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Updated: Sep 15, 2019

This Full Moon in Pisces is inviting you to accelerate your evolution.

Happy Full Moon in Pisces! This Full Moon becomes exact on Saturday, September 14 at 12:33 AM EDT (04:33 GMT).

We have a really interesting setup for this Full Moon, as we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all still in grounded, earthy Virgo opposing the Moon and Neptune in watery, etheric Pisces. We have strong astrological forces both pulling us to the Earth and to Heaven simultaneously.

I like to think of this Full Moon as an invitation to embody our Ascended Selves. Whenever the Moon is in Pisces, our intuitive and psychic faculties are likely to be strengthened. We really have a terrific opportunity to connect with our Higher Self, Spirit Guides and loved ones who have passed over. The energetic climate is ripe for us to receive guidance regarding our journey ahead.

So be on the lookout for signs and keep your ears open during this time. Schedule some meditation time for yourself and intend to connect with your Higher Self and Guides and receive guidance. It would also be a great time to do some intuitive writing. Here is a terrific exercise that I learned from one of Matt Kahn's group calls: write a letter to your angels, asking them all the questions you have about your life, then write the answers as if your angels were writing through you. You'd be surprised at the clarity you'll get from doing this exercise.

The next month would also be a great time to visit a trusted psychic for a reading. As hard as we dig for answers, it is generally always a lot easier to read for someone else than to read for oneself. This is because when you are reading for someone else, you aren't attached to any outcomes or emotions. You're not in their journey. However, as much as psychic readings can be incredibly helpful along your journey, getting too many readings, especially from different readers, can be detrimental. When you're in a confusing period in your life, your desperation for answers can oddly enough draw you to psychics who aren't very good or whose channels aren't very clear that day. You might leave the reading feeling more confused, only to visit another psychic who tells you something totally different.

I know this from experience (haha). When I was at my most confused, I pretty much got nothing helpful from psychics, and was actually led astray by several. Later, when my life smoothed out a bit, I recognized that the reason I went through this was that my Soul was asking me to learn discernment, to learn to trust my own intuition, and also to surrender to the reality that I didn't actually need to know all the steps ahead of me in order to make a move.

I am so grateful that I was taught all three of these lessons pretty profoundly in a short period of time. Now, I consider myself an expert on intuition and discernment. My psychic readings for others are extremely accurate and my personal intuition about my own life is also pretty accurate (though as I said, it's always easier to read for others). Most importantly, though, I have given up the incessant desire of the ego to know exactly every step that's ahead. I have become much more comfortable with the concept of Free Will and that in fact the future is not set in stone. Trial and error is OK, it's a natural part of being human!

This is where the Virgo aspect of this Full Moon chart comes in. With three planets plus the sun in Virgo, the energies are pushing us ahead in the physical world. The Full Moon also squares Jupiter in Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune and in its own sign of Sagittarius it is of course amplified. This Square with the Full Moon means that good luck is in the air! To put it directly, taking calculated, logical risks are likely to really pay off over the three days before and after this Full Moon, and also more indirectly over the next 28 days.

So my advice is to be bold and direct in both your actions and words. With Mercury still in Virgo, the theme of communication is highlighted, so be extra clear in your speech with others. People will be likely to respect directness in dialogue. With Venus still in Virgo, the theme for romantic relationships is negotiation and working things out. Now is the time to bring up to your partner anything that has been bothering you. It is the time to 'clear the air'. Long-term couples have the opportunity to see a strengthening of their partnership if communication is clear.


As a mutable water sign, one of the lessons that Pisces teaches us is how to shift, change, and grow gracefully. Pisces has no problem being totally different from one moment to the next, just as water has no qualms when gravity funnels it from a wide, flowing river into a violent waterfall.

This Full Moon is inviting you to allow yourself and your life to be totally different than it once was. Do you ever get stuck or fixated on the past? You're certainly not alone. For most of my life, I have carried around the notion that things were always better before. I've come to realize deeply that that's nothing but an illusion.

One of the few guarantees in life is that things will never be the same. Have you ever tried to recreate the magic of a past relationship or a fun time with a friend only to find that it's never the same the second time around? It certainly doesn't mean it isn't fun or valuable the second time around, but we can never really truly live the same moment twice.

Be really honest with yourself right now and ask yourself whether there is something from the past—an ex-lover, an ex-friend, a place you lived, a job you worked, or a life experience you had—that you frequently long to get back to. If something like that does come to mind, then ask yourself this question: What am I truly missing about that person, place, or thing?

For example, oftentimes when we are mentally pining over an ex-lover, we are actually missing the feeling of being held or appreciated. If we are missing a certain time in our life—like high school or college for example—we may be missing feeling spontaneous, careless, and willing to take risks.

The truth is that we aren't actually missing the person, job, or life experience itself. What we are missing is the feelings that those things evoked. We will never be able to replicate the specific relationships or life experiences that we think we are missing but we absolutely can replicate the feelings.

