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Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Happy Full Moon in Pisces! This Full Moon at approximately 17 degrees of Pisces becomes exact at 5:58 AM New York Time (9:58 GMT) on Saturday, September 10, 2022.

Pisces is the ruler of the 12th House: the House of the Unconscious. This house is the home of all of the unseen realms, including the unconscious mind and the dream world. Pisces’ glyph is two fish swimming in opposite directions. We can say that the space in the middle of these two fish is the unseen realm. The fish swimming in opposite directions can also represent indecision and duality.

Pisces is ruled by dreamy, ethereal Neptune—and actually, the moon forms a wide conjunction (about 6 ½ degrees orb) with Neptune in Pisces. The themes of Pisces (and Neptune) include dreams, visions, all things psychic/intuitive, the unconscious mind, creativity, the arts, and emotions. It is totally normal to be feeling extra-creative, extra-intuitive, extra-sensitive and extra-emotional around this Full Moon (and in the days to come following it).

As a mutable water sign, one of the lessons that Pisces teaches us is how to shift, change, and grow gracefully. Pisces has no problem being totally different from one moment to the next, just as water has no qualms when gravity funnels it from a wide, flowing peaceful river into a ferocious and stunning waterfall.

Pisces is here to remind us that things will never be the same from one day to the next--and to resist the flow of the Universe will only cause pain. People, relationships, experiences, possessions, money, feelings, emotions, problems and celebrations will all come and go. The lesson of water is in the transient nature of all things. Water always exists, but it is always flowing from one place to another. Even if it evaporates, it will soon fall to the ground as water once again.

This Pisces Full Moon also coincides with Mercury—the planet of communication—stationing Retrograde in Libra—another sign that also tends to be indecisive. It’s safe to say that if you’re having trouble making decisions or communicating clearly with others around this Full Moon, you’re not alone. When Mercury stations, it is most exalted/influential.

I’ll have much more on this Mercury Retrograde in Libra and Virgo later in this article.

Here are some questions of contemplation to think about or journal on to go along with this Pisces Full Moon:

  • What if everything is working out exactly as it is meant to?

  • What would it feel like if I were to 'go with the flow' of life just a little bit more?

  • What if I really don't know as much about life as I thought I did? Could I let life be just a little bit more of a mystery?

  • What if I spent a little less energy trying to control life and trusted a little more in the Universe to bring me exactly what I need in all moments?

  • Could I allow myself to feel all of my emotions, as they come?

  • What makes me feel sensual? How can I expand my sensuality?

  • What makes me feel creative? How can I expand my creativity?


Mercury Stations Retrograde in Libra on the day of the Full Moon. As I said before, Mercury has the most influence and causes the most havoc in the days surrounding its Station phase. This will be extra-amplified now with it coinciding with a Full Moon.

Mercury Retrograde can be viewed as both a warning to be clear and careful with your communication, as well as an opportunity to reconnect with people and projects from your past. While Mercury moves backward through Libra, it is a wonderful opportunity to right wrongs from the past--as Libra rules over fairness and justice.

So, if you feel the need to go back into your past and right a wrong or make amends in any type of relationship, the first part of this Mercury Retrograde will be very conducive to that (through September 22, the day of the Equinox).

Mercury Retrograde is also a perfect time to re-visit your ‘to do list’ and take a chunk out of previously-unfinished projects. With Mercury trining action-oriented Mars in Gemini (one of two signs that is ruled by Mercury)--and with the sun still in Virgo, anything that involves organizing, cleaning, backing up files, or networking with others would be very appropriate to re-address now.

With Mercury opposing the Retrograde Jupiter, it’s important to be clear, realistic and grounded in your communication during this time. It would be wise to not be overly idealistic in your communication; don’t sell people on wild dreams that you have no intention of following through with. Be honest and realistic.

Here is some advice for navigating this Mercury Retrograde without too much trouble:

  • Make sure that all the 'I's are dotted and T’s are crossed’ when signing any contracts. Consider holding off on signing contracts until mid-October, if it's something that isn't time-sensitive.

  • Be extra clear in your communication with others. Give others more leeway than usual. Inquire to clarify what someone means by something if you're unsure, especially if it's via text message or e-mail. Be honest, and be a good listener.

  • Avoid purchasing big-ticket items (e.g. a new car) until mid-October, if possible

  • Back up all your important computer files and your smartphone!

  • Triple-check travel plans and appointment times. Verify times with others.

  • Release expectations of others, especially when it comes to people responding in a timely fashion. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Expectations of others may go unfulfilled.

