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Happy Full Moon in Leo! This Leo Full Moon became exact on January 28 at 2:16 PM New York Time (19:16 GMT). It was our first Full Moon of 2021!

Not only did we just have a really optimistic and joy-based Full Moon in Leo; but we also have a stellium of the sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius. More on that later!

Leo is the most childlike sign of the Zodiac, bringing with it an air of freedom, play and unabashedness. It is an aspect that we all carry within, though unfortunately many of us forget it is there sometimes as we journey from childhood to our teen years and into various stages of adulthood.

As adults, we can become so disconnected with how it feels to be a child. One of the things that brings me back to that feeling of childlike wonder and innocence is snow. I really like the experience of the four seasons, and seeing the snow fly in the winter really brings me such joy. It brings me so much exuberance to walk outside at night with my dog and to just feel and play with the snow (especially when it's fresh and puffy).

Observing animals and nature brings me back into that sense of connectedness with my Inner Child. In the warmer months, walking outside in the woods always makes me feel like a child again. I touch all the trees; I observe the birds and the squirrels and all the cool looking plants. Sitting by a stream, I always play with the flowing water with my hands. Oftentimes I like to sing when I go on walks, as it brings me a feeling of joy and levity.

What brings you into communion with your Inner Child? Your pets? Art? Music? Certain TV shows or movies? Walking in the woods? Video games?

Whatever it is, taking time to play and connect with your Inner Child regularly is crucial. There can be such a sense of weight and seriousness that comes along with this spiritual journey and sometimes we lose sight of the simple things; the little day-to-day pleasures like food, play, laughter and simply being.

Doing an Inner Child meditation would be a great idea around this Full Moon. I like to take myself in my mind to a beautiful forest scene and really sink into this setting. I then imagine my Inner Child approaching from a distance, and I ask him what is it he needs from me that I haven't been giving him?

I embrace him, I hug him, and I make sure he feels like I am there for him and I am listening to him. I ask him to remind me how to live joyfully and with lightness.

If you've never done an Inner Child meditation before, you may find that your Inner Child shows up at the age that you feel like you experienced the most trauma. This is because whatever basic physical or emotional needs that weren't met by your caretakers at that age are what you then spend the rest of your lifetime healing. Unfortunately, many Lightworkers experienced difficult childhoods, and whatever trauma we may have experienced in childhood may lead us down a lifetime path of healing.

The things that people say or do that trigger you most directly relate to those unmet needs of your Inner Child; in whatever ways your parents weren't there for you when you needed them, it leaves an imprint of trauma. As an awakening being, you now have the opportunity to heal childhood wounds and experience the liberation of being a fully integrated sovereign adult consciousness. To do this, we first must get to know the voice of the Inner Child and identify what needs he or she has.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you get into deeper communion with your Inner Child. I would recommend journaling on these, if you have the time:

- If I had to guess, what kind of things have I been neglecting to give my Inner Child that (s)he needs?

– Which activities or creative endeavors from my childhood did I used to really enjoy? Could I bring one of those things back?

- Have I been taking life too seriously?

- Do I let myself fall into the trap of the seriousness of those around me?

- In what ways am I still mean or nasty to myself? How can I stop being mean or nasty to myself?

- Am I OK with failing? How could I learn to be OK and forgive myself when I fail or mess up?

- Do I forgive myself instantly or do I tend to hold things against myself?

- Do I tend to let others' negative emotions take me over? How could I avoid this pitfall?

- Am I OK looking silly or stupid to others? Does what others think of me really actually matter?

- Am I letting myself be human?

- How could I be more compassionate toward myself?


Did you know that souls have personalities too? That's right, in your higher form, you have a unique personality that other souls recognize in the afterlife/between lives space. Throughout your many incarnations, there have been certain personality traits that have been pervasive throughout many of the myriad of lifetimes you've experienced. If you have an unmistakable wit, for example, there's a high chance that you have been quite witty in other lifetimes too. And it would be likely that your soul's Highest Personality contains a healthy dose of wit as well!

This Leo Full Moon encourages us to express our soul-derived personality traits! It is a time to be funny, artistic, creative, charismatic, or informative: whatever brings you the sense of expressing your truest self!

This can be an extroverted time and we may feel the desire to be more chatty and talkative than usual. People are likely to put in the extra effort now to be humorous (which I love!) To me, humor is one of the most important aspects of spirituality; three of the spiritual teachers that I respect most—Matt Kahn, Sadhguru and Echkart Tolle—I find to be very funny.

I find that often angels and Spirit Guides can have a very poignant sense of humor. Have you experienced humor from your own personal guides? In the higher realms, there is such a sense of energetic lightness that humor is very natural.

When life starts feeling like it's getting too heavy and serious, find something to laugh about!


We have entered one of the most interesting parts of the year astrologically-speaking, as we have the sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn all in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is really the theme of 2021 and it brings with it an air of revolution and banding together of the common people. We have seen that play out directly in front of our eyes this week, with common folk around the world banding together to purchase stocks of left-for-dead Gamestop and AMC (movie theaters), causing Wall Street hedge fund short-sellers to lose billions of dollars. It's quite a remarkable thing and definitely nothing like this has ever happened before, but it's absolutely a sign of the times and very resonant with all the Aquarius energy.

In the Age of Aquarius, the people will take back the financial power. Blockchain-based decentralized banking will likely be the basis of the economic infrastructure of the future; somehow things will shift so dramatically over the next decade or two that a small number of elites and a select number of corporations will no longer be able to hoard 99% of the world's economic currencies. The people will take their financial power back, and we have seen a glimpse into that future this week. We will likely see more interesting things happening in the realm of finance over the next few weeks with this stellium as well as with Venus (which rules money) opposing Pluto (the planet of revolution and rebirth).

The sun and Jupiter were less than one degree from one another when this Full Moon perfected. This makes this a very auspicious Full Moon for manifestation positive things in your life. There is an energy of abundance, success and joy/happiness that is in the air for all to tap into if they so choose!

Although Full Moons are a time of letting go, this Full Moon in particular carries more of a manifesting vibe to it with all the Jupiter and Leo energy. Spend some time meditating and visualizing on what you want to manifest in 2021. Making a vision board would be an excellent activity to work with this Full Moon energy!


Get ready for the first Mercury Retrograde of 2021! Mercury is currently slowing down to a halt as it gets ready to go Retrograde beginning on January 30.

Mercury Retrograde gets so much bad press but it's really nothing to be overly concerned about! My advice during Mercury Retrograde—especially during the station phase (January 29-31 & February 20-22) —is to be extra intentional with your life and extra mindful of your communication. Set morning intentions for how you want your day to go and how you want to communicate with people. Mercury Retrograde is a great opportunity to practice being a good listener and to practice speaking with clarity.

As always, it's best to avoid signing contracts or making large purchases during Mercury Retrograde. If you find yourself faced with an important life-changing decision, please be sure that you have all the facts straight and think things through thoroughly.

Wishing you a joyous Full Moon in Leo!

With Love,

Matthew John

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