Once you have identified the feelings you are actually missing, then ask yourself how you can bring more of those feelings into your life now in small doses. For example, it may not be practical, prudent, or even desirable to replicate some of the tomfoolery of your teenage years, but how could you bring fun and spontaneity into your life now in small doses? Do you need to give yourself some 'me-time' off of work and other family responsibilities to have some fun with a friend? Do you need to meditate less and listen to some music you enjoy or watch a funny TV show? Would your Inner Child appreciate it if you planned a trip to a place you've always wanted to go and you left some unscheduled days where you can be spontaneous?

When you become aware of the reality that you aren't actually missing people or experiences, but you are missing feelings, you can then put yourself in the driver's seat and give yourself exactly what you've been missing.

What you thought you were missing also points to those parts of you that may remain unhealed. For example, when pining over a lost lover, as I said we are actually missing feeling held, appreciated and loved. Without that ex-lover, we may have difficulty feeling appreciated, loved and valuable, and we may not ever get held and caressed. So what this actually points to on a deeper level is that one or both of our parents probably didn't do such a great job holding us and/or making us feel appreciated, loved and valuable. A realization like this could show you exactly what you still need to work on with a therapist, life coach or healer like myself (or to work on on your own if you feel like you can handle it).

If you want to attract the next person into your life who will make you feel appreciated, loved and valuable, and who will hold and caress you, the best thing you can do is to cultivate such a deep sense of self-love and self-appreciation that you no longer feel like you need someone to show that to you or to hold you. When the subtle (or not-so-subtle) air of desperation is gone, you're going to attract someone who is just as healed within and who will be able to enhance your life and your self-love rather than being the only source of it.

When you start to truly heal the wounds of the past, you will begin to recognize that you actually feel like a totally new person. In a very real sense, this is a true phenomenon. Your cells are constantly replacing themselves. Your energy field is likewise constantly evolving.

The one constant thread, though, is your consciousness. There's always a you that is the operator of the vehicle. That you doesn't even die when your physical body does. You are always conscious. Even when you sleep, you are still you, just operating in a different dimension.

If you earnestly want to make big strides forward in your life, then you—the operator of the vehicle—must allow yourself to become truly different! The mind is so powerful that simply by deciding you will allow yourself to be different, you will find your evolution speeding up, and you might actually find your life circumstances shifting quickly as well. It's as if you are driving a beat-up Ford Focus, and simply by deciding on a deep level you will allow yourself to become different, your Ford Focus turns into a brand new Ferrari.

One of the difficulties of allowing yourself to be different is the trap of worrying what other people will think. For someone whose self-image when they were young was very much based on what other people around them (like other schoolchildren) thought of them, this can be an especially difficult thing to overcome.

I have experienced such a profound evolution over the past few years that I am barely recognizable when compared to who I was just five years ago. I have found that the majority of people in my life have, surprisingly, been willing to see me as a different person than before—but not all. The people who weren't willing to see me evolve have naturally fallen out of my life.

The truth is that your Ascension is going to pull you along no matter what. You have the power to either go with the flow and evolve consciously, or to go kicking and screaming as the Universe forces you to become the person you are meant to become. If you choose the former, you may be able to evolve more quickly and to create the life you dream of in significantly less time than if you choose the latter.

One of my many spiritual gifts is that I have the ability to perform powerful psychic energy healing. Pretty much every time I do one of my Quantum Energy Healing sessions for a client, they report feeling amazing, light and energized right after the session. But I always remind them that it's up to them how much of a difference the Quantum Energy Healing ultimately makes. One person may just enjoy the good feeling for a few hours afterward and then go back to being pretty much the same as before; while another person may seize the opportunity and allow themselves to be totally different, and thus they may see permanent changes in their health and well-being.

This Full Moon in Pisces is the exact invitation you need to allow yourself to become a totally different, totally renewed and more evolved being! Use this energetic gateway to allow more of your Soul Essence to shine through you than ever before. Be willing to allow articles like this, guided meditations, or session with healers or bodyworkers to make a permanent difference in your life.

When you allow yourself to become new and reborn, that illusion that the past was better than the present will naturally melt away. With Mars in Virgo, perseverance and willpower bring rewards. So if you are determined to transform and elevate yourself to the next level of your natural forward evolution, that determination will pay off during the 28 days following this Full Moon. You will have the opportunity to step into a completely new level of energetic (and physical) mastery if you desire it. So are you ready to accept your invitation into mastery? If so, start by declaring that you are ready to let go of all that no longer serves you. Declare that you are willing for the Universe to do what it will with you in order to shape you in the magnificent being you are meant to become!

A great Full Moon ritual that would really be beneficial for this particular Moon is to make a fire and tear off a small pieces of paper from a notebook. On each piece, write something that you would like to let go of (e.g. toxic people, patterns of low self-esteem, bad habits, etc.). Then burn the pieces of paper in the fire one by one as you imagine each person, theme, or thing that you are done with leaving your life permanently.

Wishing you miraculous transformation on this Full Moon in Pisces!

With Love,

Matthew John

Audio version featured on Higher Self Channel & Higher Self Portal.

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