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Happy Blue Moon in Taurus! This Taurus Full Moon became exact at 10:49 AM New York Time (14:49 GMT) on Saturday, October 31 [Halloween Day/Samhain (pronounced So-wan)]. It is known as a Blue Moon because it is the second Full Moon in a single month.

The moon takes place in 8 degrees of Taurus, opposing the sun in 8 degrees of Scorpio. Uranus, the great trickster, joins an exact conjunction with the moon in Taurus. The energy of this Full Moon is unpredictable and unstable.

Uranus causes breakdowns and breakthroughs in society. Its key words are unexpected events, rebellion, revolution, upheaval and new beginnings. It makes me think of The Tower card in the tarot in terms of its effect.

It happens to, of course, fall just days before the United States of America Presidential Election. Uranus is an unpredictable wild card. We have already seen riots break out in Philadelphia (due to another police shooting) and Los Angeles (due to the Dodgers winning the World Series), and we could see some jaw-dropping news popping up right before the election. The instability and restlessness of the Uranus-moon conjunction will linger for approximately a week and a half following the election, when we could be seeing a battle for the White House emerge in the courts, and hopefully not in the streets as well.

While I don't feel comfortable making a one-hundred percent for sure election prediction due to the uncertainties of the energies, I will say that I'm ninety-nine percent sure the winner won't be known for weeks, and that it will be challenged in the courts. I mean, Mercury is stationing right on Election Day in Libra, squaring Saturn, for Pete's sake.

Mars is still Retrograde in its home sign of Aries, causing suppressed anger to continue to boil to the surface. We are absolutely going to see protests in the streets in the weeks following the election. Let's pray that peace is kept while people are protesting and that no one is hurt and no property is damaged.

The Lightworkers of the world are really going to be tested during this Election time. Many people are going to be very emotional based on the uncertainty following the (lack of) clear results. There is going to be an energy of anger and rebellion in the air. It's up to us to emanate an energy of peace and to hold space for the highest possible results to take place. We need to have faith that whatever happens and whoever ultimately wins, it will be of the Highest Good for our planet's evolution.

So rather than picking a side as to who needs to win in order to push forward the agenda of the Light, I would encourage you to hold space for peace and understanding throughout society. We are one collective race; one planet. In your individual life, it is certainly possible you could have unexpected events take place. Take a look at which house the Full Moon falls into to see which area of your life will be most affected by this cosmic event. Be careful on the roads and give people space when they are being emotionally reactive. If you are out and about on Halloween, don't allow yourself to be sucked into any negative energy.


The moon-Uranus exact conjunction in Taurus is putting the focus on the economy. The Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio in Capricorn has put tremendous pressure this year on the financial system with the virus putting so many people out of work.

The uncertainty of the upcoming election is likely going to wreak havoc on the stock market. Throughout this pandemic, the billionaires of the planet have gotten richer and richer while the poor and middle class have gotten poorer and poorer. In fact, one of the intentions of the intentional release of the virus was to allow for this planned moneygrab to take place.

The increasing poverty is one of the main underlying catalysts in what has been fueling the looting and rioting that has been taking place this year. The upcoming Solstice Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius is going to usher in the beginning of a brand new economy. The commodities of old—like oil, especially—will become less relevant over time as we will find ourselves moving into cleaner and more efficient systems of energy. Systems that create the Highest Good for the people and the planet will come to the forefront to replace old patriarchal systems that reflect insatiable greed. More etheric currencies like cryptocurrencies and digital central bank currencies will become much more relevant than earthly paper bills and coins.

Eventually, when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024, we will see a major transition into brand new systems of governance for the planet and the widespread redistribution of resources into the hands of the people. For those who are waiting for NESARA/GESARA and First Contact, I am predicting we will see these things happening in some form (though not exactly as has been predicted by some) between 2025-2027.

This Uranus-moon conjunction may mark a major economic turning point. How this relates to who wins the election—I'm not comfortable making a for-sure prediction, because I can see both timelines happening. But it is quite possible (but not guaranteed) that we will see a significantly worse economic downturn this winter compared to this past spring.

