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Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Happy Full Moon in Cancer! This Full Moon becomes exact at 10:28 PM New York time on Tuesday, December 29 (03:28 GMT on December 30). This is the Final Full Moon of 2020. Congrats on making it through this year!

Eclipse Season has officially ended and we now find ourselves integrating the changes and codes from the two powerful eclipses and the supercharged Solstice/Great Conjunction with this Full Moon occurring in emotional, watery Cancer.

Cancer is the cardinal water sign, representing the mother aspect. Cancer, which is ruled by the moon, teaches us how to honor and handle our emotions, as well as how to nurture ourselves and others (and to allow ourselves to be nurtured).

With this Full Moon, we see a renewal of focus on the nurturing, emotional Divine Feminine aspect of life. It's a time to recommit to taking care of your body and to nurture the self while establishing a healthy balance between self and other as well as a better balance between the masculine and feminine energies within--and an improved relationship between your self-care and your role in the outside world.

Cancer—which is the maternal homebody of the Zodiac—can help us to establish a healthy balance between accepting nurturance, love and support from loved ones and friends with establishing and maintaining emotional independence.

When we have wounds and traumas that are yet unhealed, we may tend to over-rely on others to help us feel safe, 'OK' or validated in certain ways; likewise, some of us may go in the other direction and keep our feelings and emotions locked up inside for fear of being judged or seen as weak. Both sides of the spectrum are unhealthy and miscalibrated, but somewhere in the middle we can find a healthy balance of sharing our thoughts, feelings and concerns when we feel the need to, with being fully adept at handling our range of emotions on our own.

Remember that no one else will ever be able to heal the wounds within you, though it can certainly be helpful (and wise) to seek the help of healers, therapists and trusted loved ones and friends to assist. However, there is no replacement for inner work and once you become willing to do the work you have already won half the battle.

One of the most difficult parts of being a human being is having to experience (and handle) the whole gamut of emotions. It is natural to want to avoid feeling uncomfortable emotions like sadness or anger—this is why so many people find it difficult (or even embarrassing) to cry. In fact, our subconscious mind does whatever it can to make sure we don't have to feel the uncomfortable emotions that are stored within. It will create our reality in a way that we will be able to avoid feeling the unfelt emotions within that became 'stored' during instances or prolonged experiences of mental, emotional and/or physical trauma—especially those which occurred during childhood.

So unless you grew up with parents or caregivers who taught you how to talk about, handle and alchemize your emotions—which is uncommon in our society—you may have picked up unhealthy coping mechanisms along the way. These unhealthy coping mechanisms directly lead to addictive patterns and other patterns of self-sabotage. The opportunity to unravel and heal those unhealthy coping mechanisms comes when one embarks on a conscious awakening journey, often seeking out teachers, healers, books, videos, seminars, courses, therapists, plant medicine, etc.

In my opinion, one of the most important tools that we can learn learn in life is to honor all of our emotions. This allows for a proper flow of energy to run through the sacral chakra, as well as helping you to learn how to be a healthy, emotionally balanced human.

I believe that we all hold a reservoir of 'unfelt' and unprocessed emotions within. These 'unfelt' and unprocessed emotions create energetic blockages in the energy field. These blockages can cause physical issues down the line if not alchemized.

When you feel sad, stop and take a moment to fully feel and honor the sadness. Let the tears come through. You'll find that once you allow the sadness to be deeply felt, you'll feel a lightness wash over you. This is exactly why we feel better after crying! Sometimes, when I feel some sadness bubbling up, I'll put on a sad song, hug my dog and just let myself bawl. I always feel better after a good cry.

When you feel angry, triggered or resentful, avoid expressing the anger outwardly, as that only creates more of the energy you're trying to dispel. Rather, take some deep breaths, step away from the situation and then feel the anger deeply, but within yourself. Just taking a moment to feel anger within (rather than 'without'), transmutes some of that reservoir of 'unfelt' emotion within. You'll likely find the anger dissipating and a feeling of peace, well-being and gratitude washing over you if you practice this exercise—unless your mind brings it back again afterwards.


With the sun in masculine, structured Capricorn (the Father aspect) opposing this moon in Cancer, we are asked to evaluate the space where how we act in the world and what we feel inside meets. Are you keeping yourself busy in the outside world but neglecting your inner world? Or are you on the other side of the pendulum, having gotten so lost in your emotional world that you aren't allowing yourself to make forward progress in the outside world? Or--ideally--have you bee able to find a healthy balance where you are honoring yourself and your emotions and feelings while still seeking out your dreams in a practical and accomplishable way?

