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Updated: Nov 23, 2018

Happy Full Moon in Gemini! This Gemini Full Moon becomes exact on Friday, November 23 at 12:39 AM EST (05:39 GMT). This is one day after the Sun moves into Sagittarius on Thursday, November 22 (U.S. Thanksgiving).

In stark contrast to this most recent New Moon in Scorpio, the Full Moon in Gemini carries an outwardly expressive energy with it. Gemini encourages creativity, communication, exploration, and celebration.

This Full Moon in Gemini is the perfect time to bring out your creative side and to let your personality shine! Social ventures are likely to be very enjoyable at this time. If you have been being mostly a hermit like me, it's a good time to meet up with old friends or to go out and make new ones! People are likely to be open to making new connections at this time, even with Mercury in Retrograde.

Mercury in Retrograde is nothing to be feared: it is simply a warning to be extra aware that miscommunications are more likely to occur, so be ready to clarify your intentions if this occurs. (And yes the old cautionary tale about goofy electronics and travel disruptions is certainly true as well.)

With the Sun entering Sagittarius, we are likely to feel the call for adventure. Adventure doesn't have to be as radical as quitting your day job and moving to the Himalayas! It can be more practical. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but simply changing up your routine can satisfy at least some of that calling for adventure! How can you start doing things a little bit differently? Can you try different healthy foods, go on different soul-nourishing social experiences, or visit some new places of natural beauty? Anything 'out of the ordinary' that you plan during Sagittarius season is likely to feel rewarding.

While the New Moon in Scorpio is pushing us to become aware of and work on the shadow side of ourselves (remember, the New Moon energies are in effect for the full 28-day moon cycle), the Full Moon in Gemini is encouraging us to let our most positive aspects shine! It is an interesting juxtaposition with these two energies in motion. It's something like this: put your best face and foot forward and be proud of who you are outwardly; be willing to accept praise and compliments from others, while still being aware that you may be triggered by others into becoming more cognizant of the shadow aspects within in order so that they may be healed by you! (I know that sounds like a lot LOL).


A common theme that I see in others (and in myself sometimes too) is that there is a belief—whether conscious or subconscious—that something or someone is holding you back from shining your brightest.

What I've found is that there is always another side to this. Someone who is feeling held down by the world is someone who is also holding themselves down in some way. It could be out of fear of being seen.

Sometimes this fear of being seen is rooted so deeply that it can be traced back to Lemurian or Atlantean times when you were injured or even killed for shining too brightly as a witch, a wizard, a healer, or a spiritual leader.

One of the things we must learn as Lightworkers is to be willing to be fearless about our Light. Are you willing to have Faith that there is no longer any reason to fear BEING THE LIGHT? Times are different now. We are entering a Golden Age and we are protected from all kinds of Ascended Beings from On High. It is THE TIME, NOW, to let ourselves shine FULLY, BRIGHTLY, and UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

This doesn't mean we have to go out in the streets and protest the dark, because in actuality, that is not the Highest expression of Light! We can more efficiently BE THE LIGHT by modeling the Light in our daily lives! We can do this by acting as the Light, thinking as the Light, speaking as the Light, writing as the Light, healing as the Light, and teaching as the Light.


Did you know that your Soul has a personality too? Each Soul has its own unique way of negotiating the Spiritual Journey. Your Soul's personality influences the kinds of incarnations you experience, as well as on YOUR personality!

What are your personality strengths OUT there in the world? Are you funny? Are you witty? Are you artistic? Are you creative? Are you intellectual? Analytic? Are you naturally good with plants and animals? Are you naturally a good athlete or dancer? Do you have a high social intelligence? Do you feel uplifted by performing for others or terrified by it? Are you a handyman or handywoman or do you prefer to have others fix things? Would you rather be a leader or a follower?

All of these are indications of certain aspects of your Soul's personality! Whatever you NATURALLY do best—wherever you feel 'in your element'--these are the aspects of your personality that are so naturally rooted that they actually mirror your Soul's personality!

During this Full Moon in Gemini, it's the perfect time to really flex the muscles of these Soul personality traits! Be the social butterfly, be the jokester, be the handyman/handywoman, be the musician, teacher, or artist, etc. Wishing you a Blessed and Joyful Full Moon in Gemini! With Love,

Matthew John

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