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On the Lion's Gate (8-8) we feel an influx of energies from Sirius.

Lion's Gate is the annual celestial event when Sirius comes closest to the Earth, and Orion's Belt aligns with the pyramids of Egypt.

The Lion's Gate carries an annual massive influx of high-dimensional energy from Sirius. Sirian Starseeds, like your truly, may feel 'in their element'. To receive this energy, the best thing we can do is to be in good spirits, to be grateful, and to be loving to others.

You don't need to hide from the world and meditate all day on this day, though you can if you wish. But since the Lion's Gate is all about the Leo energies, it's certainly OK to connect with others and share Heart energy on 8-8.

The Lion's Gate is the perfect time to anchor in Abundance on all levels for your life and for the world. I would recommend spending some time visualizing your Highest Possible Timeline of Abundance on this day. What is it that you want to manifest for your life? What kind of life do you truly want to live? What kind of world do you really want to live in? Spend some time visualizing Abundance of all types for yourself (e.g. financial riches, friendships, partnership(s), business endeavors, travel, your dream home, etc.) and for the world (e.g. peace, affluence and comfort for all). Surround yourself and the planet in a lot of golden light (gold is the color of Abundance).

I'd also recommend taking some time to connect with the Pyramids and the Sphinx and/or the Sirians. Feel free to do my 10-minute guided Lion's Gate meditation.

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