is there a part of me that might fear missing out on something important if I were to let go of drama long-term?

- Do I feel like the five people I spend the most time with or the most time talking to are supporting my Highest Possible Path and Highest Possible evolution overall?

- If not, then what type of people would I like to attract into my inner circle of five? If I had to guess, how might I meet these new people?

- What baggage am I currently carrying that has gotten too heavy for me to carry any longer?

- What changes do I feel like my Higher Self or Soul is asking for me to make over the next six months?

- Do I feel like my daily habits are currently supporting my Highest Possible Health and Highest Possible Evolution overall?If not, which supportive habits might I be able to add to my daily repertoire that would put me back on my Highest Possible Path?

-If yes, then would it be helpful to perhaps mix up my daily routines and health habits, or try something new? Or should I stick with what is already working?

- What is my body asking of me? Better nutrition? More exercise? More sleep? Better sleep? Less stress? More deep breathing? Fasting? Cleansing? All of the above?

- What kind of plan could I put together TODAY to give my body just what it needs to heal, grow and flourish over the next six months (and beyond), regardless of what is going on in the outside world right now?

Journaling on the above prompts can really help you to organize your mind so that you will be able to more easily draw up a map for the next six months of your life and beyond.


Mars moved into its home sign of Aries on June 29, bringing an alignment that will really allow for quick manifestation, especially when it is aligned with your soul's mission. Saturn, the planet of karma and authority, has moved back into its own sign of Capricorn, joining with Jupiter and Pluto. The trio forms a quincunx to the North Node of the moon retrograde in Gemini, as many of us who are already on our way to manifesting our dharma are being asked to recreate and re-imagine how we are going to actually manifest it. The worldwide pandemic and economic collapse has made having an online presence a necessity for most spiritual entrepreneurs (and most entrepreneurs in general).

Sadly, many of the bars, restaurants and local shops that have closed during the pandemic will never open again. With perhaps at least another year of COVID-19 trouble facing us, the economy of our country and the world will never be the same after this. The U.S. Is currently facing its highest unemployment rates since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and it isn't likely to get a whole lot better anytime soon. It's likely we will see reopenings and then reclosings, varying widely based on each state.

Not only that, but on our current timeline, it appears that so many of today's physical labor and customer service jobs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence more and more as time goes on. We have reached a point in the evolution of widely-distributed technology where we will begin to see exponential growth in the complexity of AI. This means that AI will become more and more able to manage larger and larger systems (it's already happening: just look at social media!). Many jobs will simply fall by the wayside, just as occurred due to the Industrial Revolution, but this time on a much larger scale.

The Universal income will likely become regular in most nation-states as a means to keep the poorer classes from revolting. Should this continue to be the trajectory, the upper class will remain just as rich, if not more; the middle class will mostly be a memory.

So if you are an entrepreneur that is thinking long-term, you want to develop something that will be relevant in the future, and not just now. Luckily, for those of you in the spiritual and healing services industry, our niche will become more and more relevant as more and more of the planet awakens.

As I mentioned previously, Saturn has re-joined Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. The last time that these three planets were together in Capricorn was 1284! These three planets together have been driving the worldwide pandemic and economic collapse. But opportunity is always born from chaos. If you can use this pandemic as an opportunity to restructure your life (and even your career), you will have used this time well.

We also have the tremendous opportunity of having Sirius-A line up perfectly with our Sun in the sky, opening up a portal to Sirius. For those of you who are Sirian starseeds (like my Beloved and I), you will definitely feel a connection with the homeland! For all of us it really just enhances the opportunity for magical creations!

Although this pandemic and economic collapse is causing pain, suffering and depression for a large percentage of the world's population, it is at the same time serving to activate the world's starseeds onto their dharmic paths. The clarion call is now louder than ever. Are you ready to commit to your Highest Possible Destiny?

If you are giving me a resounding, yes, then I say congratulations! But first, you may need to do some more releasing.


Everything going on in the sky that I've already mentioned (and also a Chiron station) adds up to the perfect opportunity to release any 'stuff' you no longer need. If you feel like you've been doing a lot of releasing already during this Eclipse Season, then you've been doing great work! But when one is committed to a lifetime of self-improvement, which is a requisite for Ascension, then there is always more to let go of! Here's a great question to journal on to discover what to let go of on this eclipse: If my Highest Possible Future Self was looking down at me right now, what would he or she tell me that I need to let go of? Make a list! Do it, now!

One of my favorite things to do on any Full Moon is a fire releasing ceremony. If I am lucky enough to have time to be in front of a fire, then I write down each thing that I want to release on a small piece of paper, crumple it up, and then ceremoniously throw it into the flames as I visualize letting it go! And then of course once I've done so, I do my best to follow through with my intention. Sometimes I succeed in letting go, right away, while other times I may have to keep repeating it every Full Moon in order to remind myself.

After letting go, the best thing you can do is make a commitment to new daily rituals that will support your Highest Evolution.


Aristotle didn't actually say “You are what you repeatedly do,” but irregardless of the fact that this famous quote has been misattributed, it is still a wonderful piece of wisdom! If you want to make changes in your life, it requires repetition.

Here's why: the subconscious mind actually manifests 95% of your reality. This part of your mind is formed pretty much completely between the ages of 0 and 7, when our brains are predominately in a Theta wave state. The thoughts and beliefs of our parents, caregivers, and even the media end up forming the template of our subconscious mind. If we don't do the healing work, this subconscious mind will continue to manifest the same sorts of problems and frustrations for us over and over again.

We have very little leeway with the 5% or so of our thoughts that come from the input of the conscious mind. So that's why making lasting change in your life requires a lot of repetition. This eclipse is going to certainly show you which sorts of activities and addictions that have become a normal part of your life are going to continue to slow you down if you can't shake these bad habits.

Once you've figured out those daily activities that aren't supporting your highest evolution, the next step is to of course figure out which new rituals you can implement that will allow you to shift those hardened subconscious patterns that control 95% of your life.

One of the overlooked principles of co-creation is that a small input can create a large output. Meaning, it only takes a few minutes per day of a new supportive ritual in order to make a significant change in your life. 10 minutes of meditation per day can completely rewire your nervous system and unravel PTSD. 30 minutes of exercise per day can help you lose 10 pounds or more in a short period of time. 5 minutes of mirror affirmations per day can make you into a completely new person with a new personality.

A great way to start a new supportive ritual around this Eclipse is to begin a nightly gratitude journal. Make a list of 15-20 things (or more) that you are grateful for each night.

Which other new supportive rituals might you want to add to your daily routine? Feel free to stop and journal on this now.


Capricorn brings a very masculine energy with it, which is exactly what we need to establish balance following the very feminine nature of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer a fortnight ago. The energies around this Eclipse—and the overarching energies of 2020 with so many planets in Capricorn—will bring out the spirit of the Spiritual Warrior within you if you allow them to.

The Spiritual Warrior is an archetype that we all carry within. We have all had moments of courage in this lifetime; and in other lifetimes, we have all played characters who were extremely courageous in certain moments of those specific incarnations.