This Full Moon is a perfect time to courageously shift your relationship with money. Identify any blocks to abundance within you and boldly move through them.

Taurus is associated with the earthly and the material, including money, clothing, beauty, music and sports. Money can be a taboo topic in the spiritual community, but it doesn't need to be. Some people still are hanging on to the idea that in order to be enlightened one must let go of all material possessions—or at the very least be poor. This is an outdated idea left over from the Age of Pisces, when the extremely dualistic economic system thrived.

In the Age of Aquarius, it is all about equality, including economic equality. It is inevitable, due to the astrological and astronomical influences on this planet, that the current economic system will undergo a great shift and the canyon of wealth between the rich minority and the poor majority will be transmuted into a system that supports everyone having more than enough.

Money is not the root of all evil. Money is simply numbers on a computer screen, pieces of paper and pieces of metal. The evil part of the current economic system is the power structure behind it. The money itself is simply a tool to enforce and perpetuate that power structure, but is not the root of the problem. Money is neutral. It is a tool for consciousnesses to interact with one another and has neither a positive nor negative charge.

Money is unlimited, which is clearly proven by the fact that the Federal Reserve in the United States prints exorbitant amount of paper bills at will, which are backed by nothing. Yes, I know this causes inflation. But can you still use the pieces of paper in your wallet and the numbers in your bank account to buy stuff? Money is inherently unlimited, because Abundance is inherently unlimited.

What is your relationship with money? Do you have enough to support yourself and your family in spite of the fact that everything that has been going on? This pandemic has put tremendous pressure on many people due to certain sectors of the economy completely or partially closing down. But many lower/middle class people are still doing OK or pretty well. If you're someone who experienced job/career upheaval this year, you may be worried that you won't be able to support yourself or your family into the future. It is important to remember that the Law of Attraction isn't suspended during the pandemic. You still have the power to manifest everything you need to survive and much more by using the power of your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions.

It's crucial to examine your beliefs around money, especially if it's been a struggle for you. There is a whole spectrum on which people can fall into different categories based on the nature of their dysfunctional relationships with money. Some people are stuck in poverty consciousness and believe that money is evil and because of the system they will never have enough to thrive. On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who are in reality very wealthy and yet they are everlastingly on an obsessive, harried chase to acquire more money based on a subconscious (or even conscious) fear that they still don't have enough yet to feel safe.

In between these two extremes we find a middle road of a healthy relationship with money. On this middle road, money is neither a source of stress nor greed.

As a Lightworker, your Service Work is very much tied into your financial health. As you step more fully and committedly into your Service Work—whether that is tied in with your career or not—you will energetically align yourself with the vibration of Abundance.

The essence of Service Work is giving back. You are giving back to yourself, to your family, to others, and to the world. Giving back puts you into the vibration of Abundance, because when you are giving back, you are affirming that you have enough to allow yourself to give back (whether it be your time, money, effort, or all three). So as you activate your Service Work, you will naturally activate your Maximum Abundance (and you get to choose what your Maximum Abundance looks like).

It's a good time right now to harness the energies of this Full Moon and come up with a clear picture of what you'd like your Maximum Abundance to look like. Here are some questions you can ask yourself and journal on:

- How much money would I ultimately like to earn (or a better word: create) per year? - What kind of home would I ultimately like to live in? Who would be there with me?

- What kind of environment would I ultimately like to live in?

- What kind of circle of friends would I ultimately like to have?

- What kind of schedule would I ultimately like to have?

- Which other possessions or luxuries would I ultimately like to have?

- What kind of health and vitality would I ultimately like to have?

There are no right or wrong answers here. One person may desire to earn $5 million per year, own several mansions around the world, have a large group of wealthy and active friends, and work 6 days a week for 12 hours a day with a few months off per year. Another may prefer to earn $15,000 a year, live in a tiny home off-grid, grow his or her own food, have abundant free time, and have few friends and few possessions.

