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Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Happy Full Moon in Libra! This Full Moon becomes exact on Friday, April 19 at 7:12 AM EDT (11:12 GMT).

This is the second consecutive Full Moon in Libra. Perhaps the Universe is trying to tell us something? (Haha).

Regardless of the intentions of the powers that be (for now) for Monday's fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral, perhaps on one level the burning of the spire was symbolic of the end of the old patriarchal monotheistic rule that was the spiritual overlord of the Age of Pisces--as we in earnest transition further into the Unity Consciousness that shall define the Age of Aquarius.

Like Aquarius, Libra is very much concerned with the vibration of Unity. Libra seeks to create equilibrium wherever there is discordance. On a global scale, these Libra energies are assisting to create unity amongst people where there has been rivalry. Let's focus on how we can work together with others in greater Harmony over the next 28 days and beyond.

Sometimes, it's about putting the ego aside in favor of experiencing more Harmony. This theme will most likely come up to be addressed over the next 28 days in your romantic relationships, close friendships, and familial relationships.

Now is the time to connect with others! And by others, I don't just mean other people! To connect with others can also mean connecting with animals and plants. If you're like me, that can be just as fun (if not more) than relating with other humans.


We are all a part of One Unified Field of Consciousness. This Field of Consciousness is often referred to simply as 'The Field'. You have a tremendous effect on The Field, whether you are conscious of this fact or not. You are inseparable from it. It is not possible to be separate from The Field, for if one were to be separate, one would not exist.

Every thought, word, and action carries a vibration with it—and this vibration has a palpable effect on The Field. There is no way to hide from it! This means that you—yes, you—carry a tremendous responsibility, once you have become conscious of the interconnected nature of all things.

With every loving thought, word, action, or intention you contribute to the acceleration of the Ascension and liberation of all life on Earth (including those who are asleep, animals, plants, and Gaia herself). With every self-destructive, hateful, or negative thought, word, action, or intention you are complicit in keeping Earth and her inhabitants imprisoned in an artificial vibration of divisiveness, greed, and sickness.

Now, my intention here is not to make you drive yourself nuts by monitoring your thoughts all the time. The truth is, it is a Universal Law that a positive thought is approximately 1000x more powerful than a negative thought. So, there's really no need to worry about your negative thoughts. Your negative thoughts aren't actually powerful enough to make anything bad happen in your life, so you don't even need to bother listening to them. Treat them as if they are a nuisance or disturbance that you can actually just turn off, just like you'd turn off an alarm that's beeping incessantly.

What really matters are your intentions, words, and actions. It is through these three mechanisms that you are constantly utilizing the Divine Masculine 'Sword of Manifestation' to effect your personal life, the lives of others, and The Field. So by intending for a better world to come about, you are having a massively positive effect on the field.

When you speak (or write) words of intention for the manifestation of a better world, as I am now, and to take action toward that end—as I am now—then you are really honoring your role as a Service Worker (otherwise known as a Lightworker).


When we experience conflict within ourselves, we also tend to experience conflict in our interpersonal relationships (makes sense, right?). When we experience conflict in our relationships, we are effecting The Field with the vibration of conflict, thus encouraging conflict of all kinds—including interpersonal conflicts, political conflicts, wars, class conflict, etc.--to continue as was the norm during the Age of Pisces.

Libra is asking that we consciously work to create more Harmony in our relationships, thus sending the reverberations of that Peace out into The Field. You may be asking, well, why am I the one who needs to be the one to end the conflict in my relationships? The answer is, because you are the one who is aware and conscious. That means you are the one who has reached a level of consciousness where you can effect a positive change on your interpersonal relationships and The Field.

Becoming aware of your triggers is a powerful way to effect this change. The first step in shifting any negative or destructive pattern within is becoming aware of it. Once you are aware of the pattern, the Universe will then give you opportunities over and over to react differently than you have in the past.

One powerful way to overcome triggers is to breathe deeply and refrain from responding for anywhere between a few seconds and a few minutes after you feel triggered—this space allows the emotion and the associated neurochemicals to come back down to homeostasis, allowing you to choose your reaction, rather than fall back into a programmed response that you likely inherited from your parents (or those who raised you) and is supported by the neurochemicals of the initial emotion.

Every time you do succeed in responding differently than you used to, in a more high-vibrational manner, you are sending the energy of transmutation all the way back through time, contributing to the permanent dissolution of those negative karmic patterns that have been passed down through your ancestral lineage.

