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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Happy Full Moon in Aries! This Full Moon becomes exact on Monday, September 24 at 10:52 PM EDT (02:52 GMT on September 25).

This Aries Full Moon presents the opportunity to really embody the Divine Masculine energies. What might just a little bit more Courage do for your career and your relationships? What might just a little bit more perseverance do for your career, your health, and your relationships?

Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, represents the spirit of the Spiritual Warrior in its positive aspect (the Divine Masculine) and the narcissistic, abusive patriarchy in its negative aspect (the shadow masculine).

Those who dis-empower others do so because they actually feel dis-empowered themselves. If you are in any type of relationship in which you feel dis-empowered or victimized, now is the time to GET OUT. Only when you are OUT of an abusive relationship are you able to then work on letting go of judgment and forgiving that person for their lack of Light.

One way to look at the Spiritual Warrior is as an archetype of a man or woman who walks the lonely path of Spiritual Awakening with Courage and perseverance. Have you ever felt totally alone on this journey? Have you ever felt like nobody around you understands you? Like your old friends and family members are speaking a different language?

Sure, you get to meet new spiritual friends on the journey. Sure, you hopefully get to meet your Twin Flame and maybe even bring new Awakeners onto the planet. You might even get the chance to live in a conscious or intentional community. All of these would be great Blessings. But ultimately, it is an individual journey of Awakening. No one can actually know your journey but you.

There is a time and place to look for validation or lack of validation on the journey. For example, if multiple people were to warn you about something, it's quite possible they can see something that you can't or don't want to see and it would be wise to look into that. But if you find yourself looking to others too much to confirm whether you are on the 'right path' or not, you end up losing confidence in your own Inner Guidance.

The Spiritual Warrior trusts in his or her inner compass. Learning to trust your Intuition and being willing to take action when it feels right (and to be patient when that feels right) takes great Courage. And when you feel so passionate about something that you refuse to give up when the going gets tough, that takes great perseverance. Rome wasn't built in a day.


This is the most common question that people ask me in readings or healing sessions. It's a question that I spent years trying to figure out. The answer to this question is actually quite simple, and it's the same for all Lightworkers. The answer to What is my purpose? is To anchor Light onto this planet.

Naturally, the next question you might ask is, “How?”

That part is totally up to you! You are a co-creator and you get to decide how you will be of Service to the Ascension program.

For some, the answer to how might involve some sort of energy healing, coaching, or mediumship. But God/Source/Creator/Universe needs some of its Lightworkers to fill other roles! If we think about there possibly being a future tangible manifestation of the Ascension process on this planet in the creation of large conscious communities, then we are going to need people who have a lot of different skills! Architects, technical people, engineers, farmers, musicians, artists, etc. Not just healers, coaches, and mediums!

Ask yourself these questions:

- What are my skills?

- What things do I do on a regular basis already that involve my skills?

- Am I using these things to Serve the Ascension plan?

- What am I most passionate about?

- Is it practical to make this a full-time career right now, or would it be better to wait? - If I was to be a little bit more Courageous than I have been in the past, would I do something different?

For example, let's say you're a musician. You have a powerful platform already to help others heal through your music! You can use your instruments to soothe, to elicit Joy, or even to elicit a healing sadness. You can use your lyrics to Awaken and inspire!

Maybe you're working at a doggy day care. Taking care of animals brings you joy and passion! You have the opportunity to keep the animals feeling Loved and safe. Maybe you learn about animal nutrition and some day open your own doggy day care where the animals are only fed organic, healthy snacks and no chemicals are used anywhere!

Maybe you're working a so-called 3D 9-to-5 job where you don't have much say in the direction the company takes. You still have a powerful opportunity to bring more Light into your office and your field by treating yourself, your co-workers, and your clients with the utmost respect; setting clear boundaries with your co-workers and clients; and making people smile with complements or humor.

There are infinite ways to Serve and in reality you are always Serving whether you think you are or not. But when you consciously Serve the Ascension plan, you find yourself being filled with a sense of purpose and you finally stop asking the question What is my purpose?.


This Full Moon in Aries also carries the theme of re-negotiating your relationship with others. To assist you in this, I want to clear up some misconceptions regarding what it means to be Awakening into 5D and to still be living in a world that appears to be stuck in the 3rd Dimension.

You see, we are living on a planet which is a living, breathing body. Gaia is in the process of transitioning to her 5th Dimensional planetary body, which means that all of us are taking the ride with her. It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for everyone on the planet to make the leap in one instance, so we are doing it in waves.

If you're reading this, you are probably part of the Ground Crew of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Waves of Ascension. But let's face it, probably at least 99% of the 8 billion+ people on this planet are still asleep.

Many people on this path go through a stage (I did too) of feeling as if they are 'above' 3D. In this stage, you might avoid talking to anyone who appears to be operating in 3D, and you might see 3Dish conversations as below you or even dangerous to talk about (as if talking about the World Cup could somehow harm you). I call this being 'Above 3D'.

When you are operating 'Above 3D' what you are really doing is judging the 3D world to be less than 5D. This is a dualistic point of view that eventually you will grow out of. The 3rd floor of realty is operating exactly as the 3rd floor knows how to operate: dualistically. It is the frequency band of polarity. When you feel as if you are 'Above 3D' you are actually falling into a 3D trap, just with a more spiritual theme to it.

This is vastly different than being in 5D. In 5D, you move away from judgments of less than or more than because you are finally able to see through glasses of clarity that all is meant to be as it is. There is no such thing as a mistake. The world is exactly where it needs to be right now, and each and every person, whether they are on the Ascension path yet or not, is exactly where they need to be.

From this nondual perspective, there is absolutely no harm engaging in purely '3D' conversation and interests, because there is no longer any judgement about it. It's OK to watch football. It's OK to watch TV. It's OK to read about politics. You can be in the world, but not of it.

It's OK to have totally 3D friends, and it's OK to go hang out with them once in awhile or more than once in awhile if you want! It's OK to have a vast knowledge of metaphysics and intergalactic relations but to keep your mouth totally shut about all that and just listen to your old friend talk about her new fashion blog. Listening to others allows them to be feel Loved. Also, it energetically transmits an energy that allows that person to learn to Love themselves more deeply than before. It is a great act of Love to listen to another, whether they are speaking about 3Dish things or about the spiritual things that you really love talking about. Wishing you infinite Blessings on this Full Moon in Aries and a very happy Libra season. Remember to moonbathe, bathe your crystals under the moon, or make some Full Moon water! With Love,

Matthew John

Article also featured on in5D & Higher Self Portal.

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