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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Happy Full Moon in Gemini! This Full Moon at 27 degrees of Gemini becomes exact on Saturday, December 18 at 11:35 PM New York time (04:35 GMT on December 19).

With this Full Moon in Gemini, we have moved past the final Eclipse Season of 2021. I hope you are feeling grounded again after the influx of all the high-intensity energies over the past six weeks. We are still in a portal of heightened energies in the lead up to next week's Solstice.

The sun and moon form an extremely benevolent pattern with Jupiter in this Full Moon chart, as the sun forms almost an exact sextile with it and the moon forms a nearly exact trine with the planet of benevolence, luck, and growth. 2021 is coming to an end with one of the luckiest lunations of the year!

Thus we can say that for this Full Moon and the 28 days that follow, anything that you create that requires communication will have a stroke of good luck with it! Think: website building, book writing, seminars, group calls, etc.

Gemini is also the busy social bee of the Zodiac. Being the most adaptable sign in the Zodiac, when we are under its influence people tend to be more open and receptive to meeting and connecting with new people. It is a lucky time to network and form new friendships and business partnerships—though not necessarily romantic relationships, with the moon forming a tense quincunx/inconjuct to Venus's difficult Station Phase in Capricorn (more on that later).

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. It rules the 3rd house, which is the House of Communication. It is a mutable air sign, making it the airiest of air signs! It is represented by the twins.

According to Wikipedia, “In Greek mythology, Gemini is associated with the myth of Castor and Pollux. Pollux was the son of Zeus, who seduced Leda, while Castor was the son of Tyndareus, the king of Sparta and Leda's husband. When Castor died, because he was a mortal, Pollux begged his father Zeus to give Castor immortality, which was done through uniting them together in the heavens.”

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, forms an abrasive square to a powerfully exalted Chiron (The Wounded Healer), which stations in Aries on this Full Moon. Childhood and family wounds feel amplified at this time—especially those woundings around the controlling, manipulative, and violent aspects of the Shadow Masculine. These wounds may feel like they're opening up and even being picked at around this Full Moon time (and perhaps over the next few weeks as well).

This is a good time to do some journaling, cord-cutting, and Shadow Work. Fill the wounds within with light. Allow those wounds to feel loved, appreciated, and embraced. Pay special attention to the father wounds.

It's possible to feel extra reactive around family members that unconsciously trigger those deep wounds within. Know that this is an inner game of healing, and now is not the time to necessarily work out these deep wounds through communicating with the perceived source of them.

Speaking to a trusted confidant, like a friend, life coach, or healer, about these wound would be very helpful and healing at this time.

Being ruled by Mercury, Gemini rules over thought and the mind in general. Let's review how to better use the mind!


The mind can either be your worst enemy or your best friend--it all depends on your relationship with it. It's interesting to even contemplate what the mind is to you? If I am saying that you can have a relationship with your mind, then it implies then perhaps you are not your mind. What an interesting thought!

It is my belief that we are consciousness using the mind as a tool to navigate experience. Buddhists and meditation experts know that the mind is intended to be a tool but not a detriment. This is why mindfulness meditation practices, such as becoming the observer of thought rather than being the thinker, are very helpful exercises to assist in your spiritual evolution.

One of the biggest underlying reasons for addiction of any kind is that someone's relationship with their own mind has become so toxic that they need to escape their own reality. This is of course a dangerous place to be and indicative of significant changes needing to be made. However, the negative momentum built up by depression and anxiety can make it difficult to pull oneself out of the doldrums. I hope that this will serve as a reminder that it is OK to ask others for help! There's sunshine to be found outside the confines of one's own mind.

Now is not the time to try to handle everything internally if it feels like it is too large of a cross to bear. Reach out to trusted friends and family who tend to be helpful, or to healers and coaches like myself. We are all in this together, and although it is common to feel like 'an island' in life, the truth is that whatever you have gone through or are going through, there's probably a lot of people out there who are going through something pretty similar.

I get so many clients who are at the beginning stages of a spiritual awakening and they're experiencing all sorts of weird things. Energy running through their body; sleepless nights; feeling disconnected from reality—you name it! They tend to think they are either crazy or totally alone until they start discovering videos and YouTube channels like mine, only to realize with fascination that there is a whole community of people interested in New Age spirituality who commonly experience much of the same weirdness!

Let's chat a bit about different levels of the mind and how you can better utilize them:

- Conscious Mind: This is where you actually do the thinking from. Believe it or not, this accounts for only about 5% of your thoughts. To become a more awakened being, it is necessary to use this portion of the mind to drive your actual experience in the direction of your desired experience. This is the realm of willpower.

- Subconscious Mind: This is essentially the software program for your life. Your outer reality will be a reflection of what is going on here. The patterns built into this software program are written before you turn 7 years old (basically you absorb the patterns of your parents and/or those who raised you). The internal scripts that run (in your voice) inside your mind are created from things your parents (or those who raised you) habitually said to you when you were young. To live your desired life--and to achieve your full potential--it is imperative to become aware of and then shift the negative subconscious patterns in your life. This can be achieved through therapy, energy healing, hypnosis, affirmations and subliminal audios.