In Capricorn season, we find ourselves in a wonderful energetic portal to make positive changes in regards to our habits, rituals, routines and self-discipline. It's the perfect time for New Year's Resolutions! Set some powerful goals and intentions for 2021 in the days following this Full Moon. Stay tuned later in this article for my 2021 Energetic Preview.

Take whatever steps you can over the next 28 days to bring greater balance to your body, and make mental peace and clarity a priority. Targeted supplements and nutrition for the brain are crucial if you are not experiencing peace in the mind, however, meditation is truly irreplaceable. It would be of tremendous benefit to all Lightworkers to incorporate at least five minutes of daily meditation into their routines (ideally more!). The meditation can be any type you like—if you're not sure what is best for you, simply do five minutes of deep belly breathing with the intention of emptying your mind.


This Full Moon forms a cooperative sextile with Uranus, which is traveling Retrograde in Taurus. This also means that the sun is forming a harmonious trine with Uranus, the planet known as 'The Awakener' in astrology. Uranus is responsible for unexpected surprises (both 'good' and 'bad') as well as opportunities.

With this positive aspect between this sometimes mysterious planet and this Full Moon, we can look forward to the possibility of positive surprises, miracles and unexpected opportunities. It is a good omen for those who are looking for expansion and to take their next steps forward in life.


The 'Great Conjunction' between Jupiter and Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn) occurred in 0 degrees of Aquarius on the December 21 Solstice, marking the next step of our entrance into the planetary Age of Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn are still very much conjunct, less than 1 degree apart on this Full Moon. We will feel this conjunction strongly over the next month.

This Great Conjunction on the recent Solstice marks an exciting new chapter for humanity. Jupiter and Saturn meet every approximately 20 years, however this was the closest that they have been to one another since 1226. These two gas giants complement one another; Jupiter is the great expander, while Saturn is the great restrictor. This massively important astrological event will set the mood for 2021, so to speak. The theme of 2021 will be the push-pull between the desire of the people for freedom and economic sovereignty with the proclivity of governments and 'old-world' institutions to maintain control, order and the status quo. We will also be seeing a technological revolution directly in the public eye over the next few years the likes of which we haven't seen since perhaps the days of Atlantis, which was 13,000 years ago!

One of the biggest questions for us as a human race over the next several decades will be what the role of technology becomes on our planet. We've already reached a point where technology has become a massive threat to public health, with things like 5G, GWEN, Smartmeters and WiFi keeping us inundated with harmful radiation, increasing the prevalence of cancers and every other chronic illness across the planet. As Aquarius rules technology that is used on a broad scale--like the Internet and all of the above technologies that I listed—we will see this constant push-pull over the next two decades between technology that restricts freedoms and technology that increases quality of life. Aquarius also rules the broader rhetoric in society, as well as group and political ideologies. Thus, we will also likely see a constant push-pull between the demands of the public for freedom in all ways and the desire of the 'old guard' to further restrict freedom in order to keep power while sucking even more economic resources from the proletariat. A study has shown that between 1975 and 2018, a sickening $50 trillion was sucked from the bottom 90% income-earners up to the top 1%. This Great Conjuction also spells the beginning of the end for dogma in all ways (including political and religious). Over the next decade, the Christ Consciousness will become even more apparent on the planet as more and more people awaken to their true nature as spiritual beings playing the role of humans for a temporary period of time. Unity and love will spread across the planet as the old dualistic 'separation consciousness' that was a marker of the Age of Pisces fades away.

In the short term, it may seem that the separation consciousness gets worse as some people choose to dig their heals in ideologically; however at the same time there will be millions and millions of people turning their focus further toward Unity and spreading the Light.

On a personal level, it's the perfect time to consider your role in this new exciting planetary cycle. Some of you who are reading this article do healing work professionally, but that is just one of many possibilities in how one can contribute directly to the new 5D structures that we are building as a collective. We need to see further high-dimensional innovation not just in the fields of holistic, natural and energetic healing, but also in the more 'Capricorn' fields like finance, architecture, science and engineering.

So a good question to journal on is: 'How do I see myself fitting in to the whole grand picture of this Ascension?' What do you hope your contribution will look like 20 years from now? It would be a great exercise to write this out in the present tense (as if what you want to create has already been created) and then put it on the wall somewhere in your room or office so you can see it daily!