The truth is that neither lifestyle is more or less spiritual than the other. There are no absolutes in this game. You can Ascend as a solitary monk with few possessions or as a wealthy businessman. It is a matter of personal choice and which type of lifestyle would be more aligned with your Life Plan. The soul situates your life circumstances based on what it knows would be the ideal set of conditions that will be most likely to give you the greatest opportunity to negotiate the lessons you need to move through in this lifetime, in order to balance your toroidal field and move into the next stage of your evolution.

So, if growing up in poverty is going to give you the best opportunity to move through your specific Lessons, that's exactly what will happen; if growing up wealthy will give you the best opportunity to move through your specific lessons, then that will be what happens. Neither situation is more or less spiritual than the other, and regardless of how you were raised, once you access the teachings of the Law of Attraction you are able to shift into wealth, if you so desire.

You do have Free Will. Once you're here and in a body, you get to choose the life you want to live. Perhaps you intuitively feel that a life of excessive riches would be a distraction from the lessons you came here to work on; or likewise, perhaps you feel deep down that building a life of financial wealth will help you to accomplish what you came here to accomplish. Every person is different, and there are absolutely no rights or wrongs here. Anyone who tells you that a rich life is less spiritual than a poor life or vice versa is missing the point of life.

Perhaps reading these words feels freeing to you. You have the Free Will to choose what your Maximum Abundance looks and feels like. Below I have listed some beliefs that will support you having a healthy relationship with money. Feel free to use some or all of these as daily affirmations:

- Money is not evil; it's just a mechanism we use to interact with each other.

- Money is unlimited.I deserve to have enough money in order to thrive.

- I do not apologize or feel guilty for having enough to thrive, because money is unlimited.

- I can choose to give as much or as little away to others who are in need of more money.

- I get to decide how much money is enough for me.

- Money will never make me feel truly safe. I get to decide whether I am truly safe or not.

- I hereby activate my 100% Maximum Abundance for this lifetime. I deserve this!- I AM financially free!

Healing your relationship with money is just one aspect that will serve you in becoming a more grounded being.


What does it mean to live in reality?

To live in reality is not just about becoming aware of the truth of the Matrix and the extraterrestrial influences on this planet. It's not just about knowing the corruption of politics and what goes on behind the scenes. It's not just knowing about your chakras. Certainly, this type of knowledge is an important part of it. It's important to acknowledge the truth of the game that we are playing in this holographic existence. The Ascension is 100% real, and us Lightworkers and Starseeds are 100% real.

But to live in reality also means moving from illusory Ego Consciousness into the reality of Soul Consciousness. Think of a time when you felt spontaneously connected with God, Universe, Source, or The All, and felt totally at peace. That feeling is what reality really feels like! That is the reality of the 5D grid! In those moments of clarity, the negative voices in your head have gone AWOL and you are no longer fighting with what is. In those moments of peace, nothing is wrong, and life is alright!

During this Ascension process, it is absolutely natural (and in one sense, necessary) that we oscillate between the 3D and 5D. It is quite normal to be constantly diving in and out of different realities as we navigate this Spiritual Awakening. However, when we consciously intend to ground into the 5D grid, it becomes possible to spend more time living in earnest in the reality of 5D.

What is required is to use your willpower as the conscious driver of the vehicle that is your consciousness to move yourself out of worry, regret, projection, jealousy, and judgment and into the peace and isness of 5D reality.

You have the power to shift your focus at any moment. One of the most important lessons on the Spiritual Journey is learning to move your focus from what you think 'is' (which is usually not actually reality; rather it's the aggregation of your past perceptions somewhat focused on what's going on around you) to how your future, more enlightened self would see things.

We can look back from the present moment and evaluate the place of past events in our life as they pertain to our present reality. Sometimes it can take many years before we have risen to a place of wisdom where we can see the place of past experiences and people from a place of gratitude, peace and higher wisdom. To see that everything that's happened in your life has happened for a special, Divine purpose, is to live from reality.