  • As always, use Mercury Retrograde as a time to refine your communication, rather than to be afraid of miscommunications, or electronics breaking down, or travel plans getting interrupted.

  • If you were born under Mercury Retrograde, it's not going to affect you as strongly


The Universe is the ultimate teacher.

Taking part in the Earth game requires the utilization of an ego, which is the vehicle used to navigate the journey. The ego is the 'you' that thinks, speaks and animates the body, though of course there is also a deeper you that comes out to play sometimes, which is called the soul.

One of the many illusions of ego occurs when someone believes they have 'figured it all out'. As the spiritual journey is designed to break down all of the ego's structures and defense mechanisms, this will usually through the Law of Attraction cause the Universe to create surprises in your life in order to make you feel confused or lost. When surprises happen in life and it leads someone into a place of confusion, depression, or feeling lost, this is sometimes referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul.

The quickest evolution in the spiritual journey happens experientally--not conceptually. The fastest evolution occurs when things go wrong or when life doesn't go the way you want it to. When that happens, we can choose to remain bitter and to believe that things 'should' have happened differently (an illusion of ego thinking it knows better than the Universe) or we can harness the energy of Pisces and ride the flow of water toward where life wants to take us, which is not necessarily where we want to take life.

Every time I've thought that I had life all figured out—that I've had my future planned out and handed to me on a silver platter—life has said 'ahhh, not so fast' and thrown me surprises. It's a humbling reminder to never be too sure of your future: it is healthy to set goals and imagine an amazing future for yourself,--however it's best to detach yourself from attachment to the details and allow the Universe to fill those in for you, lest you find yourself confused and disappointed when things turn out differently than you'd imagined.

When things don't work out the way you had hoped, or when life throws you unexpected obstacles, surprises. or problems to solve, it is always an opportunity to allow yourself to be further humbled. It's certainly OK to have goals, visions, aspirations about your own life and opinions and theories about politics, life, God, the Universe, or whatever you're interested in--however ultimately life is a mystery and the more that we allow it to be that, the easier it is to be at peace.

When you find yourself in confusion and unsure of your direction; if the Universe has humbled you with unexpected events, you may find yourself in a Dark Night of the Soul. When the ego can no longer make sense of the spiritual journey, or even if it believes it has completely lost control of the spiritual journey, this is when the person is able to enter a deeper state of surrender, and the ego is able to integrate further back into the Light of the Soul as the person seeks healing and deeper meaning.

When this Dark Night of the Soul ends, the person is wiser, there is less of a hardened ego shell to be found, and often the person's circumstances are vastly different. And then, with less of an ego shell to be found, the spiritual initiate is able to step into a new phase of the spiritual journey.

Another lesson of Pisces is the teaching of neutrality. Water is neither good nor bad; it simply is--and it is mutable. Water is necessary for life, however heated to a boil it will burn your skin. No event in our life is good or bad; it simply is, and it is a part of a much larger picture that we cannot possibly see. To relay this point, I want to share a Zen story from Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth:

“Once upon a time there was an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. 'Such bad luck,' they said sympathetically.

“'Maybe,' the farmer replied.

“The next morning the horse returned, bringing with it three other wild horses. 'How wonderful,' the neighbors exclaimed.

“'Maybe,' replied the old man.

“The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown, and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune.

“'Maybe,' answered the farmer.

“The day after, military officials came to the village to draft young men into the army. Seeing that the son’s leg was broken, they passed him by. The neighbors congratulated the farmer on how well things had turned out.

“'Maybe,' said the farmer.”

Nothing is ever good or bad. Each and every moment is both an ending and a new beginning.

Be like water, and embrace the mystery of it all! With the North Node of the moon (in Taurus)--which represents the highest direction/destiny of your soul (and the collective) in this physical incarnation--trining the sun and sextiling the moon, it is a wonderful opportunity to dream big and allow life to take you to where you are supposed to go. The tarot card that comes to mind to illustrate these astrological aspects is The Hanged Man.

Speaking of tarot, I’ll have more on how to harness the energies of this Pisces Full Moon to enhance your intuition later in this article.


Pisces is the sign of duality (thus the fish swimming in different directions)--and one of the shadow aspects of Pisces is judgment.

When you consciously work on letting go of judgment of your journey—including how in your mind you compare or line up with others who are on a similar path—you are transcending this Piscean duality and elevating more into the Unity Consciousness of the Aquarian Age.

Judgment of anything tends to hold it in place—whether this is an internal pattern of thought, a habit, a physical issue, or a bothersome life situation. Although this can sometimes seem like a cruel twist, it most certainly has a positive intention.