The Cancer-Capricorn polarity that we are navigating over the next few weeks asks for you to consider the role of self-care in relation to your role in the world. Are you able to take time for self-care and self-nurturing while still maintaining (or expanding) your work in the world? If you are overwhelmed with your work in the world, what practical steps could you take over the next few weeks to give yourself more of the self-care that you deserve?

Or if you have mastered self-care but feel like you haven't yet found the right Service Role, what is calling to you? Where would your passion, what helps others, and what pays you meet? Or, if you would rather have your Service Work not be monetized, then how can you practically make your Service Work a reality (either now or post-pandemic, or both) while still maintaining the income you need?

2021 is a '5' year in numerology (2+0+2+1=5), meaning it will be a year of transitions. The wheels will be set in motion for all sorts of changes to occur throughout the collective; life truly will never be the same as it was in 2019.

For those of you in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Singapore, and some other nations, life has returned to a semblance of 2019's normalcy; though, for most of the rest of the world, we may not see that happen until the upcoming summer or even autumn. When that happens, we could see at least a mild recovery in the economy as some businesses come back and some new businesses open up.

In February, we will have the sun plus four other planets (and for a few days, the moon too!) all in Aquarius. This will be a fascinating time, as we could see some interesting things happening politically, socially and economically—perhaps further restrictions occurring in some countries due to the virus.

It could also end up feeling like a really optimistic time of innovation and interesting political ideas. There will be a heightened focus on humanitarian efforts, though this is also when we will likely see people digging their heels in ideologically--as I mentioned previously—especially with Saturn and Uranus forming a contemptuous square to one another in mid-February. It will also be an amazing time to connect with likeminded individuals, like here within our New Earth community.

The Internet (ruled by Aquarius) is a fantastic medium for bringing Lightworkers together. We may have different beliefs about certain things but we are all working toward the same goal of planetary evolution and Ascension. Freedom of speech on the Internet will be a big issue in 2021—and perhaps especially in February with this Aquarius stellium occurring.

We have that Saturn and Uranus square forming twice more, in mid-June and also on Christmas Eve. This tense aspect will underly the theme of questioning the governments and structures of the 'old world' throughout 2021. There will be an air of rebellion that will pop up at times in certain countries, especially if we see economic disasters occur. I would anticipate a large stock market correction to occur in 2021 in the U.S. markets, though not the full-on breakdown of the world's economic system that we could see in 2023-2025.

In May and June, Jupiter will actually spend some time in Pisces, which is one of its home signs. This will be a very auspicious time, and for many people, the stuff we've been planning on doing but waiting for the pandemic to end may become a reality around that time!

In July, we will see an exciting meeting between Venus and Mars in Leo, bringing awareness (and calls for changes) into the public eye of any societal inequalities still remaining between men, women and other genders. It will also be a creative and passionate time (the 'Mars fire') for all things Venusian: romantic relationships, sexuality, art, music, festivals/celebrations, fashion, film/comedy/entertainment, and money-making ventures. By then we may see the virus mostly in the rearview mirror, and it may be an exciting time to be in cities and congregating with people. There will be a feeling of excitement and rebirth, especially amongst the younger generations.

We will see three Mercury Retrograde periods in 2021 (Jan/Feb, May/June, Sep/Oct), all occurring in air signs. These retrogrades have the potential to be more frustrating than usual for communication, as they are occurring in air.

Many Lightworkers are going to step into their divinely-guided Service Work this upcoming year, and a lot of physical New Earth communities will pop up and established ones will grow. Protests in the streets will abound around the world. More and more people—especially of the younger generations—will be want to become involved in what's going on politically.

The question of whether vaccine passports will be required to travel internationally or even inter-state will be an interesting one. I don't know the answer to this (many have been asking me). I believe it's something they want to implement, but we will find out how much pushback there is going to be.

At the same time, spiritual awareness will sweep the planet at a quicker pace than probably since the time of Lemuria and Atlantis.

2021 is truly a year to 'go with the flow'. Be willing to take opportunities, take chances and to try new things. The Universe will show you the next steps to take; you'll feel it. For many of us, it will be an exciting year of positive changes; you might look back next December and wonder how you got where you are? Also, for many Lightworkers who are more established in their home situation, career and routine, 2021 will be more of a year of inner changes and transformation rather than a shifting in the external situation. Both inner and outer changes are necessary at certain points in your journey; allow the Universe to guide both kinds!

Set some goals and intentions for 2021 and be optimistic; but be very flexible this year and let the Universe guide you where it will.

Wishing you a Blessed Full Moon in Cancer and a Happy New Year!

With Love,

Matthew John

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