You can only truly consciously co-create from the lens of reality. When you are in reality, feeling the prevalent emotions of 5D—gratitude, appreciation, relaxation, safety, joy, and contentment—you can then become a conscious contributor to the creation of your Highest Possible Timeline and the creation of the Highest Possible Timeline for all of HU-manity. The mechanism for doing this is by intending and visualizing what you want to see manifest. We literally speak and visualize the future into existence when we become 5D manifestors.

You do have the power to effect significant changes on your own. Every intention you make, action you take, word you speak, or thought you listen to either contributes to the successful completion of the Ascension or to the perpetuation of the lower-dimensional timelines of the past that have kept HU-manity in a false matrix of disempowerment and spiritual slumber. The power of any positive word or thought carries a vibration one thousand times more powerful than a negative word or thought. As Lightworkers, we have the power to speak and visualize a beautiful future for this planet into existence with the power of intention.

When you're awake in the Matrix, you can manifest whatever you need and desire, including money! Intend what you desire, put your best foot forward, and leave the details and the timing to the Universe.


The Sun has entered my FAVORITE sign (because I am one) – Scorpio! Scorpio is the deepest, most emotional of the 12 Zodiac signs. Scorpio is the Shaman's sign; it's all about digging down to the depths of the psyche--to all things unresolved. It's also the most deeply passionate sign. The peak intensity of all emotions lie in Scorpio's domain.

During Scorpio season, it's a time to allow yourself to go deep. Really deep. Allow yourself to feel all that is unresolved and unfelt. We all have a reservoir of unfelt 'negative' emotions. This reservoir stems from childhood experiences in which for whatever reason, it didn't feel safe to express sadness, fear, jealousy, grief, or anger. To make an even deeper connection: these unfelt emotions actually stem from past-life experiences which haven't yet fully been processed.

It's also a time to become really, really honest with yourself. Scorpio is the one sign that breaks through all the, well, bullshit. Scorpio does not allow room for spiritual bypassing or ersatz emotions. It forces us to do some deep introspection, journaling and Shadow Work.

Scorpio is an introverted sign, and Scorpio season is an introverted time. As winter approaches and Samhain occurs, we feel the call to give heedance to the inner world. It all boils down to the question of self-love.

We all have parts of us that we aren't proud of. Parts of us that are in pain. Parts of us that are stuck in the past. We spend much of the time suppressing and pushing down these injured pieces. In order to move forward into our highest destiny, we need to honor these 'abandoned children' of our own psyche.

Here are some questions to ponder on/journal on:

- In what ways have I detached from myself?

- In what ways have I left myself behind?

- In what ways have I judged myself to the point that parts of me just want to hide?

- What would it feel like to bring ten percent more love to the parts of myself I'm not proud of?

- What would it feel like to give ten percent more to myself than others give to me? - - What would it feel like to forgive myself for anything I've been holding against myself ten percent more?

- What would it feel like to honor my own humanity, ten percent more? Am I willing to do the above things?


Samhain (pronounced Sow-an) has its roots as a Gaelic festival celebrating the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter. It was celebrated on November 1, though the festivities traditionally began the night before. The Celtics would hold a huge bonfire in hopes of winning favor of the gods for a bountiful harvest the next year; and they believed it was a time when the veils thinned and the “normal order of the Universe (was) suspended” (Rogers pg. 28).

Marking the midpoint between the solstice and equinox, it does really represent the earnest beginning of winter in many parts of the U.S., Canada and Europe—though some colder climates definitely have already been under winter's spell for weeks. It's metaphorically a time when we connect with the Spirit World before going into hibernation for the cold months ahead.

Wishing you a peaceful and blessed Samhain Blue Moon in Taurus!

With Love,

Matthew John


Rogers, Nicholas. Halloween: from Pagan Ritual to Party Night. Oxford University Press, 2003.

Audio version featured on Higher Self Channel & Higher Self Portal

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