We are being taught to move from duality to nonduality, to love the Shadow Self as much as the more Enlightened Self. Anything less than that unconditional love and acceptance will usually cause whatever is being judged to stubbornly stay in place.

We are here to learn to accept ourselves fully, as well as to learn to come into alignment with the 'ISness' of life: learning to accept (and ultimately, be grateful for) whatever blessings, triumphs, trials or tribulations the omniscient Universe grants us.

A wonderful question to ponder is this: What if everything that happens in my life is always for my greater good, no matter what? And if this were really true, would that change the way you think about life? Would it put you at peace?

Here are some other good questions to ask yourself (or preferably, to journal on) during this Pisces Full Moon time:

  • What am I still holding against myself? What am I still holding against the world?

  • What have I not yet been willing to forgive myself for? What have I not yet been willing to forgive others for?

  • What bothers me or repulses me about the outside world? Is there anything about the outside world that I judge that I also tend to judge in myself?

  • Can I acknowledge that there is Divinity in darkness? Can I see the Divinity in my own shadow aspects?

  • Could I bring just a little bit more acceptance to those things about myself that I have not been able to come to accept fully or come to peace with?

  • Could I bring just a little bit more acceptance to those things about myself that I feel others judge me for?

  • Could I bring just a little bit more acceptance to my exact life circumstances, as they are RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW? What if everything is actually going as planned?

  • Could I bring just a little bit more acceptance to what is going on in the world right now? What if everything is actually going as planned?

One of the things that I do with clients in my healing sessions is a process I created called Relinquishing Your Grievances. In it, I walk someone through a process of acknowledging, allowing and then releasing any grievances against self, other, God or life.

Finding forgiveness and letting go of grievances is one of the very best ways to free up space in your energetic field for you to grow, advance spiritually, and create/manifest what you desire in life. If you imagine the flow of your life being like a river, any grievances against self or other would be like beaver dams built up in the river, stopping the flow.

Pisces—and its ruler Neptune—have a lot do to with intuition and all things psychic and mystical. Let's dive into that now.


When we are under the influence of the Pisces Full Moon, our intuitive and psychic faculties are likely to be heightened. We really have a terrific opportunity to connect with our Higher Self, Spirit Guides, loved ones that have passed over, and any astral beings that we enjoy connecting with. The energetic climate is ripe for us to receive guidance regarding our journey ahead.

Be on the lookout for signs during this time. Schedule some meditation and nature time for yourself and intend to connect with your Higher Self and Guides, and receive guidance. It would also be a great time to do some intuitive writing.

Pisces season is also a great time to do psychic/tarot/oracle card readings for yourself or to go to a trusted psychic (like me!). If there's anything in your life that you have a question about and it is something that you are emotionally invested in, it's usually better to go to a trusted psychic for guidance rather than trying to read cards for yourself.

As hard as we dig for answers, it is generally always a lot easier to read for someone else than to read for oneself, because when reading for another you aren't emotionally invested, and thus you are likely able to interpret what you're reading from more of a neutral place.

When you are reading for someone else, you aren't attached to any outcomes or emotions. You're not in their journey. However, as much as psychic readings can be incredibly helpful along your path, getting too many readings, especially from different readers, can be detrimental.

When you're in a confusing period in your life, your desperation for answers can oddly enough draw you to psychics that aren't very good or whose channels aren't very clear that day. You might leave the reading feeling more confused, only to visit another psychic who tells you something totally different.

I know this from experience (haha). Years ago, when I was in a very confusing and unexplainable period in my life, I pretty much got nothing helpful from psychics, and was actually led astray by several.

Later, when my life smoothed out a bit, I recognized that the reason I went through this was that my soul was asking me to learn discernment, to learn how to use and to trust my own intuition (something I'm still refining to this day), and also to surrender to the reality that I didn't actually need to know all the steps ahead of me in order to make a move.

I am so grateful that I was taught all three of these lessons pretty profoundly in a short period of time. The lack of accuracy in the readings I received really drove me to desire to be very accurate in my own readings for others. Overwhelmingly, the feedback I receive from my readings today is very positive, and very often clients tell me later on that what I predicted in fact came true.

Most importantly, though, I have given up the incessant desire of the ego to know exactly every step that's ahead. I have become much more comfortable with the concept of Free Will and that in fact the future is not set in stone. Trial and error is OK, It's a natural part of being human!

Teaching intuition and psychic skills is one of the things I am most passionate about in my career. I would encourage you to check out my Mastering Your Intuition course!


Oftentimes I get asked by people whether their third eye is open or closed, and how to open it.