Sometimes, consciously transcending triggers isn't enough to smooth over a chronically difficult or inharmonious relationship, and the only solution really is to get out of the relationship. I see this most commonly with people who are in romantic relationships in which every part of the Soul Contract except for the decoupling part has been played out, and the breakup is long overdue. There isn't much karmic work going on anymore between the two; rather the pressure is just building and building until one party finally takes the initiative to honor the final unchecked box in the Soul Contract and get out—and surprise! both parties find themselves in a much better place mentally after the relationship ends, though often one partner may lag behind the other in accepting the gifts that the decoupling brings.

Here are some other tips for smoothing over relationships in your life, in honor of this Libra Moon:

- Complement others, even if you are not used to doing this!

- Offer to help someone or to listen to them

- Give someone space if you intuitively feel they are in a reactive or emotionally charged space

- Communicate via text or e-mail to diffuse an emotionally charged situation, rather than phone or in person (it is a less combative medium)

- Apologize for something from the past if you feel it is necessary

- Be OK letting little things go to keep harmony. NOTE: this doesn't mean letting go of egregious inflictions on your boundaries, verbal abuse, or anything like that. This just means little things, like if someone makes a little error or mistake, for example and instead of getting into a whole discussion about why they made the mistake, you just let it go. Consider letting go of grievances you're holding onto from the past


As Lightworkers, the truth is is that we have far more in common with each other than we have differences. We are all working toward the same goal, which is the Ascension and liberation of this beautiful planet and all her inhabitants.

It's just that we all have different ideas; we all have listened to and read works from different teachers; and we we all have had vastly different experiences. We come from vastly different cultures, nations, and families. I am intending for the energy and vibration of this article to transmit a frequency which encourages Unity amongst Lightworkers for the next 28 days and beyond.

We are more powerful unified than divided. We are already doing such an amazing job of occupying media like YouTube and Facebook, and it is wonderful that there are so many different perspectives letting their voices and words be heard.

But, is all of the arguing, bickering, and fingerpointing amongst Lightworkers really getting us anywhere, as a group consciousness? Or is it holding us back?

Let's all work on opening our Hearts to loving our Lightworker and non-Lightworker friends and family over the next 28 days and beyond. Every human being on the planet desires peace and happiness somewhere within them, even if it's buried and forgotten under layers of darkness. The more that we open our Hearts to giving others the benefit of the doubt, and the more that we work on building bridges rather than burning them, we are sending that vibration of Unity, Harmony, and Peace into The Field.

The Shadow Phase of Mercury Retrograde has taken its final bow, so with Mercury going back Direct, it really is a propitious time for us to experience Harmony in relationships.


These are the lessons of Libra in the outside world, and as you'd expect, the inner lesson is the same. Libra is asking that you get totally on board with all parts of yourself.

What do I mean by that? True healing occurs wholeistically—that means physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Take stock here and now on this Full Moon and ask yourself, which side of me am I really excelling at right now? What's working? Which side of me needs more of my attention and tender-loving-care now? What isn't working?

Though this may be a more outwardly-aspected Full Moon, the Full Moon always does illuminate the inner landscape within. Imbalances on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—are easier to become aware of on the Full Moon. What needs to be addressed within you? Where are you not fully honoring yourself? Where are you in disharmony?

Libra seeks to bring harmony to all disharmony, so utilize this time to work on yourself. Go for that extra healing session or bodywork, walk in nature, visit beautiful places, or spend time meditating.

Laughter is also a wonderful tool for healing during the Libra moon. The vibration of laughter naturally brings harmony to disharmony. Sometimes, just taking some time to laugh at the absurdity of your life situation provides a palpable feeling of liberation, and actually makes it easier for you to move forward and shift things!

Laughter is also a powerful social tool, and tends to help people bridge differences and bring them together.

Wishing you Love, laughter, Harmony, and Healing on this Blessed Full Moon in Libra.

Matthew John <3 P.S. I have an exciting webinar coming up in just a few days which is perfectly apropos for the energy of this Libra Full Moon! It is called Dissolving the Ego and it will be a 90-minute webinar taking place on Thursday, April 25 at 3 PM New York/2 PM Chicago/noon Los Angeles/8 PM London/5 AM on 4/26 in Sydney. We will be diving deeply into the subject of ego, clearing up misconceptions about the ego, assisting you in dissolving long-held parts of your ego, and helping you find more harmony in your relationships. Advanced registration is required. SIGN UP HERE.

Audio version featured on Higher Self Channel and Higher Self Portal.

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