- Unconscious Mind: This is where traumas or stored, including birth traumas such as being born in a cold hospital room, being delivered by unfamiliar hands, having the umbilical cord cut, and circumcision. This is also the realm where early childhood traumas and past-life traumas are stored. The subconscious will create your life circumstances with the intention of making sure that you don't have to feel the traumas of the unconscious mind.

- Collective Mind: We are all connected into one another through the existence of The Field. There is a Conscious Collective Mind—which is the amalgamation of the experiences, thoughts and emotions of all 8 billion humans--and an Unconscious Collective Mind, which is the part of The Field that is wounded through trauma (and karma) and thus 'asks' for certain collective experiences to occur through the Law of Attraction (this is the part of the Collective Mind that will ultimately 'ask' for Full Disclosure when the time is right).

Oftentimes, when Lightworkers/Empaths are feeling down, they are really just empathing the Unconscious Collective Mind and need to disconnect from it and return to their own center, where the natural state of peace and joy can be found.

- Superconscious Mind: This aspect of the mind is connected to the Infinite, including the Akashic Records. Anything from the Mind of God can be accessed. This is the realm where we access the perspectives/memories from the Soul Aspect, Higher Self Aspect and Christed Extraterrestrial Aspect (aka your true galactic or intergalactic self, if you are a Starseed). This is the realm of intuition. To use this aspect of mind consciously and intently, it is necessary to be relaxed.

The conscious mind is the aspect of mind that you most readily have access to. If you can turn your conscious mind into your friend rather than your enemy, you will find life becoming much more enjoyable and peaceful. Here are some suggested practices to enhance the usefulness of your conscious mind:

- Mindfulness Meditation: Sit or lay down and breathe peacefully and deeply. Intend to become Awareness and simply observe which thoughts come to you. You are not thinking the thoughts, you are observing them.

- Morning Intention & Visualization: The more that we live intentionally, the more that the conscious mind becomes an effective tool for transformation. There is no better way to start your day than to set a specific intention for the day and then to visualize the day going exactly as you want it to! You can set an intention to work on something specific during the day, or it can be something more general like, “I intend to live from my Heart today.”

For visualization, it is also helpful (and feels great!) to visualize your desired future weeks, months or years out! The more that you bring positive emotion into the experience, the higher the possibility that it will actually manifest in your physical reality.

- Journaling or Voice Journaling: When you record your experience of life, it is very helpful in making sense of your thoughts and your life, so you no longer need to think in circles.

- Recognize When You're Empathing Someone Else: When you are hearing negative thoughts in your head or judging yourself—or even speaking negatively towards others or judging others—take a step back and evaluate whether these are really your thoughts? Chances are they're not—it is the voice of a subconscious pattern that came from your parents/caregivers or it is the words of someone around you that you're empathing. Recognizing this in the moment can help you to shift gears back to your center (your natural high vibration).

Here's a good rule of thumb: if your thoughts aren't loving, supportive and helpful, then they're not actually your thoughts. We have something called T-Fields in our aura, where the thoughts of others from our present and past are stored in the form of energy. When your thoughts are not loving, assume that you're receiving the broadcast of these T-Fields and not actually consciously thinking. Take back control of the vehicle and think some loving thoughts (or better off say them out loud!).

Coming back to gratitude is a surefire way to return yourself to a more centered and high-vibrational state. Just look around and find anything to be grateful for.

Learning to be present more often (I know, sounds like an oxymoron) is such a key thing to learn. With the huge Gemini influence right now, that will be even more difficult than usual. Remind yourself to Be. Here. Now. Especially when the mind starts to spin out of control and be in a million places at once.

I did an entire webinar on this subject if you feel like diving in further! It's called Change Your Life by Changing Your Words. You can access it here.


Venus stations Retrograde in Capricorn on this Full Moon, nearly exactly conjunct Pluto, the planet of destruction. When Venus stations Retrograde, its energy is extremely amplified. During this particular Venus Retrograde, it is possible that you may feel confusion and uncertainty in romantic relationships.

As I wrote about recently, the theme of Venus in Capricorn is commitment vs. noncommitment. During this Retrograde stage, this theme will really come to light. It may be a confusing time, as well as in some cases a make-or-break time for long-term romantic relationships.

As I mentioned earlier, this Venus Station conjuct Pluto forms a tense quincunx/inconjuct to the Full Moon, creating an amplified sense of unease around romantic relationships and finances. We may feel an increased need for affection but feel rejected or feel like the affection is never enough. Power struggles in relationships may take center stage.

Capricorn is an earthy, logical sign, so lean on your logic at this time to figure out what direction to go with the relationship. Make sure that something is going to work on a grounded, 3D level, before committing to something long-term.

If power struggles are a recurring issue in a relationship, it needs to be talked out during this Gemini Full moon cycle. With the Chiron Station, we need to be careful to not project childhood wounds (especially those around the Shadow Masculine, as discussed earlier) onto our partner. Separate what your partner is doing from what you're projecting onto them, then discuss things in a mature, emotion-neutral matter (as best you can).

Venus in Capricorn also rules over the traditional financial markets. It's possible (though not etched in stone) that we could see a lot of stock market volatility and downward momentum while Venus is in Retrograde (Dec 19-Jan 29). And remember that the major assets in the cryptocurrency markets tend to also follow the traditional stock markets' momentum. Be careful with your investments.

Wishing you a Happy and Lucky Full Moon in Gemini!

With Love,

Matthew John

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