Well, first of all, almost everyone's third eye chakra is open to some extent. The third eye chakra is not only in charge of clairvoyance, but it also is also associated with the quality of your thoughts and your decision-making. It can be said that all potential realities come in through the back of your third eye chakra, you ponder the decisions in your mind, and then the choices you make comes out of the front of your third eye chakra.

So, yes the third eye chakra has more of a function than just clairvoyance. It is also used to visualize and imagine. If you have trouble visualizing, then that could be an indication that your third eye chakra is not operating at its optimal function. I kind of liken the third eye to a shipping dock that handles both imports and exports. You can export by visualizing or imagining, or you can import by seeing/receiving visions.

It's two different functions of the same mechanism. So, in order to open up the 'importing' function of the third eye, it can be very helpful to practice more and more with the 'exporting' function.

Visualize! Do guided meditations as much as you can. Or simply, set your intention to connect to a place or a period in time (e.g. Lemuria, Ancient Egypt, the Pleiades, your own future) and allow yourself to be taken there.

This takes a lot of practice, and you will likely doubt yourself. There's really no clear answer on how to know whether what you're seeing with your third eye is real or illusory (both fall in the realm of Neptune), so use your intuition (also Neptune/Pisces), but also ask whether what you saw makes sense?

Keep a healthy skeptic's mindset, at least in the back of your mind. Perhaps what you're seeing is totally real and accurate, perhaps its somewhat real and accurate, or perhaps it's an illusion.

What does your intuition say afterward? What does your logical mind say afterward? Use input from both to form an opinion on the accuracy of your third eye experience.

Another great way to get in touch with the Neptune-ness of this Full Moon is to keep a dream journal.

I find my dream world to be fun and fascinating. I often don't want to wake up because I want to see where the dream will go next. If I wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, then when I lay back down, I am excited to re-enter the dream, hopefully where it left off, like I had hit the pause button on my remote control while watching a movie.

I believe that in the dream world, we are living out alternate realities sometimes that we can't experience in the physical world. Oftentimes, these alternate realities have a correlation with our physical lives, which is why we can sometimes find symbolism and precognition in our dreams.

Sometimes I find meanings in my dreams, while oftentimes I just see my dreamworld adventures as fun or interesting experiences.

If you really want to get serious about interpreting your dreams, then keep a dream journal; and don't take anything from a dream book or a YouTube video or webpage about dream symbols at face value. Dream interpretation is extremely complex and personal.

Sometimes just one or two symbols in a dream are the really relevant parts when it comes to interpretation. But the theme and feeling of the dream must be taken into account, as well as—most importantly—how youfelt about the symbols during the dream.

Sometimes, we are simply living out alternate realities, and there's no need to find symbolism or meanings in the dreams. Use a fusion of logic and intuition to decide which is the case.


We are in an extreme Retrograde season now, with Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all Retrograde. The outer planets' Retrogrades tend to affect the outer world more than the inner.

Right now, the outside world is going through a re-evaluation and re-negotiation of so many critical things economically and politically. Many issues that are festering as a result of past neglect are coming up in the collective consciousness to be re-negotiated.

Saturn (in Aquarius) and Uranus (in Taurus) are moving closer toward squaring one another, with just over one degree of orb now. This is revving up political and geopolitical tension all over the world.

Retrogrades are also a great time to be unconventional and innovative in all ways, with all of these Retrogrades, and with Uranus—the planet of unconventionality and innovation—in Taurus, trining the Sun in Virgo and sextiling the moon in Pisces. You also may experience some unexpected luck during this time!


Venus is in the same sign as the sun—practical, grounded, meticulous Virgo—where it squares Mars in Gemini, the sign of communication. This spells potential trouble for romantic relationships.

They say women are from Venus and men are from Mars. The energy from this Venus-Mars square may highlight differences between women and men (or the more feminine partner and the more masculine partner)--and not in a good way. Romantic partners may feel at odds with one another, and communication may be difficult, with the Mercury Retrograde.

One partner may want to go in a certain direction with the relationship, but the other may not be on the same page, with Venus forming a quincunx/inconjunct to the Retrograde Jupiter in Aries.

With the Mercury Retrograde occurring at this point in the sign of Libra, the solution to these potential issues will be found in becoming a better listener and making concessions in order to move forward as a couple rather than two individuals trying to just co-exist.

As we are still under the influence of the previous New Moon in Virgo chart--which had Venus making a number of difficult aspects to Saturn, Uranus, and the North Node—some couples won’t make it through this continued rocky time for relationships.

Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful and intuitive Full Moon in Pisces!

With Love,

Matthew John

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