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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

Greetings Beloveds. Happy Lion's Gate 2018 to you! The Lion's Gate portal occurs every year on 8/8 when the Sirius Star moves physically closer to us, and it aligns with the stars of Orion's Belt.

During the gateway between July 26 and August 12, we experience a timeline convergence. This means that portals are open providing the opportunity for rapid healing, transcendence, and expansion. All that is disconnected from Source has the opportunity to be healed quickly and permanently, be it in the past, the present or the future.

Of course at all times we have the opportunity to heal past, present, and future; but during the Lion's Gate, with so many inter-dimensional portals being open, the opportunity is ripe for certain chunks of individual and planetary karma to be healed. Basically, whatever comes up during this time is because it is meant to be healed.

The apex of the Lion's Gate portal is the day of August 8 (8/8). 8 is the number of karma in numerology. The 8 is a loop with no beginning or no ending. Karmic loops, likewise, have no beginning or ending, they just need to be transmuted and transcended.

So how do we put this knowledge to practical use during the Lion's Gate?


Although no matter what we do during this time, we are bound to experience intense healing, we can take matters into our own hands and enter Higher timelines where we are able to transcend more quickly. We step into our Highest timelines when we enter the Divine 5D Trinity of Service/Love/Gratitude.

So on August 8--and through Saturday's eclipse, for that matter—make a conscious effort to anchor in Service, Love, and Gratitude whenever you remember to. Ask yourself, How can I be of Service in this moment? How could I offer more Love in this moment? How could I anchor more Gratitude in this moment?

When you are acting from the Holy vibrations of Service, Love, or Gratitude, you are stepping into Alignment with the Will of God/Universe/Creator. You are embodying your crystalline DNA. You are embodying your 5th-Dimensional Light body. You are the Ascended, rather than one seeking Ascension.

We have the power to choose these Holy vibrations in every moment. But we can only choose these when the nervous system is relaxed. This is why it's important to breathe consciously and deeply throughout the day. This is why you suddenly are in a much better mood and more willing to offer hugs or compliments after a session of massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, meditation, Reiki, tai chi, qi gong, or yoga. This is why all of these practices are so important.

The more you are able to relax your nervous system, the more you are able to with your Free Will step out of old patterns of conditioned reactions that you unconsciously learned from your parents or guardians (who learned from their parents or guardians and so on) and choose to anchor Service, Love, Gratitude, or a combination of those.

So, to make the best of this Lion's Gate 2018, breathe deeply, do something that relaxes your nervous system like meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc., and use your conscious willpower to choose to anchor Service/Love/Gratitude whenever you remember to. And Service doesn't always have to be an outward act. Feeding yourself good food, drinking good water, sleeping well, and speaking nicely to yourself is an act of Service to all because what you give to yourself you give to the All. If you want the world to be healthier and happier, then start with yourself, beautiful one.

Blessings to you on this Lion's Gate! I have included a 10-minute Lion's Gate meditation that I downloaded below.

LION'S GATE MEDITATION (approx. 10 minutes)

Close your eyes, and begin to breathe deeply. Picture a grounding cord going from your root chakra if you are a man (sacral chakra if you are a woman) to penetrate through all layers of Gaia into her core. You can picture these cords being any color you wish.

Allow Light to come from above and pour through all 22 chakras, down through the Earth Star chakra and then ground into the Earth grid. Become a conduit for Light to travel through you. Take a few minutes to just picture this white light grounding through your 22 chakras, through the Earth Star chakra, and into the Earth grid. (Picture chakras 8-22 above your crown, spaced six inches apart or so. The Earth Star Chakra is about six inches underground, between your feet, and is black).

Now move your consciousness into the Great Pyramid. Feel the energy from the Sirius star entering the great pyramid at its apex and grounding into the Earth grid. Feel that Sirian energy as it passes through you. Spend a few minutes just connecting with the Great Pyramid. Now, move your energy to the Sphinx. See if you get any messages, images, colors, or sounds during your few minutes in the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.

Connect now to our Sirian brothers and sisters, the Whales. See them swimming and flipping up through the water and then back down under with great Joy! Hear the tones they speak and let it flow into your consciousness. Spend a few minutes just feeling Joy with the Whales! Notice if you hear any words or get any messages from the Whales.

Now surround yourself with the color of a cloudless blue sky. Feel the warmth and softness of the color blue. Feel every cell bathe in this beautiful blue. Feel the blue soothing your nervous system. Feel the peace of blue. Spend a minute or two just bathing in blue. Now, call in the Sirian High Council. Ask for any Light codes that are in your Highest good to receive at this time to be transmitted to you. Now breathe deeply and slowly, and feel these codes penetrating your being and recoding your cells. When you feel it is done, thank the Sirian High Council. If you wish, ask that the lines of communication stay open, and for the Sirian High Council to communicate with you in dreams and during meditation.

Picture your grounding cord again. When you are ready, open your eyes. It might be helpful to journal about your experience.

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