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Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Happy Full Moon in Taurus! This Full Moon became exact at 12:45 PM EDT (17:45 GMT) on Wednesday, October 24. This is one day after the Sun enters Scorpio (October 23 at 7:22 AM EDT).

This is a particularly auspicious time when it comes to growing a business or creating new opportunities to draw in Abundance in all forms. The Taurus bull represents the Divine Masculine energy of achievement and creation through willpower and focus. Where do you think the term “Take the bull by the horns” comes from? Haha.

So, here's an interesting question to ask yourself: What if you put 10% more effort and focus into a certain area of your life, starting now? What might be possible? What we put our focus into grows—this is the power of intention. If you are a spiritual or holistic practitioner or any sort of small business owner, what might be possible if you put 10% more effort and focus into a certain area of your business? What might be possible if you put just 10% more effort and focus into your physical health? Or into your relationship with your partner?

Hopefully you're doing something for a living now that you love and doesn't really feel like work--and if you're not, how can you make what you're doing for a living now feel less like work?

Being a Lightworker is a very broad term and it absolutely doesn't mean you have to be working as some sort of coach, healer, or psychic. In fact, it's absolutely necessary at this point in our collective Ascension that not all Lightworkers are working in the healing fields, because we need Lightworkers everywhere!

It might be part of your Life Plan to be working as a nurse in the medical field—you might be what I like to call a Medical Angel. Maybe your role is to bring more Light and Love to a setting that may be apt to be filled with a lot of fear and frustration. Perhaps your role is to bring comfort and warmth to people who are going through a difficult time.

Maybe it's part of your Life Plan to be an Uber driver. One of your 'jobs' as a Lightworker might be to bring warmth, a smile, and patience to people who are going about a busy workday.

There are so many possibilities, and each and every role that a Lightworker plays in their work life is absolutely essential to the Ascension process, whether it be as a coach, a healer, a doctor, a nurse, a cook, a toll collector, or a cashier.

Ideally, you want to be able to love your work, because when you do, you will be filled with a great sense of purpose that naturally carries you forward through your life. If you don't totally love what you do for money, then the question becomes: if there is something that you might enjoy better that can still support you, are you ready to make that leap now? And if that isn't realistic right now, what kinds of things can you bring into your work life to make it more of a labor of love than before? Maybe it's as simple as getting to know your co-workers better, listening to your favorite music during work, or taking a 30-second deep breathing break every hour.

If you are looking to make that transformation from a job to starting your own business as a spiritual or holistic practitioner, you would be an absolute perfect candidate for my Spiritual Mentoring Program. Over the course of 4 phone or Skype sessions, we will activate your intuitive and energy healing gifts, and formulate a concrete plan for you to create your platform for offering your gifts and for drawing in actual paying clients. Go here to read more about my program and to book.

Here's an exercise that will help you come into better Alignment with your work and purpose. Write down at least 10 things about your work that you are grateful for, now. When you are willing to be more grateful than before, now, you put yourself more into the vibration of Alignment, which is the exact vibration that allows greater Abundance to enter your life, if you so wish it to. The Universe tends to give us more things to be grateful for when we're willing to be grateful no matter what—now.


The Sun has entered my FAVORITE sign – Scorpio! (I was born during Scorpio season.) Scorpio is the deepest, most emotional of the 12 Zodiac signs. Scorpio is the Shaman's sign; it's all about digging down to the depths of the psyche--to all things unresolved. It's also the most deeply passionate sign. The peak intensity of all emotions lie in Scorpio's domain.

During Scorpio season, it's a time to allow yourself to go deep. Really deep. Allow yourself to feel all that is unresolved and unfelt. We all have a reservoir of unfelt 'negative' emotions. This reservoir stems from childhood experiences in which for whatever reason, it didn't feel safe to express sadness, fear, jealousy, grief, or anger. To make an even deeper connection: these unfelt emotions actually stem from past-life experiences which haven't yet fully been processed.

If you'd like some assistance in diving in deep and doing some deep inner healing, please join me for an Intuitive Healing & Coaching session. When you have someone experienced to guide you, it is much easier to make quick, transformational shifts. You can book those sessions here.

It's also a time to become really, really honest with yourself. Scorpio is the one sign that breaks through all, well, bullshit. Scorpio does not allow room for spiritual bypassing or ersatz emotions.

Here's a really deep, honest Scorpio-esque question: To what extent are you honoring your deepest desires? What comes up for you immediately when you ask that question? How can you put yourself in a position to honor that true, genuine, deep desire?

When we cut through all the bullshit of what we think is what we are supposed to desire, and really honor our truest desires, there can quite likely be a relatively large gap between where we are now and where we truly want to be. Often the bullet train between this point A and point B is courage.

Maybe, for example you are deeply desiring a Soulmate or Twin Flame connection. Well, it might be the time for it, it might not—that's more up to your Soul—but what can you do to make improvements to yourself so you feel like you are in a better position to attract that person into your life? To take charge with that Taurus energy and to make changes to parts of your life that may have become stagnant takes courage.

Maybe you are really deeply, honestly desiring a career change. Perhaps that career change might mean having less income in the interim while you gather your resources to start your own business. To honor this deep calling, quit your job, and start your own business--even it meant reducing your expenses for awhile--would require great courage.

The Universe tends to reward courage, it seems like. When you see or read interviews of people who have reached a high level of success in their field, they inevitably talk about times in their journey when courage was required. Where might courage take you this Scorpio season?


This Full Moon is also coinciding with another influx of increased Ascension energies. There is a coronal hole on the Sun that is facing Earth, streaming high-intensity photon waves of Ascension Light.

If you tend to get any type of Ascension symptoms, it's very possible that you could see an increase in your symptoms around this Full Moon. While there is not necessarily any quick remedy for Ascension symptoms, there are steps you can take to give yourself the best possible chance at being more comfortable.

Staying hydrated and grounding should always be a priority during the Ascension process, but during these increased waves of Light these things becomes paramount. For 23 other ways to ground, please check out my article here. Wishing you a Blessed Full Moon and Scorpio season,

Matthew John


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